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Purwasatria, Mohamad Ully
FIS Universitas Negeri Padang

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Menguatkan Kembali Nilai Multikulturalisme dan Persatuan Bangsa Melalui Pembelajaran Sejarah Purwasatria, Mohamad Ully
Diakronika Vol 19 No 1 (2019): DIAKRONIKA
Publisher : FIS Universitas Negeri Padang

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This article is motivated by the heat of the conditions of the Indonesian people at this time which was started by reporting the chaos between supporters of soccer that caused casualties, then the heat of political elections in 2019 which caused a split of supporters, many hoax issues circulating offending SARA a serious threat to the integrity of the nation Indonesia at this time. The need for preventive measures from all parties so that these problems do not worsen and even disband the NKRI. One of the real efforts is to reaffirm the value of multiculturalism and national unity, given the composition of the Indonesian community is quite diverse, racial, religious and among other groups. So, historical learning can be an alternative to reaffirm the value of multiculturalism and national unity. Learning history based on multiculturalism can be carried out freely with the 2013 Curriculum foundation which contains values ​​and the teacher can formulate the value of multiculturalism and national unity through several materials such as the period of national movement, and youth oath. In addition, the learning approach through discussion by forming student learning groups can strengthen the value of multiculturalism and national unity.