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BAHASANTODEA Vol 5, No 1 (2017)

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This research aims to describe the use of form anda function of cohesion device in Mercusuar Daily editorial discourse including device of grammatical and lexical cohesion. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. The data collection were done in two ways, namely, (1) refer technique and (2) record technique. Data analysis procedures used trough three stages: (1) data reduction, (2) presentation of data, and (3) conclusion / verivication. Based on the research result, there was the use of devices of grammatical and lexical cohesion in Mercusuar daily editorial discourse of may 2016 edition. Devices used in the grammatical cohesion of discourse include, (1) grammatical  forms of cohesion devices, including : (a) molding (reference), (b) ellipsis (deletion), (c) subtitution, and (d) a conjungtion. Lexical cohesion devices include (a) reps (repetition) that replicated that same right (intact), repeat with replacement, replicated the shape change, repeat with synonym, repeat with hyponym, and (b) collocation. 2) Cohesion devices function as follows : (a) the reference refer to a participant who had been mentioned first in discourse, (b) subtitution serves to replace the spesific language elements with other elements that are interchangeable, (c) ellipsis (deletion). There are some functions that use ellipsis, namely: (1) the effectiveness of the sentence, (2) language efficiency usage, (3) cohesion discourse, (4) to activate the mind of reader or listener  to language which didn’t explicitly disclosed, (5) practicality language, and (d) conjungtion. Conjungtions functions are, (1) the relationship of resistance, (2) stating causality, (3) the relationship extra, (4)the relationship comparison and (5) express a temporal  relationship. The used of lexical cohesion in the form of repetition. Repetition serves to defend the idea of topic being discussed.
Analisis Kesalahan Morfologis pada Karangan Narasi Ekspositoriik Siswa MTs N 2 Palu Marfuah, Julia; Bakri, Taqyudin; Syam, Agustan
Jurnal Kreatif Online Vol 8, No 4 (2020): Jurnal Kreatif Online
Publisher : Jurnal Kreatif Online

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In using language, both spoken and written, an underlying theory is needed. The scope of language errors includes errors in phonology, morphology, the field of syntax, and the field of EYD. However, the purpose of this study only focused on the field of morphology in describing misuse of use: prepositions, affixes, and dotted words in narrative essays of class IXA students at MTs Negeri Palu Barat. This research was a qualitative research which aims to understand the phenomenon of what the research subjects experience holistically and by means of descriptions in the form of words and language, in a special natural context and by utilizing various scientific methods. Data collection techniques used in this study were observation, interviews, and documentation of the implementation of activities. The subjects of this study were 29 students of class XI A MTs N 2 Palu. The results of the research on the analysis of morphological errors in the expository narrative essay of MTs Negeri 2 Palu students were: (1) the form of misuse of prepositions which are sequenced from the words that follow them, such as the word dipalu, the use of the prepositions should be separated from the words that follow as in the word di Palu; (2) the form of the misuse of the affixation which is separated from the word that follows it as in the word di pilih, the use of the affixation should be linked to the word that follows it like the word dipilih; and (3) the form of misuse of the word berklitik which is separated from the word that follows it, as in the word ku menangkan, the use of the word that follows it should rely on the word that follows it as in the word kumenangkan.