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KESMAS UWIGAMA: Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Vol 2 No 2 (2016): December
Publisher : Universitas Widya Gama Mahakam

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Autism is a situation where an engrossed in his own world. This situation is usually encountered for the first time in childhood and entering the mind as well as his own fantasy world and will be even worse in the case of heavy-patient retrospective case series will be immersed in his own hallucinations. This study used a qualitative research design with ethnography approach, by using in-depth interviews and direct observation to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, action and family support in the healing process of children with autism. The results showed that knowledge of family to care of children with autism are already well able to explain the definition, symptoms and resources about autism attitudes towards the care of children with autism are relatively good, although a good attitude is not always accompanied by good results. Actions in carrying families parenting children with autism in the healing process has been good with the hope that his son will be cured of autism. Parenting applied is authoritarian parenting and family support is the closest to people with autism who gave a major influence on the recovery efforts of an autistic child. Who always support in any process of therapy in autism service center or at home. 
Propaganda in the Gubernatorial Candidate in East Kalimantan Published in Online News Portal Geroda, Godefridus Bali; Arbain, Arbain; Nur, Dedi Rahman
IJOTL-TL: Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics Vol. 4 No. 2 (2019): May 2019
Publisher : Center of Language and Cultural Studies [CLCS]

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Propaganda can be identified using basic kinds of propaganda and seven techniques to present propaganda. White, Black, Agitation, Integration, Disinformation, Bureaucratic, Counterpropaganda, Hate, and Deed is the most useful categorization of propaganda according to Cunningham which is includes in nine basic categories of propaganda. The focus of this study is to analyze context and techniques of propaganda used in Online News Portal of East Kalimantan. The analysis of the content and techniques of propaganda obtained from the news articles in Online News Portal is therefore to explore how a certain message is described. The result show that present message in the propaganda, propagandist in in Online News Portal used seven techniques: (1) name calling, (2) glittering generalities, (3) transfer, (4) testimonial, (5) plain folks, (6) bandwagon, and (7) card stacking.
Analysis of Student Self-Regulation in Learning English Speaking Skill Nugroho, Agung Juniarto; Rohman, Abdul; Geroda, Godefridus Bali
EDUCASIA: Jurnal Pendidikan, Pengajaran, dan Pembelajaran Educasia, 5(1), 2020
Publisher : Pusat Pelatihan, Riset, dan Pembelajaran Bahasa

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In everyday life humans are not free from conversations with others, this has been done continuously and without stopping, this is a habit that forms patterns. This study aims to see how important self regulation is in their daily lives, basically self-regulation is a human habit and their learning pattern, each participant is given several questions regarding motivation. and also their self-regulation in arguing and also in their daily lives, which is owned by each individual, especially in speaking. The study was conducted by taking samples from the debate organization at University of Widiya Gama Mahakam Samarinda. It is found that internal and external factors appear in self-regulated learning of students who join Widya Gama Debate League. At the end, the results show that self-regulation is very important in shaping themselves so that they can form a valid learning pattern.