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Journal : Window of Health : Jurnal Kesehatan

Tingkat Kualitas Pelayanan Di Puskesmas Betungan Kota Bengkulu Tahun 2020 Febriawati, Henni; Yanuarti, Riska; Oktarianita, Oktarianita; Yandrizal, Yandrizal; Angraini, Wulan
Window of Health : Jurnal Kesehatan Vol 4 No 3 (Juli 2021 )
Publisher : Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Muslim Indonesia

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | DOI: 10.33368/woh.v4i03.685


Data patient visits in 2017 were 17,704 patients, then decreased in 2018 to 3,910 patients. The decrease in the number of community visits public health centre can be caused by community dissatisfaction with public health centre services, so it is very important to be researched. When the community or patients come public health centre, there are patient expectations of the quality of health services and patient satisfaction with service providers. This study aims to look at service quality by assessing the gap between perceived service and expected service based on the five servqual dimensions. This research is quantitative with analytic observational design cross sectional approach. Sample 135 patients. The service quality analysis was performed using the servqual method, calculating the gap score for the difference in the total value of perceived service minus the total value of expected service. The results show that the highest expectation value is the dimension assurance (4.43), then the dimensions of empaty (4.42), reliability (4.40), tangible (4.39), and responsiveness (4.34), respectively. The results of the calculation of the highest value of reality are empathy and tangible dimensions, namely 4.05, then the dimensions of reliability (4.04), assurance (3.26), and responsiveness (3.24), respectively. The results calculation service quality gap at Betungan public health center, Bengkulu City in terms of reliability, obtained gap value of -0.36, responsiveness obtained gap value of -1.11, assurance obtained gap value of -0, 19, empathy obtained gap value of 0.37, tangible obtained gap value of 0.35. The overall quality of service is negative so it can be concluded that the level of service quality at Puskesmas Betungan Bengkulu is still not good. The dimension with the largest negative servqual value is the assurance dimension, so it needs to be prioritized by the Betungan Community Health Center in order to improve service quality in terms of medical knowledge and skills so that patients feel safe.