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Dampak Pendidikan Agama Katolik Terhadap Perilaku Siswa SMA Negeri di Kota Pontianak Martinus, Martinus; Amadi, Amadi
VOCAT: JURNAL PENDIDIKAN KATOLIK Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): Januari - Juni 2021
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Agama Katolik Negeri Pontianak

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The background of this research is to reveal the impact of Catholic Religious Education on student behavior in Public Senior High Schools in Pontianak City. The purpose of this study was to describe the role of Catholic Religious Education on student behavior in public high schools in Pontianak City; as well as to find out that Catholic Religious Education has a positive or negative impact on student behavior in Public High Schools in Pontianak. This research uses qualitative methods with descriptive research type. Meanwhile, the research subjects were students and teachers of PAK at SMA Negeri Pontianak. Data collection techniques in the form of interview techniques and observation. The results of the study found that Catholic Religious Education at Public Senior High Schools in Pontianak City had a positive impact on student behavior if in the teaching and learning process the teacher really understood their function as PAK teachers. In conclusion, teaching actions by teachers based on love have a positive impact on student behavior in the school, family, and community environment. The implication of the findings of this study is that students behave politely and kindly to everyone.
Kontribusi Prodi Pendidikan dan Pengajaran Agama Katolik STAKat Negeri Pontianak dengan Dunia Kerja Pongkot, Herkulanus; Martinus, Martinus; Mukarramah, Mukarramah
VOCAT: JURNAL PENDIDIKAN KATOLIK Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Juli - Desember 2021
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Agama Katolik Negeri Pontianak

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This is a study of the situation of alumni, especially in terms of job search, work situations and the use of competency acquisition during college. The purpose of this activity is to collect relevant information and input from graduates related to the "learning and working experience" experienced by graduates for the development of higher education. The Tracer Study was carried out using a survey by method questionnaire, with the aim of obtaining information from STAKat Negeri Pontianak alumni in all regions in West Kalimantan. The results of the questionnaire can represent the overall results of this tracer study. The result were: First, the alumni of PPAK Study Program have decent jobs and most of them work as Catholic Religious Educators at various levels of primary to secondary education. Second, the competencies that alumni get while studying at the STAKat Negeri Pontianak are very relevant to their current world of work. Third, there are several gaps that occur, the first is; lack of English competence, the solution to this gap is by holding an English Day, English courses in the campus environment, updating more contextual teaching methods by lecturers and holding TOEFL as a condition for student graduation. The second, lack ability to work under pressure, solutions to this gap are spiritual mentors, use of problem solving based teaching methods and dynamic curriculum monitoring. The third gap is ability to write reports, memos and documents is not very good, the solution to this gap is by updating the curriculum that supports alumni's abilities when they enter the world of work, especially in the world of education.
Internet of Things Ultraviolet Sterilizer Receiver Box: How to Design and Construct? Muhammad, Meizano Ardhi; Panuju, Achmad Yahya Teguh; Prayitno, Hadi; Pradipta, Rio Ariestia; Martinus, Martinus; Akbar, Gustian Ilham
International Journal of Electronics and Communications Systems Vol 1, No 2 (2021): International Journal of Electronics and Communications System
Publisher : Raden Intan State Islamic University of Lampung, Indonesia

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COVID-19 is a virus that can spread through objects and depending on environmental conditions. It can last for several hours without destroying structures or disintegrating. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people were restricted from going outside to buy essential goods. Based on these conditions, it is necessary to design an IoT-based virus-safe package receipt box that is intuitive and comfortable for users to use, whether sending or receiving packages. People can control the system via remote control. Sterilization is carried out intelligently by considering the packet received. Design and construction of Internet of Things Ultraviolet Sterilizer Receiver Box use the Design Science Research Method. The methods consist of six stages: identify problem motivate, define the objective of a solution, design development, demonstration, evaluation, and communication. There are three parts of the system: sterilizer receiver box, mobile application, and Internet of Things. The system successfully passes the five testing scenarios: package received detection, package retrieved detection, ultraviolet irradiation, data service, and locking. The IoT-based virus-safe package receipt box can help maintain public health by preventing the COVID-19 virus with ultraviolet sterilization and supporting a modern lifestyle where people who work when the package arrives do not have to worry about the packages arriving.
JMM (Jurnal Masyarakat Mandiri) Vol 6, No 1 (2022): Februari
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Mataram

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Abstrak: Desa Mandor di Kabupaten Landak memiliki beberapa danau yang tidak dimanfaatkan secara ekonomi. Tujuan pelaksanaan pengabdian yaitu memanfaatkan salah satu danau menjadi tambak ikan sebagai upaya pemberdayaan ekonomi masyarakat. Metode pelaksanaan melalui sosialisasi, serta pelaksanaan kegiatan berbasis masyarakat. Mitra dalam pelaksanaan pengabdian ini berjumlah 3 kelompok dengan masing-masing kelompok dua kepala keluarga. Terdapat dua penilaian yang dilakukan yaitu penilaian selama pembuatan tambak dan tahap perdana pembudidayaan ikan. Penilaian selanjutnya adalah mengevaluasi pelaksanaan kegiatan yang telah dilakukan. Hasil pelaksanaan program pada tahap pembuatan tambak serta budidaya ikan sangat berhasil. Keberhasilan pelaksanaan dan pembudidayaan ikan dapat ditetapkan 100%. Indikator keberhasilan dinilai dari ketercapaian target jumlah pembuatan tambak, keterserapatan dana, serta keberhasilan pembudiyaan ikan perdana. Prospek keberlanjutan program sangat baik karena program yang dijalankan bisa bertahan dengan efektif selama lima tahun. Permasalahan keberlanjutan program berbenturan dengan kewenangan pengelolaan danau atas Pemerintah Kabupaten bukan pada Pemerintah Desa. Masalah ini menjadi salah satu penyebab menurunya semangat mitra dalam pengelolaan tambak ikan lebih lanjut.Abstract: Mandor Village in Landak Regency has several lakes that did not use economically. The purpose of implementing the service is to use one of the lakes as a fish pond in an effort to empower the community's economy. The method of implementation is through socialization, as well as the implementation of community-based activities. Partners in the implementation of this service are village communities living around the lake. Partners were divided into three groups with two Family Heads in each group. There are two assessments carried out, namely the assessment during the construction of the pond and the initial stage of fish farming. The next assessment is to evaluate the implementation of the activities that have been carried out. The results of the program implementation at the stage of making ponds and fish farming were very successful. The success of the implementation and cultivation of fish can be determined 100%. Indicators of success are assessed from the achievement of the target for the number of ponds, the availability of funds, and the success of the initial fish farming. The prospects for the sustainability of the program are very good because the programs that are implemented can last effectively for five years. The problem of program sustainability conflicts with the authority of lake management on the Regency Government, not with the Village Government. This problem is one of the causes of the declining spirit of partners in the further management of fish ponds.