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Journal : Sinkron : Jurnal dan Penelitian Teknik Informatika

Decision Support System for increasing position of Office at PT. Gramedia Asri Media using Profile Matching Method Mariskhana, Kartika; Sintawati, Ita Dewi; Widiarina, Widiarina; Rusdiansyah, Rusdiansyah
Sinkron : jurnal dan penelitian teknik informatika Vol. 5 No. 2 (2021): Article Research Volume 5 Number 2, April 2021
Publisher : Politeknik Ganesha Medan

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The more rapid growth of information technology in the world, so that more and more people are taking advantage of this advancement in information technology in various activities of life or to solve various problems. One of them is filling positions that have not been filled for promotion processes often experience problems because the submission of prospective candidates who can occupy the position by matching employee profiles and job profiles is not resolved properly. To minimize these constraints, a decision support system is needed that can analyze employee performance in accordance with existing job profiles. The Profile Matching process is carried out to determine career planning recommendations by calculating sub-criteria from each aspect (work attitude and intellectual capacity) which consists of 4 stages including the calculation of the GAP value, the calculation of the core and secondary factor values ​​and the calculation of the total value and ranking. The results of this study will produce a form in the form of employee recommendations with the highest score of 5.4163 on behalf of Ariz and Widi which has the same numerical value as the number from the calculation method used.
Application of the C4.5 Algorithm on the Effect of Watching Youtube Videos On the Development of Early Childhood Creativity Sintawati, Ita Dewi; Widiarina, Widiarina; Mariskhana, Kartika
Sinkron : jurnal dan penelitian teknik informatika Vol. 6 No. 1 (2021): Article Research October 2021
Publisher : Politeknik Ganesha Medan

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Youtube media is one of the social media for communication used by the community, not out of reach of children. The rapid development of information technology, of course, this has an influence on human life. Talking about life in humans, it cannot be separated from human behavior. Some psychologists say that children tend to fully absorb what they see, and children will learn from what they see. This can trigger creativity for young children. The creativity of each individual can be seen in terms of how he makes something he thinks of because he sees an object that already exists and then he innovates it into a new form. This attracted the attention of the author to identify and describe the impact of watching YouTube videos on the development of early childhood creativity. This type of research is based on developing phenomena, how much influence is brought about by technological advances on YouTube social media in the formation of children's behavior. The process of completing the goals to be achieved in this study is to provide information about recommendations for child development with positive creativity, making it easier to determine early childhood development by using the Decision Tree Algorithm C4,5 method. The problem in this study is that early childhood imaginations are higher and will be affected by streaming video ads on YouTube. The results showed that children aged 3 and 4 years often watched, while children aged 5 and 6 years did not watch often, so the role of parents was more dominant in supervising children aged 3 and 4 years.
Assignment of Motor Mechanics at the Tire Palace Using the Hungarian Method and Testing Software Quality Management (QM) Widiarina, Widiarina; Mariskhana, Kartika; Sintawati, Ita Dewi
Sinkron : jurnal dan penelitian teknik informatika Vol. 7 No. 2 (2022): Articles Research Volume 7 Issue 2, April 2022
Publisher : Politeknik Ganesha Medan

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Measurement of working time (time study) is basically an attempt to determine the placement of mechanical work from the length of work time required by a mechanic to complete a job. This study aims to place the optimal mechanical work in the context of service operational time efficiency and obtain optimal time savings that can be achieved by mechanics in working on motorcycle servicing so as to maximize income using the Hungarian Method. The purpose of this research is to optimize employee assignments by looking at the mechanical working time. The problems that occur at ISTANA BAN are the ineffectiveness of the work process time and the swelling of operational costs, especially in the work of Matic Kaburator, Injection Matic, Injection Duck, Kaburator Duck and Sport with 5 workers. The results of the Assignment Application with the Hungarian Method and Software Quality Management (QM) Testing, Evan mechanics serviced the Duck Kaburator motorbike with a service time of 25 minutes, Minus mechanic serviced the Injection Duck motorbike with a service time of 24 minutes, Hermon mechanic serviced the Sport motorbike with a service time of 27 minutes, mechanic Anton servicing the Matic Injection motorbike with a service time of 25 minutes, mechanic Zola servicing the Matic Kaburator motorbike with a service time of 26 minutes. After analyzing the possibilities, it can be concluded that all mechanics can service each type of motor if the assigned mechanic has worked on the specified type of motor. By minimizing mechanical service time, it will have an impact on Tire Zone revenue because the number of motorbikes being serviced is increasing. Total Tire Zone revenue can be increased from pre-implementation revenue using the Hungarian Method.