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The Analysis of Sales by Using Apriori and FP-Growth at PT. Panca Putra Solusindo Anggraeni, Sita; Iha, Marlina Ana; Erawati, Wati; Khairunnas, Sayyid
REMIK: Riset dan E-Jurnal Manajemen Informatika Komputer Vol. 3 No. 2 (2019): Remik Volume 3 Nomor 2 April 2019
Publisher : Politeknik Ganesha Medan

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Panca Putra Solusindo is a company which sells Electronic equipment. It has a lot of transactions. Among these data, the company has not been able to provide such platform that can be used as information for management to find out which products are most preferred by consumers. Data mining is present to provide information patterns to companies in answering these needs and helping in marketing to be more effective. In this research, the function of the Apriori algorithm association is used to find out the minimum support and minimum confidence and FP-Growth in knowing the frequent itemset and both of them can find out the best rule that occurs in the transaction. These two algorithms are tested by using Weka application version 3.8.
Bilingual Phenomenon Usage in Presenting Make Up Tutorial Akbari, Hanny; Hidayat, Arif; Khairunnas, Sayyid
LADU: Journal of Languages and Education Vol 1, No 1 (2020): LADU: Journal of Languages & Education Vol 1 No 1 November 2020
Publisher : CV. Mitra Palupi

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Background: . The writer interested to analyze the code switching and code mixing in Suhay Salim’s video because she is a bilingual speaker. She is able to speak both Bahasa and English. In each her video, Suhay Salim always uses code switching and code mixing.Purpose: The objective of this research is to know the types of code switching and code mixing used in the video, and also to know the reasons why the speaker used code switching and code mixing in her YouTube video.Design and methods: The data were collected through library research. The method of this research is descriptive qualitative method.Results: The result of this analysis is indicated that: (1) Types of code switching that found are situational code switching and metaphorical code switching. (2) types of code mixing found are insertion and alternation. (3) while the reasons to use code switching and code mixing are talking about particular topic, real lexical need, interjection, repetition used for clarification, and expressing group identity.