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Jurnal Manajemen Kepegawaian Vol 4 No 2 November (2010): Jurnal Kebijakan dan Manajemen PNS
Publisher : Badan Kepegawaian Negara | The National Civil Service Agency

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Profesionalisme birokrasi adalah salah satu persoalan yang paling penting dalam mencapai visi dan misi nasional. Terdapat banyak aspek dalam profesionalisme birokasi, namun artikel ini hanya akan berfokus pada kemampuan negosiasi. Tujuan utama dari artikel ini adalah menganalisa proses negosiasi dalam merumusan kebijakan perencanaan pembangunan Pusat Seni dan Kerajinan Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Art and Handicraft Centre). Kajian ini akan membahas Teori Sawyer dan Guetzkow yang menjelaskan mengenai pentingnya memperoleh antecedent dan concurrent factors dalam proses negosiasii. Kata kunci: profesionalisme birokrasi, negosiasi, antecedent dan concurrent factors
New Publicness and Its Implication on Social Conflicts: The Relation between Local Community and the Gated Community in Sleman Handoyo, Asmarawati; Hadna, Agus Heruanto; Ratminto, Ratminto
BISNIS & BIROKRASI: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi
Publisher : UI Scholars Hub

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This article discusses the rise of new public issues and their implication on social conflict inflicted by the rapid growth of gated community in Sleman District. These new public issues include economic problems, accessibility, social and environmental problems. Through the methods of observation and in-depth interview, it is found that the rise of the new public issues triggers conflicts when meeting two following requirements: (1) Both communities are unsuccessful in establishing an agreement to resolve new public issues, and (2) There is no local government intervention to overcome the new public issues of gated community. This article has two objectives: conceptually, it supports the new publicness theory stating that publicness may arise from the privacy sphere, while at the same time complete the fact that the rise of new public issues can cause social conflicts when meeting the two preconditions. Based on the findings in this study, two suggested recommendations include, first, both communities need to build intensive communication and create joint mechanism to avoid social conflict; second, the commitment and active role of Sleman government are required, particularly to eradicate the rents of licensing-bureaucracy and to improve close supervision in the field, so that new licensing processed will not instigate new public issues that can trigger social conflicts.