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Gambaran Kadar Kolesterol Total pada Pecandu Kopi Kecamatan Poasia Kota Kendari Darmayani, Satya; Rosanty, Anita; Rahmayani, Dian
Health Information : Jurnal Penelitian Vol 10 No 1 (2018): Digitalisasi Versi Cetak
Publisher : Poltekkes Kemenkes Kendari

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One of the effects of coffee consumption that still questionable is the increase in total cholesterol levels. The content of cafestol in coffee beans could be expected to block the process of ?-oxidation of cholesterol that increases cholesterol levels in the blood. This study aimed to describe the normal total cholesterol levels and high total cholesterol levels in coffee addicts in the working area of Puskesmas Poasia, Subdistrict of Poasia. The research sample amounted to 38 people taken by purposive sampling. The results showed that the total cholesterol levels test in coffee addicts obtained as many as 14 people (36.84%) with normal total cholesterol levels and as many as 24 people (63.16%) had a high total cholesterol level, but from 24 people of the coffee addicts, there are 4 of them in young age and allowed the possibility of an increase in cholesterol levels become faster due to genetic, lifestyle and unhealthy diet. It concluded that of the 38 people of coffee addicts who tested the cholesterol levels, the number of coffee addicts with high total cholesterol levels more than coffee addicts with normal total cholesterol levels. Therefore, it suggested people reduce consumption of coffee, especially those for coffee addicts.
Aplikasi sidik serviks untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dan sikap tentang deteksi dini kanker serviks Rahmayani, Dian; Widyasih, Hesty; Maryani, Tri
PUINOVAKESMAS Vol. 2 No. 2 (2021): November
Publisher : Pusat Unggulan Iptek (PUI) Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta

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Cervical cancer is a malignancy originating from the cervix and is one of the causes of death in women. One of the ways to do early detection of cervical cancer is the VIA test (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid). Women's awareness is still relatively low to do IVA tests so providing information will enhance knowledge and raise public awareness.  This research is to know the effect of the “SIDIK” Serviks application to the increase of knowledge and attitudes about VIA to reproductive women. Research design applies quasi-experiment with one group pre-test and post-test design. Post-test is done 18 days after pre-test. The research sample of 31 reproductive women. The sampling technique applies purposive sampling. The sample is determined by inclusion and exclusion criteria. The independent variable is Sidik Serviks application and the dependent variable is knowledge and attitudes about VIA. Data collection applies a questionnaire through Google Form to measure knowledge and attitudes. The data analysis uses the Wilcoxon test. The result shows that the average knowledge of pre-test was 17.77, post-test was 19.06 with p-value 0.000, average attitudes of pre-test were 61.03, post-test was 64.16 with p-value 0.000 which means there is an effect of giving Sidik Serviks application on the increase of knowledge and attitudes about VIA.