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Expectations and Standards for Accounting Professions and Implications in the Learning Pattern in Industrial 4.0 Iman Supriadi; Kusuma Adi Rahardjo; Miya Dewi Suprihandari
Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting Vol 1 No 2 (2020): April 2020
Publisher : Yayasan Ilomata

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This paper talks about the impact from the commercial transformation 4.0 on accounting scientific research and accounting education and learning patterns. The commercial transformation can be turbulent and make development throughout accounting scientific research and designs from accounting knowing or education and learning in the future. To ensure that the adjustment needs from accounting professionals and trainees that are taking accounting research studies are required to have the ability to instantly adapt to the instructions from modifications in market 4.0 that are currently operating. It‘s anticipated that accounting will modification to "huge information" based upon accounting innovation, consisting of automation from journaling and monetary coverage. Besides, using Synthetic Knowledge will be huge in analysis monetary declarations and examining the behavior from companies or business. Consequently, this impacts the knowing patterns from representing trainees that will place much more focus on grasping info systems regarding the real truth from business globe
Nature is Local Wisdom Treasures in Indonesia Ecotourism Miya Dewi Suprihandari; Muhammad Ali Masyhuri; Teguh Purnomo; Menur Kusumaningtyas; Muhammad Aly Umar; Nurul Iman
Journal of Islamic Economics Perspectives Vol 3 No 1 (2021): Journal of Islamic Economics Perspectives
Publisher : Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, IAIN Jember, Indonesia

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Kampung and tourism villages in Indonesia are a positive phenomenon that can function as an effort to increase the income of the village or village community directly and indirectly for local and central government. Efforts to present the local wealth of the region as an added value of an area, so that the growth rate of tourist visits in an area in Indonesia is increasing from the past. The number of village and tourist village destinations in Indonesia has also increased from the past and entrepreneurial activities have become an option for most members of village and tourism village communities in various forms. Efforts to explore and develop local capabilities and wealth will provide optimal results when the government provides full support for the capabilities and creativity of local communities in all matters, including training for community members who are interested and have a desire to increase knowledge and increase their creative abilities, so that they can become human resources who are able to compete in the future and have character. This support is carried out continuously because villages and tourist villages in Indonesia currently also have an educational function for all ages and levels of education.