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JMM (Jurnal Masyarakat Mandiri) Vol 5, No 1 (2021): Februari
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Mataram

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Abstrak: Tingginya prevalensi infeksi saluran kemih dan infeksi saluran reproduksi serta kanker payudara perlu dicermati dengan tindakan pencegahan melalui manajemen kesehatan menstruasi (MKM) dan melakukan pemeriksaan payudara sendiri (SADARI). Penyakit  ini mulai mengarah pada usia yang lebih muda, maka usia remaja (13-20 tahun) juga perlu melakukan MKM dan SADARI secara rutin sebagai upaya pencegahan. Kesadaran individu melakukan MKM dan SADARI ditentukan oleh pengetahuan sehingga perlu dilakukan upaya promosi kesehatan melalui Leaflet, booklet dan video. Tujuan kegiatan ini untuk memberikan edukasi, simulasi dan praktik kepada remaja agar memahami tentang MKM, SADARI, dan pencegahan COVID-19, dan mampu melakukan secara mandiri, sehingga remaja mampu memberikan edukasi kepada teman sebayanya. Tahapan kegiatan terdiri dari (1) Mendistribusikan leaflet, booklet dan video; (2) Memberikan edukasi, simulasi, dan praktik tentang MKM, SADARI, dan pencegahan COVID-19; (3) Membentuk kelompok remaja sebaya; (4) Peserta memberikan edukasi kepada teman sebaya. Hasil yang dicapai adalah adanya peningkatan pengetahuan remaja dengan rata-rata sebelum diberikan edukasi, simulasi dan praktik 52,22 dan meningkat menjadi 88,17 yang dievaluasi melalui kuisioner. Peserta juga mampu mempraktikkan secara mandiri cara melakukan SADARI yang dievaluasi melalui check list, serta mampu memberikan edukasi kepada teman sebayanya.  Abstact: The high prevalence of urinary tract infections and reproductive tract infections as well as breast cancer needs to be monitored with preventive measures through Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and BSE. This disease starts to lead to the younger age, so adolescents (13-20 years) also need to routinely carry out MHM and BSE as a preventive measure. Individual awareness of MHM and BSE is determined by knowledge that health promotion efforts need to be made through leaflets, booklets and videos. The aim of this activity was to provide education, simulation and practice to adolescents in order to understand about MHM, BSE, and the prevention of COVID-19, and to be able to do it independently, so that teenagers are able to provide education to their peers. The activity stages consisted of (1) Distributing leaflets, booklets and videos; (2) Providing education, simulations, and practices regarding MHM, BSE, and prevention of COVID-19; (3) forming peer youth groups; (4) Participants provide peer education. The results achieved were an increase in adolescent knowledge on average before being given education, simulation and practice of 52.22 and increased to 88.17 which was evaluated through a questionnaire. Participants were also able to independently practice how to do BSE which is evaluated through a check list, and are able to provide education to their peers.
The Effect Of Giving Lemon Aromatherapy And Health Education On Pregnancy Anxienty Covid 19 Pandemic At Dungingi Health Center And Kota Barat Health Center The City Of Gorontalo Claudia, Juli Gladis; Rasyid, Puspita Sukmawaty
Science Midwifery Vol 10 No 1, October (2021): Science Midwifery
Publisher : Institute of Computer Science (IOCS)

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Psychologically, mothers experience anxiety during pregnancy because they are worried that the baby will be born healthy or not, especially during Covid-19 pandemic. Pregnant women who are not prepared enough for giving birth will be more anxious and show fear and behave in silence or crying, if this continues until labor can cause pathological condition (Wa Ode et al, 2013). This study aimed to identify the effect of anxiety in pregnancy before and after being given lemon aromatherapy and health education. This research was a quasi-experimental using one-group pre-test post-test control design with cases of anxious third trimester pregnant women who are given lemon Aromatherapy and cases control of anxious third trimester pregnant women who was given education through books at the same time. The research was carried out in the working area of ​​Kota Barat Public Health Community and Dungingi Public Health Community in Gorontalo City from August to November 2020. The provision of lemon aromatherapy and health education as independent variable, the anxiety level of the third trimester of pregnant women as dependent variable. The research subjects were carried out by selecting samples that met the inclusion criteria, totaling 60 pregnant women in the third trimester and divided into the intervention group and the control group. Data analysis using Paired T-test with free sample test and difference test. The results of the study of the two groups, the mean value of the intervention group had a higher difference in anxiety level score reduction (9.6) than the control group (4.0) with significance value of 0.000 and 0.038, respectively (α = 0.05). The conclusion was, there is an effect of lemon aromatherapy and health education on the anxiety level of pregnant women in the third trimester of the Covid 19 pandemic at the Dungingi Health Center and the West City Health Center, Gorontalo City.