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Analisis SEM (Structural Equation Model) Dalam Manajemen Industri Layanan Kesehatan Menggunakan LISREL dan OSS Statistika-R Habibi, Azwar; Tirta, I Made; Lestari, Budi
Publisher : Pendidikan Biologi,Universitas Islam Jember

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The objective of this research is to know the application of SEM (Structural Equation Model) analysis in seeing reliability and validity of causal relationship among latent variables  in the area of marketing management of health service industry influenced by patient perception about health service quality on patient loyality with satisfaction of patient as the medium variable. SEM Analysis is a group of statistical techniques which is conducive to be done examination a relation network which is complicated relative simultaneously. In SEM, we can do three activities simultaneously, that are  inspection and validity of reliability equivalent instrument with confirmatory factor analysis, examination of relationship model among latent variables equivalent with path analysis, and get worthwhile model for predicting equivalent with structural model or regression  analysis. The conclusion of got from this research is there are influence which significant among the perception of patient to the patient loyality, the perception of patient to the satisfaction of patient, the satisfaction of patient to the  patient loyality.Keywords: Structural Equation Model, reliability, validity, confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis.
Upaya Preventif Kyai, Pengurus Dan Santri Terhadap Paham Radikalisme Di Pondok Pesantren Al-Bidayah Haikal, Hauli; Habibi, Azwar
Fenomena Vol 18 No 1 (2019)
Publisher : LP2M IAIN Jember

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Radicalism is an understanding or sect which wants social and political renewal with violence wrapped of terrorism in physical and non-physical forms. Radicalism is an organized movement, a large international network that chooses productive age (17-40 years old) as regeneration cadres. The existence of radicalism brings hardline organi-zations to have an exclusive, rigid and ghallun character, this is the result of a formalistic and literal attitude in interpreting the Qur'an and al-Hadist, make decisions of local Islamic traditions as bid'ah, kafir and haram which must be eradicated. The focus of this study is as follows: what is the category of radicalism based on the classification of PP al-Bidayah Jember and PP Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki Bondowoso from kyai, administrators and santri, what is the attitude used, what efforts are made by kyai,, the management and santri in stemming radicalism and how the kyai hope, the management and santri towards the government in resolving terrorists. The research method uses applied research based on practical reasons, curious, and has a purpose to do something more effective and efficient. Selain itu, juga menggunakan penelitian lapangan dan studi kasus. In addition, it also uses field research and case studies. PP al-Bidayah Jember and PP Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki Bondowoso as educational institutions that have ahlussunnah wal jama'ah ideology has obliged to maintain and preserve the legacy of saints ideology, spreaders of Islam, in Indonesia. The category of radical Islam according to kyai and santri of the Islamic boarding school PP al-Bidayah Jember and the PP Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki Bondowoso are: based on the thought that interprets the Qur'an and al-Hadist literally, based on actions that justify violence in the name of God, and based on symbolic physicality, such the using of flags, shorts, robes, beards and veils. The attitude of kyai, administrators and santri of PP al-Bidayah Jember and PP Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki Bondowoso towards radical Islam are passive if only physically symbolic, tolerant of thinking because adheres of particular religion is the right of every citizen, criticize if the understanding of Islamic radicalism is disturbing the community. The strategy of kyai, administrators and santri in preventing the Islamic radicalism through scientific approaches, the preservation of traditions and Islamic culture, development of cultural and structural networks, submission to the authorities. The hope of kyai, administrators and santri towards the government about radicalism includes instrumental, cultural and structural aspects.