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The Influence of Learning Methods and Learning Motivation on Discs Throwing Skills (Experimental Study at SMP Negeri 24 Makassar Hanafi, Suriah; Asmawi, Moch; Dlis, Firmansyah
Kinestetik : Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Jasmani Vol 4, No 2 (2020): SEPTEMBER (ACCREDITED SINTA 3)
Publisher : Universitas Bengkulu

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Aimfrom this research is to see the differences in three forms of learning methods, namely, the overall learning method, part learning method and mixed learning methods on the discus throwing skills of class IX students of SMP Negeri 24 Makassar who are members of the extra-curricular. The moderator variable in this study is learning motivation. The dependent variable is the discus throwing skill. This study used a 2x3 factorial experimental method, the population of this study was 134 students of SMP Negeri 24 Makassar. The determination of the sample size was based on purposive sampling technique by selecting 27% of the total data with the highest score and 27% of the lowest score referring to the Verducci theory. The conclusion from this research is that the group of students who are taught using the overall learning method has better results in discus throwing skills compared to the group of students who are taught disc-throwing skills using the part learning method and groups of students who are taught with mixed learning methods. For students who have high motivation, the learning method using the overall method is better used in teaching disc-throwing skills, for students with low motivation categories the mixed learning method is better used in teaching disc throwing skills than using the whole learning method and the part learning method in improving disc throwing skills
THE PHYSICAL LITERACY FIRST STUDENT SCHOOL (SMP) 2019 AT CITY OF GORONTALO Hanafi, Suriah; Asmawi, Moch.; Dlis, Firmansyah; Said, Hariadi
JIPES - JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT Vol 6 No 01 (2020): JIPES (Journal of Indonesian Physical Education and Sport)
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Jakarta

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This study aims to look at the extent of physical literacy students junior high schools (SMP) as the city of Gorontalo. Subjects were students of Junior High School in the city of Gorontalo, amounting to 247 people consisting of 192 men and 55 women. Merdeka Stadium research location January 23 Gorontalo. The type of research is descriptive, evaluative research method. Namely research instruments; sprint test, pull-ups, sit-ups and jumping upright and medium run. Sprint is done to know the speed level of students within a certain distance. Pull up, to know the arm strength of students is realized through frequency lifting his own body. Sit up, is a test to determine the strength of the abdominal muscles students are characterized by frequency. Lencat upright is a test to determine the student's explosive power leg muscle by doing the highest jump. Running was a run that maintain the stability and accuracy of the current step being hurried to flee. Furthermore, the results showed that physical literacy junior high school students as the city of Gorontalo divided into 4 categories namely less, less and being as well as good. Category Less Once 16 people or 6.18%, less than 145 categories of persons or 58.70%, and the category were as many as 69 people or 27.94%, and the category of either 17 or 6.88%.
Jambura Journal of Sports Coaching Vol 4, No 1 (2022): Januari
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Gorontalo

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melihat sejauh mana literasi kebugaran guru Pendidikan Jasmani yang berada di Kecamatan Telaga, Kabupaten Gorontalo. Subjek penelitian adalah guru pendidikan jasmani se-Kecematan Telaga Kabupaten Gorontalo yang berjumlah 33 orang yang terdiri dari 22 laki-laki dan 11 perempuan. Lokasi penelitian Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri 1 Telaga Kabupaten Gorontalo. Jenis penelitian adalah deskriptif, dengan metode penelitian evaluatif. Instrumen penelitian yaitu; bleep test. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa literasi kebugaran guru-guru pendidikan jasmani se-Kecamatan Telaga Kabupaten Gorontalo terbagi 2 kategori yaitu kurang sekali dan kurang. Laki-laki dengan kategori Kurang Sekali sebanyak 17 orang atau 77%, dan kategori kurang sebanyak 5 orang atau 23%. Sedangkan perempuan dengan kategori kurang sekali sebanyak 10 orang atau 90% dan kategori kurang sebanyak 1 orang atau 10%.