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Journal Ilmiah Rinjani : Media Informasi Ilmiah Universitas Gunung Rinjani Vol. 4 No. 1 (2016): Journal Ilmiah Rinjani: Media Informasi Ilmiah Universitas Gunung Rinjani
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Gunung Rinjani

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Penelitian ini bermaksud untuk mengetahui: 1. Penampilan pengelolaan usaha pedagangpindang (agroindustri pemindangan ikan), 2. Jenis ikan yang dimanfaatkan oleh pedagangpindang selama melakukan proses pemindangan ikan, 3.Kendala/hambatan yangdihadapi oleh pedagang pindang dalam usaha agroindustri pemindangan ikan danpemanfaatan sumberdaya perikanan, dan 4. Untuk menentukan alternatif penyempurnaanpenampilan pengelolaan usaha pedagang ikan dalam pemanfaatan sumberdayaperikanan oleh pedagang pindang. Metode yang dipergunakan dalam penelitian ini adalahalat analisa ekonomi, yaitu ekonomi mikro dengan model analisis sebagai berikut : TR = Qx P ( penghasilan kotor = hasil x harga ) dan NR = TR – TC ( penerimaan bersih =penghasilan – biaya ). Alat analisis ini dipergunakan untuk mengetahui tingkat pendapatanpengelola usaha pedagang ikan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa, untukpenampilan teknis yang menggambarkan proses pemindangan ikan sampai pada tingkatpencapaian hasil pemindangan yang dilakukan secara tradisional sebanyak 93,33 %orang, alat yang digunakan kategori cukup baik yaitu 73,33%, proses pengolahan pindangsebesar 73,3% sehingga sebagian besar pedagang pindang melakukan pemindangandengan baik yaitu 90%. Untuk penampilan sosial budaya yang merupakan kegiatan yangberkenaan dengan tim kerja ( team work ) dengan kisaran tenaga 3 – 4 orang ( 60 % ) danrata-rata menggunakan tenaga kerja luar yaitu sebanyak 14 orang ( 46,67 % ) dilakukansendiri sebanyak 33,33%. Untuk penampilan ekonomi yang berkenaan denganpermodalan yang digunakan pedagang dengan kisaran modal sebesar Rp.1.000.000,- -Rp.1.500.000,- sebanyak 15 orang ( 50 % ). Disamping itu, rata-rata pedagang pindangmenjual hasil pemindangan dilakukan sendiri kepedagang pengecer yaitu 76,67 % orang.Kata Kunci : Penampilan Teknis, Penampilan Sosial, dan Penampilam Ekonomi.This study intends to determine: 1. Appearance pindang (the boiled fish) merchantbusiness management (fish agro-industry), 2. Types of fish that used by traders during theprocess boiled fish, 3. Constraints / obstacles faced by traders in an effort boiled fish andfish agro-industry utilization of fishery resources, and 4. To determine the improvement ofthe appearance of alternative fish merchant business management in the utilization ofboiled fishery resources by traders. It is intended to obtain results pindang production thathas good quality and quantity to meet local consumer demand in particular or society ingeneral. Methods used in this study is economic analysis, the micro-economic modelanalysis as follows: TR = Q x P (gross income = result x price) and NR = TR - TC (netrevenue = revenue - cost). This analytical tool used to determine the level of income of thebusiness manager of the fish traders. The results showed that, for technical performancesdepicting boiled fish process to the level of pemindangan achievement traditionally doneas much as 93.33% of people, the tools used good enough category is 73.33%, thepindang processing 73.3% so most traders do well pindang 90%. For the appearance of asocial and cultural activities related to work teams with a power range of 3-4 people (60%)and the average use of labor beyond that as many as 14 people (46.67%) do yourself asmuch as 33, 33%. For economic performance with respect to capital used with a range ofmerchant capital Rp.1.000.000, -Rp.1.500.000, - as many as 15 people (50%). In addition,the average trader pindang sell their own pemindangan do kepedagang retailers that76.67% of people.Keywords: Technical Appearance, Social Appearance, Economic Appearance
Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan Syariah - ALIANSI Vol. 2 No. 2 (2019): Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan Syariah : Aliansi
Publisher : Akuntansi research UGR

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An Auditor's performance is highly demanded to always be able to provide guarantees for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with financial accounting standards and government accounting standards. To determine the accuracy of the auditor's performance itself various research criteria are used. In this study using Independence and Locus of Control as research criteria on the Performance of Internal Auditors. The population in this study was 68 people, 26 of whom worked as auditors, 42 staff and employees as assistant auditors for field inspection in the district inspectorate. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors of consumer satisfaction as the basis for determining policies to improve PDAM performance in the City of Selong East Lombok Regency of NTB and to analyze and determine which factors are priority considerations in order to improve the performance of PDAMs in Selong City, East Lombok. The results showed that (1). There are ten dimensions of service quality, namely: Reliability, responsibility, competence, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security, understanding, and tangibles. (2). The implementation of all dimensions that build the quality of PDAM services in Selong City, East Lombok Regency in general does not meet consumer expectations, that is, it can only meet consumer expectations in the range of 49.41% to 69.09%. (3). Based on the factor analysis, it is obtained 4 factors that become priority decisions in an effort to increase consumer satisfaction. Factor 1, including the dimensions of responsibility, reliability and access. Factor 2, including the dimensions of courtesy and communication. Factor 3, including the dimensions of credibility, and understanding. Factor 4, including security dimensions. (4). There are a number of items that East Lombok PDAMs should consider in each dimension to increase customer satisfaction. Itams for reliability include the fulfillment of promises and the smooth working system. Responsibility includes the willingness, desire and readiness of employees to carry out tasks to help consumers meet their needs. East Lombok. The sampling technique in this study is saturated sample. The results showed that partially there was a positive influence of Independence and Locus of Control on Auditor Performance.