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Quick count training for junior high school teachers in Gayo Lues District Priyanda, Roni; Amalia, Rizki; Zaki, Muhammad; Fadilah, Fadilah; Fadhelina, Nishbah; Ihsan, Iden Rainal
Community Empowerment Vol 6 No 5 (2021)
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang

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This community service is carried out together with the Gayo Lues District Education Office. The purpose of this activity is to improve the speed counting skills and junior high school teachers in Gayo Lues, so that each teacher can become an agent of change in improving students' fast counting skills. The implementation of the activity began with a pre-test, discussion of partner problems, mentoring and training, review and evaluation by giving rewards to participants who get the best score. The results of the initial pre-test showed that the math teachers' ability to count quickly in Gayo Lues district was still low, where only 22.5% of the teachers were able to solve the questions according to the time given. However, after training and mentoring, more teachers were able to solve quick arithmetic questions according to the set time (75%). Although the level of accuracy is still low.
The Effectiveness of Using Google Form Assisted Student Worksheets in Increasing Learning Independence and Student Mathematic Communication Skills in SMP Negeri 5 Langsa Hanafiah Hanafiah; Roni Priyanda; Nishbah Fadhelina
Budapest International Research and Critics Institute (BIRCI-Journal): Humanities and Social Sciences Vol 3, No 4 (2020): Budapest International Research and Critics Institute November
Publisher : Budapest International Research and Critics University

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Changes in the way students learn which until now have decreased, especially in communicating story problems in the form of mathematics. This problem is increasingly seen when students have to study remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the limited knowledge of parents or guardians of students at home who do not all go to school adds to these problems are more complete, so we need a method or method that can increase interest in learning and communication skills. Mathematical students. So that the goal in this study is to analyze whether the use of google form assisted student worksheets can increase student learning independence, and to accurately determine the level of mathematical communication skills of students taught using google form assisted student worksheets during the Covid-19 pandemic. The subjects in this study were all students of SMP Negeri 5 Langsa class VIII, totaling 87 students, and the object of this study was the effectiveness of using google form assisted student worksheets. This type of research is descriptive qualitative with qualitative and quantitative approaches. The results in this study indicatethat there are 7 students (8.05%) the level of student independence is high, and 71 students (81.61%) are classified as moderate and 9 students (10.34%) are classified as low. For the mathematical communication skills of students who are taught using LKS media assisted by google form is classified as better compared to students before being taught with LKS media assisted by google form, overall students can solve problems properly, correctly and completely.
Pelatihan Pembuatan Google Form Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh Roni Priyanda; Nishbah Fadhelina
Publisher : LPPM UNINUS

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This community service was carried out in October 2020 at SMP Negeri 5 Langsa, as a form of dedication by the service team in answering problems that often arise in distance learning, especially in the city of Langsa, the selection of SMP Negeri 5 Langsa as a forum for service this time is due to its very close location. with a dedicated campus which is also a priority in education development, especially in the city of Langsa. All teachers participated in this community service by sharing fields of study at SMP Negeri 5 Langsa. The steps taken by the first service team are conducting initial studies and field surveys, in order to analyze the problems that occur and then seek solutions so that the problems that occur can be minimized. The second stage was the implementation of the activity, to determine the success in this stage of the activity the servant gave a questionnaire using google form related to participant opinions regarding the benefits, advantages or disadvantages of using google form as a medium for giving online assignments. The third stage analyzes whether the implementation of the service is carried out effectively or not. The final results of the average assessment of the participants showed that 91.74% of participants agreed that the use of Google Forms as an effective online medium and of the 11 indicators given each showed that more than 85% of participants gave positive responses.
Pelatihan Desain Media Edukatif dalam Pemahaman Stunting Bagi Guru PAUD Roni Priyanda; Munawir Munawir; Nishbah Fadhelina
JURNAL PENGABDIAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT Vol 12, No 2 (2022): Desember 2022
Publisher : LPPM UNINUS

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The problem of stunting is not only the responsibility of the government and the health department, but it is also our shared responsibility, especially in universities, through the Tridharma of University it is hoped that it can provide action in reducing stunting, several actions that can be taken include; provide and ensure access to clean water and sanitation, provide education and care for parents and students, provide good education for early childhood, and take a persuasive approach to families at risk of stunting. Stunting cases must be addressed immediately by conducting a convergence of stunting reduction among the targets, namely; early childhood, adolescents and parents, the method that can be done is to educate the public about stunting, how to avoid it and how to overcome it, which is targeted in community service based on the results of an initial analysis of the understanding of stunting, namely PAUD IT Bismillah and PAUD Nurul Fikrih, then dissemination is carried out about stunting how to prevent and treat it, then given training on how to design educational media so that teachers can find out more information about stunting, and summarize it in a poster, after the teacher is an expert in making posters then the teacher is taught how to make twibon, this is useful so that the target who became the locus of stunting knew more, by participating in preventing stunting.
Analisis Kemampuan Komunikasi Matematis Mahasiswa Melalui Penerapan Blended Learning Pada Mata Kuliah Geometri Fadhelina, Nishbah
JIIP - Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Pendidikan Vol. 4 No. 2 (2021): JIIP (Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Pendidikan)
Publisher : STKIP Yapis Dompu

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This study aims to determine how students' mathematical communication skills apply blended learning in geometry courses. This research uses a qualitative approach and descriptive research type. The instrument used was a test of mathematical communication skills. The subjects research were second semester students of the Universitas Samudra, Mathematics Education study program. The results showed that blended learning was going well, it could be seen from the average percentage of communication skills students are on the writing indicator (written text) is 90% that belongs to the category very good, drawing, is 80% which belongs to the category good and mathematical expressions is 65% that also belongs to good category,. The conclusion of this research is that blended learning can develop mathematical communication skills.
Martabe : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Vol 6, No 10 (2023): martabe : jurnal pengabdian kepada masyarakat
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Tapanuli Selatan

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Penggunaan media ajar berbasis digital dalam pembelajaran, merupakan upaya guru dalam mendukung implementasi merdeka belajar dengan berbagai media yang tentunya sangat beragam. Fasilitas digital yang dapat digunakan sebagai sumber belajar bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kualitas dari proses pembelajaran dengan memberikan ruang yang lebih banyak kepada siswa untuk bereksplorasi. Pemanfaatan media ajar yaitu aplikasi Canva akan menjadikan guru dapat mengajar dengan penuh inovatif dan kreativitas. Hal ini akan berdampak pada proses pembelajaran yang menarik minat siswa, selain itu proses pembelajaran akan menjadi tidak membosankan dan mengajarkan keterampilan kepada peserta didik.  Tujuan dari kegiatan ini yaitu mendampingi dan melakukan pembinaan kepada guru Sekolah tingkat dasar dalam pemanfaatan media canva pada kelompok mitra KKG gugus Handayani Kota Langsa. Metode atau pendekatan yang digunakan yaitu ceramah, dan Pratik langsung. Hasil dari kegiatan ini yaitu: 1) 76% menyatakan bahwa peserta sangat setuju bahwa telah terampil menggunakan canva;  b) 83% menyatakan sangat setuju bahwa kegiatan berdampak dan tim terlibat langsung dalam sosialisasi dan pelatihan; c) 80% sangat setuju bahwa peserta puas dan terlibat penuh dalam kegiatan PKM. Sementara itu, Pelaksanaan program pengabdian ini diharapkan berkontribusi untuk meningkatkan kompetensi Guru sebagai pendidik yang akan memfasilitasi dalam proses pembelajaran yang dapat mempengaruhi minat siswa dan memfasilitasi kebutuhan belajar siswa