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EKOMBIS REVIEW: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi dan Bisnis Vol 5 No 1 (2017)
Publisher : UNIVED Press

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Sri Ismulyaty dan Etty Puji Lestari; The company's goal is to develop a variety of marketing strategies to improve the profitability of the company, so the company's management to focus on efforts to identify the customer, because the philosophy of marketing shows that the profit can be created through the satisfaction perceived by customers. Work motivation is believed to be influential in arousing, directing, and maintaining behavior in the work environment to develop achievement. Several studies have suggested a link between work motivation with employee performance. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of learning orientationof 46 employee performance at the Open University. We used stratified random sampling method. Data used in this study were primary data from the respondents and secondary data. The results showed that there is a positive relationship between learning orientation with employee performance shown by the value of the original sample estimate of 0.854 and a t-statistic of 4,228 is greater than the t-test is 1.96. While the relationship work motivation and performance have negative impact.Keywords : learning orientation, motivation, performance
Analysis Level of Accountability, Transparency and Community Participation on the Effectiveness Management of Regional Head Election Grants at the General Election Commission Work Unit Olina Theresia; Ramdany Ramdany; Etty Puji Lestari
Budapest International Research and Critics Institute (BIRCI-Journal): Humanities and Social Sciences Vol 4, No 4 (2021): Budapest International Research and Critics Institute November
Publisher : Budapest International Research and Critics University

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This study aimed to analyze the effect of accountability, transparency and public participation on the effectiveness of grants elections local in-unit Election Commission work. The population in this study were all treasurers appointed by the General Elections Commission. Research This Is descriptive quantitative research with analysis method Multiple Linear Regression using SPSS software. The results of this study indicate that the level of accountability partially has a significant effect on the effectiveness of the management of grant funds. Transparency partially does not significantly affect the effectiveness of the management of grant funds. Partial community participation has a significant effect on the effectiveness of the management of grant funds. The level of accountability, transparency and community participation simultaneously has a significant effect on the management of grant funds.
Analysis Of The Effect Of Net Profit, Operational Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow, Previous Year Cash Dividends On Cash Dividends In The Indonesia Stock Fatia Fatimah; Sifriyani; Deni sunaryo; Etty Puji lestari
International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): January 2022
Publisher : Publisher Cv. Inara

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This study aims to determine the analysis of the effect of net income, operating cash flow, free cash flow, cash dividends in the previous year, on cash dividends. This study uses a food and beverage sub-sector research design. The research population amounted to 18 companies for 5 years from 2014-2018 and were picked up by 7 companies in a row to publish their financial statements. The method used in this data analysis using multiple linear regression analysis. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that: net income has no effect on cash dividends, operating cash flow has no effect on cash dividends, free cash flow has no effect on cash dividends, previous year's cash dividends have an effect on cash dividends.recommendations The company should pay attention to the cash dividend payments in previous years as an independent variable that affects the current year's cash dividend. Because the company will be attractive to shareholders whose preferences are related to dividend payout and stability. Investors want a stable dividend as a source of income embedded in shares that are paid the same amount of dividends every period. For further researchers, it is better to add the number of samples in the observation period of 6 years or 7 years, adding other variables such as Analyzing the relationship between Net profit, Operating Cash Flow with cash dividends, or Effect of accounting profit, cash profit, Free Cash Flow, Operating Cash Flow, leverage and current ratio to cash dividend. and can expand the research sample, not only to manufacturing companies but to more than one type of company.
Pengaruh Volatilitas Nilai Tukar Rupiah Terhadap Permintaan Uang M1 Indonesia, Estimasi Data Non Stasioner Etty Puji Lestari
Economic Journal of Emerging Markets Vol. 10 No. 2 (2005)
Publisher : Universitas Islam Indonesia

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This article attempted to estimate the influence of exchange rate volatility of rupiah toward the demand for Indonesian M1 money using non stationary techniques. This analysis is adopted Morimune and Zhao’s study on 1994 in Japan.These techniques are less dependent Johansen’s maximum likelihood of cointegra¬tion but more depend on the ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation of the equation in¬cluded in the ECM. The dynamic OLS estimation proposed by Phillips and Loretan in 1991 is used to estimate cointegration. Meanwhile, Vector auto regression (VAR) is used to fore¬cast the model which have an interelation time series. Since it desirable to include national income and exchange rate as regressor in the money demand function. To estimate demand function in the short run is used autoregressive distributed lag ECM ADL ECM) which known Hendry type ECM.The results have found that there are non stationary condition in the time series data in. Meanwhile, the estimation with VAR, DOLS and ADL ECM is suggested that vola¬tility of exchange rate impact to demand for Indonesian M1 money.Key words:    volatility of exchange rate rupiah, demand for Indonesian M1 money, non statio¬nary estimation.