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Dinamika Hukum Vol 10 No 1 (2019): DINAMIKA HUKUM
Publisher : Dinamika Hukum

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Granting legal status of a Limited Liability Company must meet certain requirements ie after its founding deed approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights as provided for in Article 7 paragraph (4) of Law Number 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company which states as follows: "The Company obtained legal status on the date of issuance of Ministerial Decree regarding the ratification of the Company's legal entity "How Implementation Certification Limited Company so as to obtain legal status? And if there are criminal acts of corruption in the administration of the registration Sisminbakum Company Limited. Since the Supreme Court decision was issued last year Romli the legal process Sisminbakum with suspected cases of former Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yusril Ihza Mahendra and businessman Hartono Tanoesoedibjo as if suspended. When the AGO never take a stand against the two suspects who declared the file is complete or the P21 and Decision cassation case Romli indeed indirectly related to the suspect that is the case Sisminbakum Yusril Ihza Mahendra and Htartono Tanoe, on a case Romli the AGO itself has 2 options namely Review filed (PK) or PK is not filed and will accept the decision of the appeal. Post Supreme Court decision that sentenced loose Romli Atmasasmita, AGO then do a special assessment against property docket Yusril and businessman Hartono special Tanoesoedibjo.Pengkajian is intended to help determine attitude towards the matter ini.Dimana AGO in the assessment, the decision of Cassation Romli also included in it. In its decision, the Supreme Court stated that there is no loss in case Sisminbakum ini.Dengan Thus, if the Attorney General decided to accept the decision Romli, then the case Yusril and Hartono Tanoe actually just waiting for the delegation to the court, threatened to be stopped. Approach the problem in this research is a normative juridical approach of legal research that uses secondary data sources. The object of this study in addition to the legal norms governing Sisminbakum, as well as its implementation in solving problems that arise by the presence of registrations through Sisminbakum. Sisminbakum is a system that has a high level of accuracy that ensures Decree issued in accordance with existing regulations.Sisminbakum database contains all the existing legal entity in Indonesia that can easily be accessed through computer networks. Transparency or openness Sisminbakum, see clearly the whole process of making the trip the establishment of the Decree Law. By using this Sisminbakum there are no obstacles in the practice of legalization of limited liability becomes a legal entity because this system has the function of control and good control, thus reducing the occurrence of human error because all the process automatically. Keyword : legalization of a limited company, SISMINBAKUM.