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Jurnal Ipteks Terapan Vol 11, No 4 (2017): JIT
Publisher : LLDIKTI Wilayah X

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Dysmenorrhea / nyeri haid adalah nyeri menjelang atau selama haid, yang kadang menyebabkan gangguan aktivitas dan memerlukan istirahat. Nyeri menstruasi atau dysmenorrhea adalah kekakuan atau kejang di bagian bawah perut akibat menstruasi dan produksi zat prostaglandin yang terjadi pada waktu menjelang atau selama menstruasi Dismenorea primer didefinisikan sebagai nyeri haid yang tidak berhubungan dengan kondisi patologis pelvis. Nyeri yang biasanya dirasakan adalah kram yang timbul-hilang atau nyeri yang terus menerus biasanya pada perut bagian bawah yang menjalar sampai ke punggung bagian bawah. Salah satu exercise yang dapat diberikan untuk nyeri dysmenorrhea  ini adalah dengan pemberian terapi musik dan back exercise.Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui efektivitas pemberian terapi musik dan back exercise terhadap penurunan nyeri dysmenorrhea. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian Quasi experimental pre and post test with control group design. Populasi pada penelitian ini adalah remaja putri yang sedang mengalami  menstruasi dengan  nyeri dysmenorrhea dengan jumlah responden sebanyak 50 orang yang dibagi menjadi 2 kelompok. Kelompok 1 sebagai kelompok eksperimen, diberikan perlakukan terapi musik (mozart) dan back exercise  dan kelompok 2 sebagai kelompok kontrol yang tidak diberikan terapi musik (mozart) dan back exercise. Pada penelitian ini menggunakan uji hipotesis Paired Sample T- test untuk mengetahui pengaruh pemberian terapi musik dan back exercice terhadap dysmenorrhea primer. Kemudian untuk uji beda pengaruh antara kelompok kontrol dan kelompok perlakuan digunakan uji Independent Sample T-test.Tingkat nyeri dismenorhoea sebelum diberikan perlakuan adalah nyeri tingkat sedang (rata-rata : 2,08) dan setelah diberikan perlakuan adalah adalah nyeri tingkat ringan (rata rata = 0,88). Uji efektifitas menggunakan Paired Sample T-Test pada kelompok eksperimen menunjukkan hasil p= 0,00 dan pada kelompok kontrol p= 0,00. Dengan demikian terapi musik (mozart) dan back exercise efektif menurunkan tingkat nyeri dismenorhea. Penelitian ini diharapkan dapat meringankan nyeri disminerrhea yang dialami setiap wanita pada saat menstruasi.
Pengetahuan dan Sikap Pasangan Usia Subur Tentang Infertilitas di Praktek Dokter Ihsan Suheimi, SpOG Pekanbaru Tahun 2018 Mona Dewi Utari
Jurnal Ilmu Kebidanan Vol 8 No 1 (2019): Al-Insyirah Midwifery: Jurnal Ilmu Kebidanan (Journal of Midwifery Sciences)
Publisher : STIKes Al-Insyirah Pekanbaru

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According to the Word Health Organization (WHO) it is estimated that (8-10%) couples in the world have a history of difficult to obtain children. Infertility rates in Indonesia range (12-15%). The number of infertility couples in Indonesia can be calculated from the number of women who have ever married and do not have children who are still alive. This study was conducted with the aim to determine the description of Knowledge and Attitudes of Fertile Couples About Infertility in Doctor Practices Ihsan Suheimi, Pekanbaru SpOG in 2018. Infertility is a condition that shows no conception within one year after sexual intercourse without contraceptive protection. The research design was descriptive research, using accidental sampling techniques, from June to December 2018 as many as 60 couples of childbearing age. Data in this study were obtained from primary data obtained from questionnaires that were distributed directly to respondents. From the research it was found that out of 60 respondents of EFA the majority of knowledgeable husbands were less than 44 respondents (72.1%), while less knowledgeable wives were 37 respondents (61.6%), and all PUS have a positive attitude about infertility, each of which is 60 respondents (100%). And it is hoped that couples of childbearing age can increase their knowledge from various sources and to health workers to more often disseminate information about infertility
Jurnal Ilmu Kebidanan Vol 9 No 1 (2020): Al-Insyirah Midwifery: Jurnal Ilmu Kebidanan (Journal of Midwifery Sciences)
Publisher : STIKes Al-Insyirah Pekanbaru

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Educators are professionals who are tasked with planning and implementing the learning process, assessing learning outcomes, conducting mentoring and training, and conducting research and community service, especially for educators at tertiary institutions. Sharpening and awakening the basic mentality of educators to have a positive character is very necessary for the progress and harmonization of the world of work so that the emergence of good work motivation. Hypnotherapy is an intervention technique by utilizing empowerment through the subconscious, providing positive suggestions in building strong mental and positive thoughts so as to increase work motivation. This study uses a Quasi-Experiment (Quasi Experiment) method with a Pre and Post Test with Non Control Design. The population in this study were teaching staff in institutions or universities, the research sample was taken using a purposive sampling technique with 32 teaching staff, 16 people for the intervention group or who were given treatment and 16 people for the control group who were not given treatment. Based on the effect test using Paired sample T-test in the experimental group showed the results of p = 0,000 <0.05 and in the control group p = 0.164 <0.05. This shows the effectiveness of the implementation of hypnotensive mentality on the performance motivation of PMC STIKes teaching staff.