Seri Mastura Mustaza
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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Strengthening programming skills among engineering students through experiential learning based robotics project Mohd Faisal Ibrahim; Aqilah Baseri Huddin; Fazida Hanim Hashim; Mardina Abdullah; Ashrani Aizzuddin Abd Rahni; Seri Mastura Mustaza; Aini Hussain; Mohd Hairi Mohd Zaman
International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (IJERE) Vol 9, No 4: December 2020
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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This study examined the educational effects in strengthening programming skills among university’s undergraduate engineering students via integration of a robotics project and an experiential learning approach. In this study, a robotics project was conducted to close the gap of students’ difficulty in relating the theoretical concepts of programming and real-world problems. Hence, an experiential learning approach using the Kolb model was proposed to investigate the problem. In this project, students were split into groups whereby they were asked to develop codes for controlling the navigation of a wheeled mobile robot. They were responsible for managing their group’s activities, conducting laboratory tests, producing technical reports and preparing a video presentation. The statistical analysis performed on the students’ summative assessments of a programming course revealed a remarkable improvement in their problem-solving skills and ability to provide programming solutions to a real-world problem.
Economic-emission load dispatch for power system operation using enhanced sunflower optimization Hazwani Mohd Rosli; Syahirah Abd Halim; Lilik Jamilatul Awalin; Seri Mastura Mustaza
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Vol 27, No 1: July 2022
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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Conventional thermal power plant uses limited sources of gas, fuel or coal which contributes to the rise of air pollution. Thus, it is crucial to efficiently use the natural sources and minimize the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. This paper presents an optimal economic dispatch considering three factors which are cost of generation, loss of power transmission and amount of emission for an efficient operation of power generation. Enhanced sunflower optimization (ESFO) algorithm is applied to determine the solution for three different cases: economic load dispatch, emission load dispatch and economic-emission load dispatch. The optimal solution based on the minimum generation cost and emission is obtained for the IEEE 6-unit test system using MATLAB software