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Effect of Non-Computerized Cognitive Remediation and Risperidone to Improve Disability Function in Schizophrenia Sonny T. Lisal; Saidah Syamsuddin; Anisa
Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Vol. 15 No. 2 (2021): Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Publisher : Institute of Medico-legal Publications Pvt Ltd

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The aim of the study was to find out the effect of non-computerized cognitive remediation and risperidonetherapy to improve cognitive function and disability condition in schizophrenia patients. This study was anexperimental research design, with fourteen participants divided into two group as the experimental groupand the control group. The experimental and control groups both received Risperidone. In addition, theexperimental group was given the non-computerized cognitive remediation (CR). The non-computerizedcognitive remediation will be carried out in 12 sessions (3 sessions per week) using mainly paper andpencil tasks and is based on cognitive strategy instruction. Moreover, all samples will be measured forPANSS (Positive and Negative Symptom Scale), WHODAS 2.0 (World Health Organization DisabilityAssessment Schedule), and SCoRS Vi (Schizophrenia Cognition Rating Scales Indonesian Version) scores.As the results, both experimental and control group showed a significant decrease in the SCoRS Vi andWHODAS 2.0 score (p=0.001). However, the experimental group showed greater improvement comparedto the control group. Synergistic effect of Non-computerized Cognitive Remediation and Risperidone canimprove disability condition in schizophrenia patients.
The Influence of Fluoxetine Therapy Combination of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Againts the Improvement of Depression Symptoms, Cognition Function and Improvement of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors Serum Levels in Patients with Depressive Veraferial Muchtar; Erlyn Limoa; Nur Aeni M.A. Fattah; Andi Alfian Zainuddin; Ika Yustisia; Saidah Syamsuddin; Sonny Teddy Lisal
Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Vol. 15 No. 2 (2021): Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Publisher : Institute of Medico-legal Publications Pvt Ltd

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Introduction: Depression is a health problem in the world that has affected more than 300 million peoplearound the globe. This health problem is characterized by feeling sad, depressed, irritability as well asdistortion of cognition such as self-criticism, feeling of guilt, feeling of worthlessness, lower self-confidence,pessimism and hopelessness where their manifestations may vary for each individual. Method: In this study,it compares the fluoxetine group combination of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) with thefluoxetine group in the treatment of reducing symptoms of depression and improving cognitive function.This research is an experimental research with pre-test and post-test control group design. The samplingtechnique was done by using consecutive sampling for each group. Results: From the results of the studyit was found that the mean of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS), the Indonesian version of theMontreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA-Ina) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) serum levelsin the samples given by both groups experienced statistically improvements. Conclusion: there is an effecton the provision of fluoxetine therapy combination of REBT compared to fluoxetine therapy alone inimproving depressive symptoms, cognitive function as well as increasing BDNF serum levels.
Nusantara Medical Science Journal Volume 3 No. 2 Juli - Desember 2018
Publisher : Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University.

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Anemia saat hamil berefek buruk bagi ibu maupun janin, karena dapat mengurangi suplai oksigen pada metabolisme ibu akibat kekurangan kadar hemoglobin untuk mengikat oksigen, dan peran hemoglobin sebagai pengikat nitric oxide dapat menyebabkan vasokontriksi dan mempengaruhi pengiriman oksigen. Tujuannya untuk mengetahui perbedaan kadar nitric oxide pada ibu hamil trimester 1 dengan anemia dan tidak anemia. Desain penelitian cross sectional study dengan masing-masing 35 ibu hamil trimester 1 yang anemia dan tidak anemia dengan teknik consecutive sampling. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan rata-rata kadar nitric oxide pada ibu hamil trimester 1 yang anemia lebih tinggi (128,8μmol/L) dibandingkan yang tidak anemia (89,1μmol/L) nilai p=0,008. Ibu hamil trimester 1 yang anemia kemungkinan 3,692 kali memiliki resiko mengalami peningkatan kadar nitric oxide dibandingkan yang tidak anemia dengan cut off point 92,86μmol/L. Disimpulkan, kadar nitric oxide lebih tinggi pada ibu hamil trimester 1 yang anemia dan memiliki resiko terjadi peningkatan kadar nitric oxide pada ibu hamil trimester 1 dengan anemia sebesar 3,962 kali.
THE ROLE OF ENDORPHIN HORMONES AS PREDICTORS OF PREGNANCY ANXIETY Putriatri Krimasusini Senudin; Saidah Syamsuddin; Andi Armyn Nurdin
International Journal of Nursing and Health Services (IJNHS) Vol. 2 No. 3 (2019): International Journal of Nursing and Health Services (IJHNS)
Publisher : Alta Dharma Publisher

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Pregnancy anxiety is a common problem with a prevalence of 14-54% and is the highest in the third trimester. Pregnancy anxiety is associated with neurotransmitter dysregulation and endocrine changes in the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis pathway through the increase of synthesis and the release of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) and cortisol to suppress endorphin hormone production. This study aims to determine the relationship of endorphin hormone levels to pregnancy anxiety. This study was an observational study using a cross-sectional approach to 57 pregnant women. The anxiety level was measured by using the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS) and the ELISA kit with plasma specimens was employed to examine the endorphin hormone levels. The results showed that endorphin hormone levels acted as predictors of pregnancy anxiety (p = 0,000). Keywords: Anxiety, Pregnancy, Endorphin
PENGARUH KETERLIBATAN SUAMI DAPAT MENURUNKAN KECEMASAN IBU HAMIL DENGAN MALARIA Linda Runtuwene; Mardiana Ahmad; Saidah Syamsuddin; Nasrum Massi; Sharvianty Arifuddin; Andi Nilawati Usman
JURNAL RISET KESEHATAN POLTEKKES DEPKES BANDUNG, Online ISSN 2579-8103 Vol 12 No 1 (2020): Jurnal Riset Kesehatan Poltekkes DepKes Bandung
Publisher : Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung

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Objective: This study aims to determine the support / involvement of the husband in the anxiety level of third trimester multigravida pregnant women with mild malaria. Method: The research design used was quasi experimental with pre-test post-test design with a study of 85 respondents with consecutive sampling techniques in three trimester multigravida pregnant women with mild malaria in Timika Health Center, Timika Jaya Health Center, Pasar Sentral Health Center and Wania Health Center in Mimika Regency Papua Province in November - December 2019 using the Hamilton Anxiety Rate Scale (HARS) questionnaire to measure anxiety levels, a husband's support / involvement questionnaire to measure a husband's support / involvement in pregnancy and preparation for cohesion, a questionnaire level of knowledge of malaria sign and danger in pregnancy. Providing education on the signs and dangers of malaria in pregnancy. The analysis of this study uses the Wilcoxon test. Result: statistical test results show that there are differences in anxiety levels in pregnant women with malaria before and after education, with the average score of anxiety levels tending to decrease, moderate and mild anxiety.
Pijat Punggung dan Akupresur untuk Produksi ASI pada Ibu Postpartum Multipara: Quasi Eksperimen Triwidayanti Triwidayanti; Mardiana Ahmad; Andi Wardihan Sinrang; Andi Nilawati Usman; Saidah Syamsuddin; Muh Aryadi Arsyad; Nur Aliya Arsyad
Faletehan Health Journal Vol 10 No 01 (2023): Faletehan Health Journal, Maret 2023
Publisher : Universitas Faletehan

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Exclusive breastfeeding is essential for developing physical, psychological, and intellectual development. However, coverage of exclusive breastfeeding from 0-6 months is still low locally, nationally, and globally. The problem which mothers frequently complained, namely less or unsmooth breastmilk production, can be solved by a back massage and acupressure. This research aimed to analyze the influence of back massage and acupressure on breastmilk production in multiparous postpartum mothers. This study used quasi-experimental method with posttest only design. The samples of this study were 30 multiparous postpartum mothers who were distributed evenly into back massage group and acupressure group. All interventions were done once a day for 30 minutes in seven days. The samples were selected by using purposive sampling technique. The instruments used were observation form, SOP sheet of back massage and acupressure, and Postpartum Depression Screening Scale (PDSS) questionnaire. The data analysis used independent t-test. The research results showed the average of breastmilk production after intervention in the group of back massage back (597.67 nm/dl) was lower than acupressure group (687.33 nm/dl), which means there was a difference between back massage and acupressure to enhancement of breastmilk production with p value 0.007. Back massage and acupressure could help multiparous postpartum mothers who experience a lack of breastmilk and were helpful for mothers who experience breastfeeding problems at the previous childbirth.