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Implementasi Metode Waterfall dalam Sistem Informasi Knowledge Management untuk Digital Marketing Nur Chasanah; Prih Diantono Abda’u; Muhammad Nur Faiz
Infotekmesin Vol 12 No 1 (2021): Infotekmesin: Januari 2021
Publisher : P3M Politeknik Negeri Cilacap

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The development of digital technology directs organizations to be able to cultivate knowledge as an asset that can help its business activities. Knowledge management is considered necessary to be implemented in organizations involving many stakeholders. The implementation of annual management needs to be implemented by involving the utilization. This research was conducted to implement knowledge management in organizations that involve many knowledge assets in the business process, especially related to digital marketing activities. The purpose of this research is to identify organizational knowledge and produce knowledge sharing media systems. This research uses waterfall method in the development of its system so that the result of this research is a knowledge management information system that facilitates knowledge sharing activities that have been identified and can facilitate users in finding data, information and knowledge that is useful in fostering innovations related to digital marketing in the organization.
Implementasi Rapid Application Development dalam Pengembangan Aplikasi Pendaftaran Wisuda Berliana Nafarita Hapshakh; Dwi Novia Prasetyanti; Prih Diantono Abda’u
Journal of Innovation Information Technology and Application (JINITA) Vol 3 No 1 (2021): JINITA, June 2021
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Cilacap

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Graduation is an inauguration activity for students who have finished studying at a university. Graduation registration at the Cilacap State Polytechnic is still done conventionally, causing problems such as students who are not registered in the toga data collection, students who do not return the toga according to the specified time limit. In addition, the large number of students makes the data collection process take longer. In this case, the authors conducted research that aims to build a website-based graduation registration information system. Making this system requires a research methodology. Among them are data collection methods that include literature studies, observations, and interviews as well as the system development method used, namely Rapid Application Development (RAD). The results of the questionnaire with a total score of 182 show that the system is very good in assisting BAAK in graduation registration services and monitoring the number of graduates, as well as helping students register for graduation and their completeness, and the system can help submit and confirm trouble-free forms. 
SISTEM INFORMASI KEGIATAN KWARTIR RANTING MAOS(SIKEKWARMA) BERBASIS WEBSITE Diva Nur Vadia; Cahya Vikasari; Antonius Agung Hartono; Agus Susanto; Prih Diantono Abda’u
Jurnal Riset Teknik Komputer Vol. 1 No. 2 (2024): Juni : Jurnal Riset Teknik Komputer (JURTIKOM)
Publisher : CV. Denasya Smart Publisher

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The Kwartir Ranting Maos office manages the Scout Movement at the sub-district level. With 39 Scout units from siaga, penggalang, to penegak levels, there is a need for efficient activity report tracking and proposal submission, along with accountability reports for completed activities. Currently, these processes are done conventionally, requiring direct submissions from Scout units to Kwarran, making it challenging to monitor ongoing and scheduled activities. This study aims to design an administrative system to streamline these processes, making them more effective, efficient, and optimal. The research findings indicate that the SIKEKWARMA system can significantly enhance the management and supervision of Scout units by the Kwartir Ranting Maos. The system allows simultaneous access to information, facilitating better coordination among all involved parties. Additionally, it improves the accountability of proposal submissions and activity reports. Overall, SIKEKWARMA supports better decision-making and communication within the Kwartir Ranting Maos.