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Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar

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This study aims to identify the needs of Buginese learners in mastering English in the crash course program at Neroa School, a non-formal English course institution in Soppeng Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This research method was a descriptive research. The instrument used by the researcher to collect data was a questionnaire that was previously validated by an expert. In processing data of the questionnaire, the researcher implemented an approach including stages of presentation of descriptive statistics. This approach refers to Gay (2012), Johnson Christensen (2014), and each analysis phase adopts Nur (2015). There were five basic components represented in the questionnaire including general information, skills background of English, difficulties in learning English, learning material expectation, and learning process Expectation. The results of the study narrowed to a conclusion that respondents were generally teenagers aged 15-18 years who had difficulties in speaking and pronunciation, and lacked environmental support but had great motivation to achieve English language independence in a short time without disturbing their activities in formal education. Therefore, respondents in general were more likely to follow the crash course program which was divided into small groups of at least 1 to 3 months.
ETERNAL (English, Teaching, Learning and Research Journal) Vol 7 No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar

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Students found virtual lessons to be highly frustrating, therefore motivation to study is critical in completing the learning process, particularly in English language and literature courses. The researcher explores how the pandemic covid-19 influences student motivation during the pandemic covid-19 in this thesis. The mix method was utilized in this investigation, along with a sequential explanatory design. Students in class XII from SMAN 7 Wajo who had been attending English language and literature classes both offline and virtual were used as data sources. Respondents come from a variety of social classes. Researchers employed surveys, interviews, and documentation as data sources in this study, with data analysis through Quan-qual that followed Croswell's explanatory design. The data from the questionnaire was examined using quantitative data, while the data from the interview was studied using qualitative data. The researcher would then evaluate the entire data to answer the query difficulties after collecting the analysis.The results showed that students’ motivation was influenced by the covid-19 pandemic situation that used virtual classes for the ELL course. It showed from the data result that showed some motives that influenced the students such as internet connection, willingness to learn, etc.Due to an abundance of free time, some students get lazy and find it difficult to divide their time. Leisure time becomes both a hindrance and a boon. Leisure time provides several opportunities to learn more from various sources, but it also poses multiple challenges, such as a desire not to study. Too many assignments from other courses could stress the students out
The Teachers' Pedagogic Competence in Teaching English through Online and Offline Setting Nur Fadila Faidal; Rafi'ah - Nur; Suriani Suriani
ELT Worldwide: Journal of English Language Teaching Vol 7, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Makassar

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Nowadays, a new trend in the teaching and learning process emerges along with the development of technology. This study aims at exploring the pedagogical competence of English teachers at SMPN 8 Satap Maiwa. It also aims at finding out the students' perceptions of their teachers' pedagogical competence. There were three kinds of instruments in this study. They were observation, interview, and a questionnaire. Based on the interviews, the results showed that the teachers enjoyed teaching in the classroom, and they were interested in conducting online instruction even sometimes found problems in doing the process. Based on the questionnaire, the researcher found students perceived their teachers as quite good instructors in the classroom. Finally, the researchers suggested to the teachers that they should always intend to improve their competence by applying some new methods to make students better understand the materials.
ICARE Learning Model in Improving the Students Writing Ability Ammang Latifa; Rafi'ah Nur; Ahmad Rizal
Eralingua: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Asing dan Sastra Vol 4, No 2 (2020): ERALINGUA
Publisher : Makassar State University

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This research explored the use of the ICARE Model to studying the writing ability at the Senior high school in Parepare. ICARE includes five essential elements of a good learning experience, can be applied to children, teenagers, and parents, namely Introduction, Connection, Application, Reflection, and Extension. This research involved a population from Senior high school in Parepare in the academic year 2015/2016. The students consist of two classes, an experimental class, and a control class. Each class consists of 36 students. This research utilized a cluster random sampling technique to select the sample. The instrument used in this research is the writing test. The data were analyzed by using t-test. The research reveals that there was a significant increase in students writing ability. This finding indicates that the mean score of the post-test of the experimental group is getting much better than the control class. It meant that using ICARE developed the students' ability in writing, and the writing component increased the highest is in the vocabulary aspect.
The Implementation of Jigsaw Technique with Musical Background in Comprehending Reading Text Ammang Latifa; Rafi’ah Nur; Muhammad Faried Wadjedy
Celt: A Journal of Culture, English Language Teaching & Literature Vol 20, No 1: June 2020, Nationally Accredited
Publisher : Soegijapranata Catholic University

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This research studies the impact of the implementation of the Jigsaw technique with a musical background to comprehend reading at Senior high school in Sidrap, Indonesia. This research uses a quasi-experimental method to answer the question, "is the use of Jigsaw with a musical background as a technique able to improve the reading comprehension of senior high students at senior high school? This research also uses a random sampling technique to select the sample in the experimental and control class.  The data is analyzed by using descriptive statistics. The result of the calculation of students' scores from the post-test indicates that there is a significant improvement in students' comprehension achievement before and after learning reading by using the Jigsaw technique with background music. The result of this research finally shows that the use of the Jigsaw technique with background music improves the reading comprehension of the eleventh-grade students of senior high school in Sidrap, Indonesia. It is proved by the students' comprehension in the reading text that was 42.3 in their pre-test, but increasing in the post-test by mean score was 63.35. It means that the alternative hypothesis is accepted, which the t-test value is more significant than the t-table value. In the post-test, the t-test value is 11.92, while the t-table value is 2.042. Based on the result of data analysis, the writer concludes that using the Jigsaw technique with background music is useful to improve the reading comprehension of the student in reading text.
Using Wordless Picture Book as a Contributive Learning Media to Enhance the Student's Writing Ability Khadijah Maming; Irmayanti Irmayanti; Rafi'ah Nur
EDUVELOP Vol 3 No 1 (2019): Eduvelop: Journal of English Education and Development
Publisher : Universitas Sulawesi Barat

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This research aims to know enhancement the Student's writing ability by using wordless picture book as a contributive learning media. The benefits of using wordless picture book show that the students enhance their writing ability and create their creative writing and thinking skill. The researcher applied quasi-experimental method, with two groups namely experimental and control class. The experimental class consists of 30 students and control clas consists of 30 students. The subjects of the research were 60 students from two classes taken from students of SMP Negeri 10 Parepare. The research instrument was writing test in which the comparison of pre-test and post-test decided the enhancement of the Student's writing ability. The results of the data analysis showed that the Student's writing ability getting significantly improvement. It was proved by the mean score of pre-test was 46.93 and the post-test was 80.00. It indicates that the use of wordless picture book can enhance the Student's writing ability at SMP Negeri 10 Parepare. Besides, after analyzing the data by using the t-test formula, the result of t-test value in post-test was 6.02 and t-table value was 1.671. It meant that the t-test value was higher than t-table value. It clarified H1 was accepted and H0 was rejected and the students who were taught by using wordless picture book were better than the students who were taught by using wordless picture book.
Teachers’ Challenges in Virtual Learning Process to Maximize The Students’ Achievement in 4.0 Era at UPT SMPN 1 Duampanua Desy Mansyur; Rafi'ah Nur; Siti Hajar Larekeng
ELT Worldwide: Journal of English Language Teaching Vol 10, No 1 (2023)
Publisher : Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Makassar

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This study is aimed to find out the teachers’ challenges in virtual learning process to maximize the achievement of High School students in Indonesia. This research applied qualitative descriptive research with 5 English teachers as subjects of this research. The instruments are used in this research were interview and observation. The data has been analyzed by three steps according to Miles and Huberman theory. The results of this research showed that (a) the teachers’ challenges in virtual learning process are students’ far distance from internet sources, (b) difficult to access the clear explanation from the teachers and students, (c) lack of motivation to teach in limit access of students’ distance and network trouble, and (d) students’ less knowledge if using the internet and difficult to start the meeting using a different application. This study reveals that many challenges come over when the teachers applied virtual learning. Most of teachers were getting into trouble when entering the class if the students did not attend in virtual class because of far distance from internet sources. Another difficulty that challenges the teacher is their lack of giving motivation was not ineffective to teach their class. And the limit of network access made the students in loading to respond to the teachers' explanation and assignment to evaluate their knowledge.