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Aplikasi Sistem Manajemen Dokumen Elektronik Berorientasi Standar Borang BAN PT Heri Suroyo; Zaid Amin
JUST IT : Jurnal Sistem Informasi, Teknologi Informasi dan Komputer Volume 8 No 1 Tahun 2017
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta

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Maintaining the documents of an institution is an important factor for the survival of an organization. So far, documents are usually manually managed both in maintenance and storage. The Electronic Document Management System application web application can be utilized to assist in managing and maintaining all documents generated from all organizational, administrative and academic activities. The use of applications in managing and maintaining documents will have many advantages and benefits of them, the document will be easier when it will be accessed or used for various purposes. By using the application then the security of documents in terms of damage, especially physical damage can be avoided. The focus of this research is Electronic Documents Management System Application Oriented Application Standard Accreditation BAN BAN PT. Application developed web-based, the importance of Electronic Documents Management System application because BAN PT as the institution in charge of assessing the quality of the college institution will refer based on the documents that have been produced by a college. The use of BAN PT standard form as an orientation in the development of this application because access to the document quickly is needed at accreditation process both institution and study program. The method of developing a software application system using Unified Process (UP) method with constraint to Construction step from Unified Proces by using UML modeling. This research has resulted in the application Electronic Documents Management System oriented standard accreditation form BAN PT. In testing the application with 4 (four) scenarios all have been running well, so the application generated in this study has been in accordance with the needs of users.Keywords: Application development, Electronic Documents Management System, Standard Borang PT, UP and UML.
Analysis of Social Media Users Sentiments against Omnibus Law Based on Hashtags on Twitter Okta Fanny; Heri Suroyo
Sistemasi: Jurnal Sistem Informasi Vol 11, No 1 (2022): Sistemasi: Jurnal Sistem Informasi
Publisher : Program Studi Sistem Informasi Fakultas Teknik dan Ilmu Komputer

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From the research that has been done, it can be concluded that Sentiment Analysis can be used to know the sentiment of the public, especially Twitter netizens against omnibus law. After the sentiment analysis, it looks neutral artmen with the largest percentage of 55%, then positive sentiment by 35% and negative sentiment by 10%. The results of the analysis showed that the Naïve Bayes Classifier method provides classification test results with accuracy in Hashtag Pro with an average accuracy score of 92.1%, precision values with an average of 94.8% and recall values with an average of 90.7%. While Hashtag Counter For data classification, with an average accuracy value of 98.3%, precision value with an average of 97.6% and recall value with an average of 98.7%. The result of text cloud analysis conducted on a combination of hashtags both Hashtag pros and Hashtags cons, the dominant word appears is Omnibus Law which means that all hashtags in scrap is really discussing the main topic that is about Omnibus Law
Sistem Informasi Geografis Pemetaan Area Menggunakan Arcgis (Studi Kasus Lokasi Organisasi Masyarakat (Ormas) Keagamaan Di Kota Palembang) Dwi Puji Rahmat; Darius Antoni; Heri Suroyo
Jurnal Nasional Ilmu Komputer Vol. 2 No. 4 (2021): Jurnal Nasional Ilmu Komputer
Publisher : Training and Research Institute Jeramba Ilmu Sukses (TRI - JIS)

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The result of this research is a web-based WebGIS or Geographic Information System design using ArcGIS software, then input into ArcGIS online and system development using the Unified Process (UP). Geographic information system for mapping the area using Arcgis (Case Study of the Location of Religious Community Organizations in Palembang City) in its use, this Web-based GIS aims to facilitate various parties, especially KESBANGPOL Palembang City and KEMENAG Palembang in mapping the distribution of CSOs, especially in this case is Religious categories that have been registered and types the information. With the geographical information system mapping the location of religious organizations, it is hoped that it will be useful and assist in knowing the layout of the location and information for these organizations so that the delivery of information becomes more effective.
Journal of Information System and Informatics Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Journal of Information Systems and Informatics
Publisher : Universitas Bina Darma

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Computer networks have penetrated into various fields including education for the learning process which is used as a medium for delivering scientific concepts to be more attractive and easily accepted. The Muhammadiyah University of Palembang currently has very high mobility, both used for browsing information, downloading data and using other facilities. For the need for bandwidth management to manage each passing data so that the distribution of bandwidth becomes evenly distributed by using the queue tree method that is applied to the proxy. To evaluate internet bandwidth analyze QoS (Quality of Service) using typhoid standardization in terms of measurement of throughput, delay, and packet loss. The results of this study show that the quality of the network with the hierarchical token bucket method is more optimal, this is because the bandwidth will be divided according to the rules applied to bandwidth management and does not cause clients to fight over bandwidth
Comparison of Sentiment Analysis against Digital Payment “T-cash and Go-pay” in Social Media Using Orange Data Mining Novita Anggraini; Heri Suroyo
Journal of Information System and Informatics Vol 1 No 2 (2019): Journal of Information Systems and Informatics
Publisher : Universitas Bina Darma

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Saat ini pembicaraan publik di sosial media menjadi salah satu hal menarik untuk diteliti. Dari topik pembicaraan itu menghasilkan komentar yang sebagian besar mengandung opini sentimen. Penelitian ini mencoba menganalisis komentar dengan metode analisis vader, yaitu metode analisis lexicon-based berbasis rule-based sentiment analysis. Vader akan menganalisis text berdasarkan lexicon (a library) yang menghasilkan class sentimen berupa positif, negatif, dan neutral dengan tambahan skor total atau compound (combined score). Penelitian ini memanfaatkan Prepocess text yang meliputi transformation, tokenization, normalization, dan filtering yang bertujuan agar text bisa dianalisis oleh Orange Data Mining guna mendapat perbandingan analisis sentimen terhadap T-cash dan Go-pay di sosial media. Dari penelitian yang dilakukan mendapat kesimpulan bahwa T-cash memiliki nilai sentimen positif lebih tinggi dari pada Go-pay dan memiliki sentimen negatif yang lebih rendah dari pada Go-pay. Namun persamaanya T-cash dan Go-pay memiliki kesamaan pola grafik dimana sentimen terbesar adalah neutral, diikuti oleh positif, dan terakhir adalah negative.
Klinik Pengurusan Hak Cipta dan Hak Merek untuk Dosen dan Mahasiswa Universitas Bina Darma Ferry Kurniawan; Rasmila Rasmila; Rolia Wahasusmiah; Deni Erlansyah; Rahmat Novrianda Dasmen; Heri Suroyo; Taqrim Ibadi; Ade Kemala Jaya; Oktaviana Karunia Ilahi; Fauzan Azhiman
Pelita Masyarakat Vol 3, No 2 (2022): Pelita Masyarakat, Maret
Publisher : Universitas Medan Area

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is one of the things that must be owned by lecturers and students to acknowledge their creations. There are many parts to IPR, as an initial recognition of works, Lecturers and Students at least have Copyright and Brand Rights. This also applies to Bina Darma University, which has a work program to improve IPR from Lecturers and Students through the Directorate of Innovation and Business Incubator (DIIB). Therefore, Community Service (PkM) activities in which the team is a member of DIIB carry out IPR management clinics by introducing Copyright and Brand Rights to Bina Darma University Lecturers and Students. By the Direct Action method, the PkM Team accompanies Participants and directs them to register an account for the Management of Copyright and Brand Rights. As for the 51 participants who attended the clinic, there were 60.8% lecturers and 39.2% students. In addition, it is recorded that 68.6% of all Participants do not have IPR, both Copyright and Brand Rights. During the PkM activity, participants are welcome to ask questions and discuss during direct practice for the submission of Copyright or Brand Rights. From the results of the PkM activities that have been carried out, it was found that 100% of the Participants already have an account for managing Copyright and Brand Rights and 85% have tried to apply for Copyright and also Brand Rights.
Pemrograman Sensor Coin Acceptor Pada Pengembangan Coffe Vending Machine Berbasis Internet Of Things (IoT) Nisa Rara; Heri Suroyo
JUPITER (Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu dan Teknologi Komputer) Vol 15 No 1b (2023): Jupiter Edisi April 2023
Publisher : Teknik Komputer Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya

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This research produces a prototype model of a coffee vending machine (CVM). The sensor used in the development of this machine is a multi-coin acceptor sensor. To drain the liquid from the tank to the coffee cup, a mini electric pump is used which is programmed through a relay connected to the digital pin of the Arduino microcontroller. In microcontroller programming, the Internet of Things (IoT) based multi coin acceptor sensor uses the C language which is uploaded to the Arduino Uno Microcontroller. This research uses R & D (Research and Development) methods. The development of IoT-based CVM used the Prototype method. The multi coin acceptor sensor is used to detect currency coins. This sensor has 3 speed levels in detecting coins, namely medium, slow and fast. In this study also obtained the results of testing the accuracy of the multi coin acceptor sensor as follows: 1) This sensor has an average 97.7% success rate for all types of coins tested. 2) The accuracy of the multi coin acceptor sensor is highest in the medium setting with a 99.2% success rate, while the slow and fast settings have an accuracy rate of 96.8% success. From testing in the program, it is also found that the speed of a mini electric pump to fill a 200 ml glass requires a delay time of 6000 ms.
Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile Untuk Digital Payment Pada Internet of Thing Coffee Vending Machine Arfiandy; Heri Suroyo
JUPITER (Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu dan Teknologi Komputer) Vol 15 No 1c (2023): Jupiter Edisi April 2023
Publisher : Teknik Komputer Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya

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Research has produced a Coffee Vending Machine (CVM) by developing an Android-based digital payment mobile application for CVM payment transactions. The digital payment transaction feature that has been developed using the Internet of Things (IoT) where users can make payments with CVM using a mobile application that can scan QR codes, After the user scans the QR code the server will process the transaction whether the balance that the user has is sufficient or not, if the balance is sufficient, the server will send a command to the CVM to issue a copy, the user's balance uses the balance that has been designed using a MySQL database. This research will use C, PHP and Java programming languages. This study uses a research method, namely the Research & Development (R&D) method and the development method used is the Unified Process Method.