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UNEJ e-Proceeding Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Medicine and Health Sciences (ICMHS)
Publisher : UPT Penerbitan Universitas Jember

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Disorders caused by iodine deficiency remains aglobal health problem in the world with a prevalenceof 30.6% in 2007 (De Benoist et al., 2003; De Benoistet al., 2008). The causing factors are not only limitedto iodine deficiency. Instead, other factors of IDD aregoitrogenic substances; one of them is thiocyanateresulted from cyanide detoxification. The workmechanism of thiocyanate disrupts thyroid functionby inhibiting the uptake of the iodine and interfereswith the thyroid peroxidase (TPO) activities (Gaitan,1990; Taurog, 1970; Van Etten, 1969; Stoewsand,1995; Virion et al., 1980 cit Chandra & Ray, 2001;Chandra et al., 2004; Delange, 2000; Erdogan, 2003;Gibbs, 2006; Sinebeeh, 2007; Semba & Delange,2008). In addition, small amount of cyanide is alwaysavailable in many kinds of plants commonlyconsumed by community. Goitrogenik source foodsare easily accessible by the community because theprices are cheap or they can be self-planted (Nio,1989; Chandra et al., 2004).Some studies mention that most of the goitrogenicsubstances do not cause clinical effects except theyare going along with iodine deficiency. Therefore,the consumption of goitrogenic substances becomesetiologic agent in an endemic area (Zimmermann etal., 2008). Jember is one of regencies in East Javawhich experiences an increase in TGR from 21.94%in 2003 to 23.57% in 2007. Most of its districts areincluded in the category of endemic goiter area(Jember regency Health Department, 2007). Theresults of previous studies made by the researchersshow that goitrogenic substance as a causativefactor of IDD in Jember, through one of theindicators of urinary iodine levels, is included in thecategory of normal and tend to be high. In addition,urinary thiocyanate levels goiter group are higherthan those in non-goiter group (Ningtyias, 2006;Ningtyias et al., 2007; Ningtyias et al., 2008).Consumption pattern of goitrogenic source food inJember of at least 3-5 times per week with anaverage consumption of 505 μg per day is a riskfactor of IDD in Jember (Megawati, 2007; Ningtyiaset al., 2008). The existence of these substances willdisrupt the process of the formation of thyroidhormones; therefore, it needs to be eliminated, orthe levels are reduced, so that the food ingredientscontaining goitrogenic substances are safe forconsumption. This study used local wisdom to solveproblems of nutrition, that is, one of the habits ofpeople in Jember to boil vegetables for freshvegetables for overcoming nutritional problem ofIDD because the boiling process can reducecyanogenic levels up to 93% (Murdiana, 2001). Bythe decrease in cyanogenic levels, it is expected thatgoitrogenic substance intake into the body willdecrease indicated by the decreasing biomarkers ofgoitrogenic substance of urinary thiocyanate levels.
GAMBARAN SISTEM PENYELENGGARAAN MAKANAN DI PONDOK PESANTREN, KABUPATEN JEMBER Farida Wahyu Ningtyias; Irma Prasetyowati; Ida Srisurani Wiji Astuti; Siti Muslicha; Ahmad Nafi'; Ahmad Haryono
TEKNOLOGI MEDIS DAN JURNAL KESEHATAN UMUM Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Medical Technology and Public Health Journal March 2018
Publisher : UNUSA Press

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The good procurement of the food in a boarding school has guarantee the nutritional needs of the students. This study aims to describe the implementation of the food in the boarding school in the district of Jember. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive approach using primary and secondary data. The informant in this study is the executive management of the boarding school and the cheff manager. The Processing and analyzing of data is using content analysis and presented in narrative form and quote. The results showed a third implementation of the boarding school was a self-managed non-commercial. The executive manager was Ning (daughter of the owner of boarding school) or coordinator of ustadzah (teacher). Only NI boarding school that has a menu cycle i.e 10 days cycle menu, budget planning is done by those responsible for food manager and Ndalem (family members of the owner of boarding house). Purchases made directly groceries every day, which storage was FIFO. Food preparation is done two times, in the morning hours of 6:00 pm and 15:00 pm. There was no calculation for nutritional adequacy andthe students consumption were still in the deficit category. Food procurement in a boarding school need to increase with planning optimizing,
The Effectiveness Of Android Based Applications An Adherence Monitoring System For Adolescent Female Consumption Fe Tablets Yuni Handayani; Sugeng Winarso; Farida Wahyu Ningtyias
Jurnal Kesehatan dr. Soebandi Vol 9 No 2 (2021): Jurnal Kesehatan dr. Soebandi
Publisher : LP3M STIKES dr. Soebandi Jember

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Introduction: The level of adherence of adolescent female to the consumption of Fe tablets is an indicator of the success of the program of giving Fe tablets. Objective: To analyze the effectiveness of the use of android-based applications as a monitoring system for adherence with adolescent female consuming Fe tablets . Methods: This research approach is quantitative Quasi Experimental using Pre-Post Control Group Design. This study observes or measures the independent variable and the dependent variable at the same time or at one time. The population of this study was the female youth of SMAN 5 Jember grade 3 with a total of 123 respondents. The technique of taking simple random sampling consisted of 2 groups, 39 adolescent female became the experimental group by being given an android application and 39 adolescent female became the control group. The technique of collecting data is in the form of questionnaires and observations to determine the respondent's adherence with consuming Fe tablets . Results: Data analysis used a comparison test between the control and experimental groups with a P value of 0.000 less than 0.05. There is a significant difference between the adherence of adolescent female to take Fe tablets between the experimental group and the control group. Conclusion: It can be concluded that there is an effective use of android-based applications that can increase the adherence of adolescent female in consuming Fe tablets compared to the provision of activities that have been running previously. It is hoped that there will be development on an Android-based application to add blood to be used as a monitoring system.
Kadar protein, zat besi dan uji kesukaan sosis tempe dengan penambahan tepung daun kelor (Moringa oleifera) Elok Anisa Rahmayanti; Farida Wahyu Ningtyias; Ni'mal Baroya
Ilmu Gizi Indonesia Vol 4, No 1 (2020): Agustus
Publisher : Universitas Respati Yogyakarta

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Latar Belakang: Anemia pada remaja putri umumnya disebabkan kebiasaan konsumsi makanan yang rendah gizi salah satunya fast food. Sosis merupakan fast food yang cukup digemari masyarakat Indonesia. Modifikasi pengolahan sosis menggunakan bahan baku utama yang berbeda yaitu tempe dan penambahan tepung daun kelor merupakan bentuk diversifikasi pangan (protein dan zat besi) untuk pencegahan anemia khususnya bagi remaja putri. Tujuan: Menganalisis pengaruh penambahan tepung daun kelor terhadap kadar protein, zat besi dan uji kesukaan sosis tempe. Metode: Quasi experimental dengan 12 unit perobaan dengan empat perlakuan: sosis tempe tanpa penambahan tepung daun kelor/kontrol (X0), dengan penambahan tepung daun kelor lima gram (X1), 10 gram (X2), dan 15 gram (X3). Kadar protein sampel dianalisis dengan metode Kjeldahl, zat besi dengan metode Spektofometri Serapan Atom (AAS) dan uji kesukaan menggunakan Hedonic Scale Test. Data hasil uji kadar protein dan zat besi dianalisis menggunakan uji Kruskall Wallis dan Mann Whitney U-Test, sedangkan hasil uji kesukaan dianalisis menggunakan uji Friedman dan Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test dengan tingkat signifikasi 5%. Hasil: Semakin banyak penambahan tepung daun kelor, kadar protein, dan zat besi sosis tempe semakin meningkat. Penambahan tepung daun kelor berpengaruh terhadap kadar protein, zat besi dan uji kesukaan (warna, aroma, rasa, tekstur) sosis tempe (0,002≥α). Kesimpulan: Sosis tempe dengan penambahan tepung daun kelor 15 gram (X3) memiliki kadar protein dan zat besi tertinggi. Sosis tempe yang direkomendasikan yaitu penambahan tepung daun kelor lima gram (X1) karena paling disukai panelis dan telah memenuhi standar persyaratan mutu sosis daging. Kata kunci: protein; zat besi; sosis tempe; tepung daun kelor
J-Dinamika : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 3 No 2 (2018): Desember
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Jember

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Pondok Pesantren (PP) mengelola sumberdaya yang terbatas, namun harus dioptimalkan terutama dalam hal makanan yang disajikan pada santri. Asupan makanan pada santri yang tinggal di PP akan berpengaruh pada status gizinya. Risiko akan menjadi lebih besar pada santriwati karena terkait fungsi biologisnya, mengalami menstruasi tiap bulan sehingga risiko anemia menjadi lebih besar pada santriwati jika asupan makanan kurang seimbang. Kurang seimbangnya asupan makanan di PP disebabkan rendahnya food literacy para santri dan pengelola PP. Food literacy adalah pengetahuan tentang sumber dan fungsi makanan. Gerakan sapu bersih anemia dilakukan melalui pendidikan gizi dan pelatihan perancangan menu untuk pencegahan anemia yang bisa diterapkan di PP.  Kegiatan ini dilaksanakan di PP NI dan PPRRSA Kabupaten Jember.  Kegiatan ini berlangsung efektif. Hal ini terbukti dari peningkatan pengetahuan santriwati tentang anemia dan pencegahannya melalui pengaturan asupan makanan serta kemampuan menyusun menu yang sehat dan ekonomis dari para pengelolaPPyang semakin baik.