Sang Ayu Made Adyani
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta

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Journal : Jurnal Penelitian Kesehatan

Integrasi Intervensi Komplementer pada Asuhan Keperawatan Komunitas Terhadap Peningkatan Pengetahuan Dan Penanganan Kesehatan Remaja di Masa Pandemi COVID-19 Muflih Muflih, Muflih; Istianna Nurhidayati; Sang Ayu Made Adyani
Jurnal Penelitian Kesehatan SUARA FORIKES Vol 13 (2022): Nomor Khusus Februari 2022
Publisher : FORIKES

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High-risk adolescent health problems occur because adolescence is a transitional period that causes emotional instability and massive physical growth, including reproductive organs. A common health problem is the optimal handling of dysmenorrhea during the COVID-19 pandemic due to restrictions on mobility and access to public health services. Teaching complementary nursing interventions can enable the improvement of adolescent health, because it can be done independently. This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the integration of complementary interventions in community nursing care on knowledge and handling of adolescent health independently during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study used an action research design method. The sample is 10 participants. Nursing care was provided for 4 weeks by providing intervention teaching the disease process and teaching procedures/treatment complementary interventions in the form of warm compress therapy, deep breathing relaxation techniques, and music therapy which were carried out 1-4 times. After being given the intervention, there was an increase in knowledge of the disease process related to dysmenorrhea and its drugs and the handling of complementary intervention procedures from a limited level to a high level. The conclusion of the study was that the integration of complementary interventions could increase the level of knowledge and handling of adolescent health during community nursing care.