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Sebastiana Viphindrartin
Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Jember

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Effects of Service Quality on Word of Mouth through Satisfaction in Outpatient at Sakinah Islamic Hospital in Mojokerto Regency Nurul Agustin; Sri Hernawati; Sebastiana Viphindrartin
Health Notions Vol 2, No 3 (2018): March
Publisher : Humanistic Network for Science and Technology (HNST)

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Hospital is health service institution organizing individual health service. In an increasingly competitive environment, hospitals should be increasingly aware of the importance of providing the best quality service for the patients. In Sakinah Islamic Hospital showed the decrease of the number of outpatient patient visits, on 2014 until 2016, decreasing by 697 patients. This research aimed to analyze the effects of service quality on word of mouth through patient satisfaction. This was quantitative research with observational analytic approach. The samples of this research were 90 outpatients using multistage sampling technique. The data analysis was conducted by using Partial Least Square. Based on the testing result, it was found the effects of service quality on word of mouth through satisfaction, with t-statistic value by 2.039 (t-statistic > t table of 1.96). It means that the better service quality provided, the higher the level of patient satisfaction and increase the word of mouth as well. Sakinah Islamic Hospital needs to improve the quality and quantity of the human resources, equip facilities infrastructure and conduct maintenance and repair to support the service continuity for the patients, therefore, they will be satisfied and encouraged to do word of mouth and increase the number of patient visits. Keywords: Service quality, Satisfaction, Word of mouth.
The Service Compensation of National Health Insurance and The Performance of Health Workers Robiatud Daniyah; Ancah Caesarina Novi Marchianti; Sebastiana Viphindrartin
Health Notions Vol 2, No 2 (2018): February
Publisher : Humanistic Network for Science and Technology (HNST)

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Public health center is primary facilities service which owned by a government. Complains which occurs in society, such as the procedures of National Healthcare Insurance (JKN) that more complicated, start from gradual administration, participants data validation that need much time was though more convoluted and customer services that given by health workers wasn’t done in a good standard and unsatisfied, so the patients will not willingly come back in public health center. The result data of performance measurement of public health in 2016 showed was less; under 80%. The aim of this research was to analyze the influence of service compensation of JKN on health worker performance. This research was quantitative with observational analytical approach. Sample of this research were 36 health workers in Kalisat, 32 health workers in Jelbuk, and 32 health workers in Andongsari public health center who taken by simple random sampling. Partial Least Square (PLS) using smart PLS software was used as method to analyze data. Based on the test result there was positive influence of service compensation on performance, T statistic was 7.730 (t statistic > t table significant 1.96) it meant that the higher an expected performance, it will produce optimal health care service for society. Health workers can do some efforts in improving performance, so it can improve service compensation that given for society. Government need to review about performance assessment that is currently used, such as SKP so the performance assessments were more effective in evaluating. Keywords: National Health Insurance, Service compensation, Performance, Public Health Center