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Jurnal Ledalero Vol 18, No 2 (2019): Jurnal Ledalero
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Katolik (STFK) Ledalero

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Abstract: Does the internet change the way of thinking from the people and members of the Church in Indonesia? I give a “yes” answer to this question. This answer was born from the reality that digital technology is not limited as a means or instrument that helps humans to achieve a better life. More than that, the internet has become a space of life that determines and gives meaning to human existence and the existence of the Indonesian Church. The internet also creates a culture called cyber culture. If the internet breeds new logical thinking and culture, and its existence has seized the attention of members of the Catholic Church, so the internet can become locus theologicus. The existence of the internet as a locus of theology is confirmed by the Popes.Seeing this reality, the Indonesian Catholic Church through the theologians need to develop a new theology, namely cyber theology. Through this cyber theology, the members of the Church find that the sophisticated communication technology reflects Christianism which is fundamentally a communicative event.Keywords: Cyber theology, internet, Indonesian Church, cyber culture
Jurnal Ledalero Vol 16, No 1 (2017): Seratus Tahun Sesudah Perang Dunia Pertama
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Katolik (STFK) Ledalero

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On the one hand, the First World War was the epitome of destruction, on the other hand the war spurred humanity to think deeply and be creative. An example of human creativity, a fruit of World War I, was Dialectic Theology, a theology that counter-balances and corrects Liberal Theology. It corrects the concept that identifies God with the human, such that instead of humanity talking about God, humanity deifies itself. Dialectic Theology invites theologians to return to the Sacred Scriptures to rediscover the true concept of the Divine. The God of Christians is the God who is absolutely “Other”, a concept impossible for human reason to grasp. God can only be experienced in faith. Nevertheless, Dialectic Theology is not without imperfections for its theological model excessively absolutizes God. This tendency results in Dialectic Theology falling into a similar fault as Liberal Theology. Liberal Theology falls into anthropomorphism, while Dialectic Theology falls into theocentrism. It also ignors other theological sources, namely tradition and context. Contextual theologies are a reaction to Dialectic Theology. Keywords: dialectic theology, liberal theology, otherness, justification, religion, war. Di satu sisi, perang berdaya menghancurkan, pada sisi lain, ia memacu manusia untuk berpikir dan berkreasi. Salah satu kreasi manusia, sebagai buah dari perang Dunia I adalah Teologi dialektis. Teologi dialektis merupakan teologi yang muncul untuk mengoreksi Teologi Liberal. Hal yang dikoreksi adalah konsep tentang Allah yang bersifat antropomorfistis. Allah disamakan dengan manusia. Di sini, manusia alih-alih berbicara tentang Allah, padahal yang terjadi adalah ia yang meng-allah-kan dirinya. Terhadap realitas ini, Teologi dialektis meminta para teolog untuk kembali kepada Kitab Suci. Sebab konsep mengenai Allah yang benar ada di sana. Allah Kristen bukan Allah seperti yang dipikirkan oleh teologi liberal. Allah Kristen adalah Allah “yang lain”. Allah yang berbeda secara absolut dengan manusia. Terhadap Allah macam ini, rasio manusia tidak mungkin menjangkaunya. Ia hanya bisa dialami dalam iman. Teologi dialektis bukanlah tanpa cacat. Model teologi ini terlalu mengabsolutkan Allah. Tendensi ini telah membuat teologi ini jatuh ke dalam dosa yang sama seperti teologi liberal. Dosa teologi liberal adalah antropomorfisme, sedangkan dosa Teologi dialektis adalah teosentrisme. Kekeliruan yang lain dari teologi ini adalah pengabaian sumber lain dalam berteologi, yaitu tradisi dan konteks. Teologi kontekstual merupakan tanggapan atas Teologi dialektis. Kata-kata kunci: teologi dialektis, teologi liberal, alteritas, pembenaran,agama, perang.