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UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

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Penguatan Relasi Multikultural dengan Literasi Digital di Desa Pait Kasembon Malang Dien Nur Chotimah; Sutaman Sutaman
Dimas: Jurnal Pemikiran Agama untuk Pemberdayaan Vol 20, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : LP2M of Institute for Research and Community Services - UIN Walisongo

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This dedication’s to society activity that have been conducted in Pait Village, Kasembon District, Malang take the theme building and strengthening multicultural relations. The method used in dedication to society is the Participation Action Research (PAR) method, taking into account the conditions of assistance in the beginning and the conditions of assistance that are expected. Assistance was carried out in a number of Focus Group Discussions (FGD), socialization and some workshops. Strengthening multicultural relations in the people of Pait Village is very necessary given the diversity of different community backgrounds, especially from the religious aspect. This dedication program has resulted in the formation of a Multicultural Literacy Concern (PLM) community. In addition, the authorship assistance program was also carried out for the community members. Even expanding its influence by spreading their ideas through the website ikipait.com. This assistance resulted in a pretty good web design, displaying the writings of PLM community members. Kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat yang telah dilakukan di Desa Pait, Kecamatan Kasembon, Kabupaten Malang ini mengambil tema membangun dan menguatkan relasi multikultural. Metode yang digunakan dalam pengabdian kepada masyarakat ini adalah metode Participation Action Research (PAR), dengan memperhatikan kondisi dampingan di awal serta kondisi dampingan yang diharapkan. Pendampingan dilakukan dalam beberapa Focus Group Discussion (FGD) dan juga dalam bentuk sosialisasi serta pelaksanaan beberapa workshop. Penguatan relasi multikultural pada warga masyarakat Desa Pait sangat diperlukan mengingat keberagaman latar belakang masyarakat yang berbeda, terutama dari aspek agama. Program pengabdian ini menghasilkan terbentuknya komunitas Peduli Literasi Multikultural (PLM) yang berfungsi untuk menguatkan relasi multikultural. Selain itu, juga terlaksana program pendampingan kepenulisan kepada warga masyarakat. Bahkan meluaskan pengaruhnya dengan menyebarkan ide dan gagasan mereka melalui website ikipait.com. Pendampingan ini menghasilkan desain web yang cukup baik, dengan menampilkan tulisan-tulisan karya anggota komunitas PLM.
Al-Adab Al- ‘Araby Fi Fatrah Intiqal Al- Hukmi Min Khilafah Al- Umawiyyah Ila Khilafah Al-‘Abbasiyyah (Dirasah Washfiyyah Tarikhiyyah Adabiyyah) Dien Nur Chotimah
Journal of Arabic Literature (JaLi) Vol 1, No 1 (2019): Journal of Arabic Literature (JaLi)
Publisher : Arabic Language and Letters Department

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The period of Arab literature was divided into the political age, the pre-Islamic period, the Islamic era, the Umayyad era, the Abbasia era, the Andalusian era, the era of the Mamalik, and the modern era. Because of the Umayyah caliphate and the Abbasia caliphate, the long period of politics extends. Political problems emerged from within the caliphate and therefore have a lot to do with Arab literature. The researcher used the descriptive and historical method. The result of this research on the characteristics of the Arabic literature in the period between the Umayyah and Abbasia Caliphate, are: 1) The poetry expresses the conditions obtained from the historical facts of war, 2) encouraging in its later stages, 3) the use of clear words and structures in the body Poem and poetry.Keywords: Arab literature, period of transition of government, Umayyah caliphate, Abbasih caliphate