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SISTEM PENILAIAN KINERJA KARYAWAN PADA PT. IS LOGISTIK Titik Misriati; Widiarina Widiarina; Yoseph Tajul Arifin; Amanda Subhi Pertiwi
Jurnal Mantik Vol. 3 No. 1 (2019): May: Manajemen dan Informatika
Publisher : Institute of Computer Science (IOCS)

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Kinerja karyawan yang memenuhi standar yang telah ditetapkan dalam suatu perusahaan dapat diketahui dengan penilaian kinerja karyawan. Penilaian kinerja karyawan harus dilakukan dalam perusahaan mengetahui bagaimana karyawan dalam perusahaan tersebut melaksanakan tugasnya. PT. IS Logistik melakukan penilaian kinerja karyawan setiap setahun sekali. Penilaian ini dilakukan oleh dua orang atasan/pimpinan perusahaan. Hasil dari penilaian kinerja karyawan yang dilakukan pada PT. IS Logistik akan menentukan apakah karyawan kontrak tersebut diperpanjang kontrak kerjanya, karyawan kontrak diangkat menjadi karyawan tetap atau karyawan tetap mendapatkan kenaikan gaji. Selama ini, proses penilaian kinerja karyawan dilakukan secara manual dengan menggunakan form penilaian dan diolah menggunakan Microsoft Excel. Hal ini menyebakan beberapa kendala dalam perusahaan. Oleh sebab itu, pada penelitian ini diusulkan penggunaan aplikasi untuk penilaian kinerja karyawan pada PT. IS Logistik supaya dapat membantu permasalahan dalam penilaian kinerja karyawan.
Penerapan Algoritma C4.5 Dalam Prediksi Resiko Diabetes Tahap Awal (Early Stage Diabetes) Wina Yusnaeni; Widiarina Widiarina
Jurnal Teknik Komputer AMIK BSI Vol 8, No 1 (2022): JTK Periode Januari 2022
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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Diabetes is a disease that is often encountered in all circles of society. From the data in the can even occur annually an increase in people with diabetes in the world. Many of the symptoms of the early stages that can be used as a reference to a person in the prediction of symptoms of diabetes or not. Hence the importance of prevention so that the increase going to health and could be spared from the disease diabetes. Based on those reasons here. researchers conducted the study by using the method of decision tree (C4.5) with the aid of rapid miner. The Data obtained is the data classification of the early stages of diabetic patients. To test the training and trials with a ratio of 90:10 using the split data on the application of rapid miner and process the decision tree method in addition add performance to calculate the accuracy. The results can be in the form of a decision tree that can be made a role in the testing dataset. In addition, the results of the evaluation data in the can the level of accuracy of 88.46 % where the amount of the percentage is said to be in the category of good classification.
Animasi Interaktif Pengenalan Huruf Hijaiyah Berbasis Android Rizky Januar Yudhistira; Widiarina Widiarina
JURNAL TEKNIK KOMPUTER Vol 5, No 1 (2019): JTK - Periode Februari 2019
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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The development of animation that occurred in this era is very rapid. Animation is now an alternative in conveying the intent and purpose of information in digital media that is often used on computers and smartphones. As Muslims it is important to learn the Hijaiyah letter in the form of Arabic, because it is the beginning of the beginning of learning in Arabic sentences, and also in the fluent reading of the Qur'an along with its punctuation marks. Android smartphone users at this time are very diverse, including parents, young people, and children, but seeing in terms of function and benefits, smartphones can be interactive digital media that is useful and useful in knowing new knowledge and adding insight. In this case the author designs interactive animations to recognize letters and numbers hijaiyah and is equipped with games that are expected so that children do not get bored quickly, exercise memory, and are easy to understand. The method used in the development of this software uses the waterfall model. The concept of the animation system is made into a practical application and as an intermediary medium can be run on their gadgets