Kumba Digdowiseiso
Universitas Nasional, Jakarta

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Pattern of Absorption of the Provincial Budget for the Special Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta Kumba Digdowiseiso
Atestasi : Jurnal Ilmiah Akuntansi Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022): March
Publisher : Pusat Penerbitan dan Publikasi Ilmiah, FEB, Universitas Muslim Indonesia

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The failure of the budget absorption target in the Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) of Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta resulted in the loss of the benefits of spending because the funds allocated were not fully utilized. If the budget allocation is efficient, then the state can optimize the limited sources of funds to fund strategic activities. This study aims to examine the budget planning documents, administrative documents, procurement of goods, and budget execution affect the absorption of the budget. This study uses a quantitative approach, namely a research method based on the philosophy of positivism. The population in this study is the entire province of DKI Jakarta, which is as many as 23 OPD. Sampling in this study using a purposive sampling technique. Research as the whole population was used as a sample of 69 PPK-OPD people, OPD treasurers, and financial staff also called the population sample (census). Hypothesis testing is done by testing variance-based SEM or Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS) with the Smart pls 3.0 program. The study results found that planning documents and administrative documents had a positive but not significant effect on budget absorption. Meanwhile, the procurement of goods/services and the implementation of the budget have a positive and significant impact on budget absorption. This study suggests that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, to increase budget absorption, is expected to give serious attention to the problem of budget absorption by continuously improving the budget planning process in terms of documents and administration, starting from the preparation of the RKA to the Determination of the Regional Budget. Accelerate the budget implementation process by issuing Treasury Official Decrees on time, not delaying work, timely administrative completion processes in implementing the budget referring to the approved DPA and Cash Budget. Carry out the process of procuring goods and services by applicable laws and regulations.