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Journal : Law Research Review Quarterly

Relevance of Trick (Makar) in Hashtag #2019GantiPresiden Faridah, Siti
Law Research Review Quarterly Vol 4 No 2 (2018): L. Research Rev. Q. (May 2018) "Discourse on General Election in Indonesia: Betwe
Publisher : Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Semarang

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The dynamics of the general election events that took place in Indonesia caused the Indonesian state to have a low quality democracy, ranking 68 out of 167 countries, still inferior to Timor Leste which was ranked 48. Democracy is a view of life that prioritizes equality. In general democracy in Indonesia is flawed democracy, characterized by free and fair elections and respect for civil liberties, but has significant weaknesses in governance, a political culture that is not too healthy, and a low level of political participation. It won't be long before the general elections (elections) in Indonesia take place in 2019. Long before that there was a movement called # 2019GantiPresiden which has been heating up lately. A tense situation between the two has the potential to lead to the commotion that will occur. Inaccuracies occur among the political elites behind them. # 2019GantiPresiden was responded by the opposition with another hashtag that was written # Jokowi2Periode. Politics that occurred long before the nomination of a candidate by the election commission caused conditions in the community to heat up. Jokowi's supporters call the # 2019GantiPresiden movement an attempted rebellion against legitimate government while in other opposition it calls violations of democratic freedom (as happened in the new order era).
Politicization of Religion: Breaking the National Unity in Elections Faridah, Siti; Mathias, Jerico
Law Research Review Quarterly Vol 4 No 3 (2018): L. Research Rev. Q. (August 2018) "Law and Democracy in General Election: Between
Publisher : Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Semarang

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The use of a dose of religion as a political instrument to gain power in elections is rife lately. Religion as something sacred is used as a powerful weapon to destroy society through differences in belief. Because religion is something sacred and personal in nature it makes it easy to politicize regarding this very sensitive issue. Religion as something that is sensitive makes everything that works with it becomes more emotional. This emotional involvement is built by belief in something supernatural. The politicization of religion has been made into a black politics that manipulates one's understanding and knowledge of religion by means of propaganda that intends to influence religion / belief in its efforts to bring interests into a political agenda. What is feared is that religion loses its noble values ​​when associated with politics or politicized (littered). The rejection of the politicization of religion is one form of efforts to glorify religion and prevent the destruction of the noble values ​​that exist in a religion and maintain the diversity and integrity of our nation.