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Estradiol and Leptin in Women with Obesity, Overweight, and Normal Body Weight Fitri, Yulia; Tann, Gino; -, Rusdiana
Indonesian Journal of Medicine Vol 2, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : Masters Program in Public Health, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia

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Background: Prevalence of obesity on women was higher than men. Obesity was related to the resistance of leptin hormone. Estradio hormone also played an important role in energy  metabolism and body weight control. The study aimed to discover the relationship between estradiol  concentration with leptin concentration on women with obesity, overweight and normal body weight in Banda Aceh City.Subjects and Method:  The study was an analytic observational study with case control design. There were a total of 75 women of 20-40 year- old who were selected as research subjects by using purposive sampling. The research subjects were divided into 3 groups, namely obesity, over weight, and normal body weight. The study was conducted in Banda Aceh City in July – October 2014.  Dependent variable of the study was women’s body weight. Independent variables were leptin concentration which was investigated by using ELISA technique and estradiol concentration which was investigated by using AxSYM Estradiol Assay. The data was analyzed by using Spearman correlation test.Results: The result of the study obtained the median value of estradiol concentration on normal group was higher than on obesity and overweight group, that was 63 Pg/mL (18-420). The average concentration of leptin on normal group is higher than obesity and overweight group, that was 4.56 ng/mL (up to ± 3.48). However, it did not find any correlation between the concentration of  estradiol and the concentration of leptin on women with obesity, overweight and normal weight (R= 0.03; p= 0.121;).Conclusion: The study showed that women with obesity experienced the decreasing concentration of estradiol and leptin, however it did not find significant correlation between estradiol and leptin.Keywords:  estradiol, leptin, women with obesity, overweight, normal body weightCorrespondence: Yulia Fitri. Health Polytechnic, Poltekkes of Aceh, Banda Aceh.Indonesian Journal of Medicine (2017), 2(1): 36-41
Lliteratur Review: Pemberian Agar-Agar Lidah Buaya (Aloe Vera L) dan Ekstrak Kulit Buah Delima (Punica Granatum L) Dapat Mengatasi Keputihan Pada Wanita Usia Subur Aulia, Rajul; Santy, Putri; Fitri, Yulia; Nuzul ZA, Raudhatun
Publisher : Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia

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Lebih dari 75% wanita Indonesia pernah mengalami keputihan paling tidak satu kali dalam hidupnya. Tujuh puluh persen keputihan yang terjadi disebabkan oleh jamur dan parasite seperti cacing kremi atau protozoa. Dan sekitar 90% wanita Indonesia berpotensi mengalami keputihan negara dengan iklim tropis. Penanganan yang sering dilakukan wanita untuk mengatasi keputihan adalah dengan menggunakan lidah buaya dan ekstrak kulit buah delima. Kulut buah delima mengandung alkaloid dan flavonoid yang berfungsi untuk menghambat pertumbuhan jamur candida albicans dan lidah buaya juga mempunyai sifat antiseptic dan merangsang jaringan sel baru dari kulit. Tujuan dari penelitian ini untuk melakukan review pada beberapa jurnal tentangefektivitas pemberian agar-agar lidah buaya dan ekstrak kulit buah delima terhadap kejadian keputihan pada wanita usia subur.Penelitian ini menggunakan metode literature reviewdenganmenggunakan artikel pencarian dari google scholar dan PubMed. Kata kunci yang digunakanyaitu lidah buaya, buah delima dan keputihan.HasilLiteratur review menunjukkan bahwa pemberian agar-agar lidah buaya dan ekstrak kulit buah delima berpengaruh untukmenghambat pertumbuhan koloni candida albicans. Kesimpulan diperoleh bahwa lidah buaya dan ekstraks kulit buah delima efektif mengatasi gangguan keputihan pada wanita usia subur.Bagi petugas kesehatan disarankan untuk menerapkan therapi komplementer berupa pemberian lidah buaya dan kulit buah delima untuk menangani keputihan secara non farmakologi. Kata Kunci: Lidah buaya, kulit buah delima dan keputihan 
Soybean Reduce Menopause Symptoms In Menopause Women Fitri, Yulia
Science Midwifery Vol 10 No 2 (2022): April: Science Midwifery
Publisher : Institute of Computer Science (IOCS)

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the quality of life with the appearance of menopausal symptoms and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Giving soy has the potential to reduce various symptoms and complaints of menopause because of its phytoestrogen content. This study aims to determine the effect of soy on menopausal symptoms. . quasi-experimental research design with pre-post control. The sample was selected using a purposive sampling technique with the criteria that they have experienced menopause for 1 year, are sexually active, have normal weight. The instruments used are observation sheets and MRS. Soybean was given for 30 days. Data analysis using T-Test . The results showed a significant difference in somatic and psychological symptoms after intervention (p = 0.00) while urogenital symptoms were not significant (p = 0.054) Giving soy reduces somatic and psychological menopausal women. It is necessary to research the effect of giving soy to menopausal women who are obese because of the different estrogen levels in this group.