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Journal : INJECT (Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication)

Communication Petterns Of Coaches And Students In Cultivating Discipline Of Memorizing The Qur’an Qudratullah Qudratullah; Nor Aswinda; Najamuddin Najamuddin
INJECT (Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication) Vol 5, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : IAIN Salatiga

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This research aims to determine the pettern of communication between Coaches and students in disciplining the memorization of the Qir’an at the Baitul Al-Muqarramah Foundation in Bone Regency. Qualitative research methods are used in this research by conducting interviews.  Interviews wew conducted with informants who were Coaches at the Baitul Al-Muqarramah Foundation in Bone Regency. The results showed the Coaches in the Baitul Al-Muqarramah Foundation used verbal and nonverbal communication. There are two communication petterns that are used there are also two namely interpersonal communication petterns and group communication petterns. The petterns of group communication is more dominant used in this foundation, while interpernonal communication is usually applied to students who are less optimal in directing group communication. Where the pettern of group communication is more dominant applied in the process of direction every day. As with interpersonal communication, this communication pettern is usually applied to a particular situation. For axample, there is one student who cannot be fostered if trough the communication petterns of the group. Proven trought group communication implemented by the Coach, able to discipline student to memorize the Qur’an and make student achieve targets that have been determined with a dominant scale. Even trought this group communication, the time of a Coach can be more efficient than interpersonal communication which requires the trainer to meet one-onone with his students. The obstacle factors of the Coaches are so unable to discipline the memorization of the Qur’an by their students namely; first, the psychological factors and habit factor od the students.
Public Relations Management IAIN Bone in Disclosure of Information about Campus Qudratullah Qudratullah
INJECT (Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication) Vol 7, No 1 (2022)
Publisher : UIN Salatiga

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This research aims to explore the management of IAIN organizations Bone in disseminating information about the campus. Management needed to achieve goals in a measured manner so that they are not original just do it. But there is a map to reach the destination. These stages include planning, organizing, implementing and supervision. Need to dig deeper about management IAIN Bone organization in information disclosure to the public. This study uses a qualitative method. Research data collected through observation, interviews and documentation. Primary data taken from selected informants to explore organizational management in disseminating information about the campus. While the data secondary to previous literature-relevant literatures this research. The data is presented in descriptive analysis. Data collected was analyzed by reducing the data, then present it and finally draw conclusions. Research result shows that Planning for dissemination of IAIN Bone information carried out in a careful and gradual manner namely with editorial planning, design and working time and dissemination information. Organizing is done by dividing the work desk and duties to every human resource in it according to the potential and competence possessed. Implementation disseminating information in several media owned. In Among them are Instagram @ iainbone_ and Facebook fanpage with an account IAIN Bone and website with the address Supervision conducted to evaluate the results of the performance that has been done. The goal is to improve information service systems to Public.