Ferry Khusnul Mubarok
Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo Semarang

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Analisis Dampak Program Pemberdayaan Terhadap Kesejahteraan Umat Ferry Khusnul Mubarok
Perisai : Islamic Banking and Finance Journal Vol 5 No 2 (2021): October
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

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Poverty is still a problem, especially in realizing prosperity. Many programs are carried out to alleviate poverty, one of which is the empowerment program carried out by Islamic microfinance institutions. This study aims to identify the effect of empowerment contracts on people's welfare. This study uses a quantitative approach. This study uses primary data obtained from interviews, observation, documentation. The data analysis technique used a regression approach. The results and discussion showed that the empowerment contract which included the qardhul hasan and musyarakah contracts had a significant effect on customers' income. Thus, empowerment through the qardhul hasan and musyarakah contract schemes can be developed to realize the welfare of the people.
The Influence of Motivation, Discipline, and Leadership on Village Apparatus Performance Mariyani Mariyani; Ferry Khusnul Mubarok; Yuli Haryati; Johan Arifin
At-Taqaddum Vol 13, No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) State Islamic University Walisongo Semarang

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The performance of village officials is one of the main indicators of the quality of village government services. The performance of village officials is influenced by many factors, both internal and external. This study aimed to analyze whether motivation, work discipline, leadership, work motivation, and leadership of the village head influenced performance. The population of this research is all village officials in Karaskepoh, Doropayung, Jeruk, and Tuyuhan Villages, Pancur District, and Rembang Regency. The number of village officials is 30 people. In this study, all samples were used due to the small number of populations. The type of data used in this research is a quantitative approach with multiple regression analysis. This study concludes that work motivation, work discipline, leadership, and work for motivation, discipline, and leadership significantly affect performance in Karaskepoh, Doropayung, Jeruk, and Tuyuhan Villages Pancur District, Rembang Regency. Thus, in the future, to improve the performance of village officials, it is necessary to increase work motivation, increase discipline, and need leadership attitudes. 
Optimalisasi Portofolio Nilai Saham: Studi Komparasi Kinerja Saham Syariah dan Nonsyariah Ferry Khusnul Mubarok; Ahmad Ridho Darmawan; Zahirotul Luailiyah
Economica: Jurnal Ekonomi Islam Vol 8, No 2 (2017)
Publisher : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam UIN Walisongo

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The objective of this research is to analyze the comparison of sharia and nonsharia stock performance. The sample is a company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, listing from 2013-2017. The sample consists of nonsharia stock (LQ45) and sharia stock (Jakarta Islamic Index). Sampling method used purposive sampling technique. Data analysis technique used Risk-Adjusted Return Measurement and analyzed by using paired sample T-Test. Based on analysis and discussion, there is no significant differences between portfolio performance of LQ45 and JII, either using Sharpe, Treynor, and Jensen alpha Index. Based on annual data, the performance of JII’s portfolio is better than LQ45 when macroeconomic is depression, while LQ45 portfolio performance is better when macroeconomic is booming. Thus, JII portfolios are more effective used when the economy is depressed, while LQ45 is more effective when the economy is booming.