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Journal : Jurnal Informasi dan Teknologi

Application of Principal Component Analysis and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method to Identify the Determinant Factors Intention to Use of Paylater in E-Commerce Faizatul Fajariah; Hisarma Saragih; Donny Dharmawan; Loso Judijanto; Musran Munizu
Jurnal Informasi dan Teknologi 2023, Vol. 5, No. 4

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This research aims to analyze which factors are most determining in influencing interest in using pay-later. This type of research is multivariate analytical research using a quantitative approach. All pay-later service customers who engage in e-commerce make up the study's population. Purposive sampling and non-probability sampling were employed in the sample-taking process based on this study. There are one hundred samples. Researchers have made observations to gather data. The author intends to employ principal component analysis and maximum likelihood estimation techniques for data analysis. Following the completion of the study, the following findings were made. The principal component analysis method's RMSE value is 0.02. The maximum likelihood estimates method's root mean square error is 0.015. Therefore, it can be said that the principal component analysis approach is appropriate for usage because it can explain factor formation due to its strong factor loading value and low RMSE value. The influence of advantages is the most important element determining interest in pay-later utilizing the principal component analysis method since it has the highest loading factor value in decision-making.