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Kajian Pendapatan Usahatani Bawang Daun (Allium Fistolosum,L.) di Desa Kuan Noel Kecamatan Fatumnasi Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan. Estevao Mario Fernandes; Charles Kapioru; Paulus Un
Buletin Ilmiah Impas Vol 20 No 2 (2019): Edisi Agusus 2019
Publisher : Undana Press

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The research on the study of farming leaf onion (Allium Fistolosum I) income was carried this research was carried out in the village of Kuan Noel, sub-district of Fatumnasi, South Central Timor (TTS). The purpose of the study are: (1) to find out the Break Even Point, (2) to find out the income of the onion farming in the village of Kuan Noel and (3) to find out the relative benefits of farming onion. The determination of the location of the study was conducted by purposive sampling, with the consideration that Kuan Noel Village had a fairly high production of onion farming compared to other villages. Samples taken in the study or research were 46 people consisting 2 farmer groups. The analysis tool used in this study is the Break Event Point, income analysis tool and R/C Ratio. The resultsof the study or research show that (1) The level of production break event point is 454 Kg and the break event point prices is Rp 3.601, (2) total income of leaf onion farming is Rp. 1.008.584.964, and the average income received by farmers is Rp. 21.925.760, (3) R/C ratio of the leaf onion farming is 4,2. Penelitian tentang kajian pendapatan usahatani bawang daun (Allium fistolosum L) telah dilaksanakan di Desa Kuan Noel Kecamatan Fatumnasi Kabupaten Timor Tengah. Tujuan penelitian (1) untuk mengetahui Break Event Poin, (2) untuk mengetahui pendapatan usahatani bawang daun, (3) untuk mengetahui keuntungan relatif pada usahatani bawang daun. Penentuan lokasi penelitian dilakukan secara purposive sampling dengan pertimbangan Desa Kuan Noel memiliki produksi bawang daun yang tinggi. Sampel yang diambil dalam penelitian sebanyak 46 orang yang terdiri dari 2 kelompok tani. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa: (1) Tingkat break event point produksi sebanyak 454 Kg dan break event point harga sebesar Rp 3.601, (2) total pendapatan usahatani bawang daun sebesar Rp 1.008.584.964, rata-rata pendapatan yang diterima petani sebesar Rp 21.925.760, (3) nilai R/C Ratio usahatani bawang daun adalah 4,2.
Keuntungan Relatif Usaha Pupuk Bokashi_ Anprino K. R. Andung; Maximiliam M. J. Kapa; Charles Kapioru
Buletin Ilmiah Impas Vol 20 No 3 (2019): Edisi November 2019
Publisher : Undana Press

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Organic fertilizers are fertilizers made from organic materials that can improve soil properties and chemical properties of the soil by helping the process of weathering mineral materials, maintaining soil fertility and improving the original conditions. This research was conducted in the Mitra Organik business group in East Baumata Village, Taebenu Sub District, Kupang Regency in April 2019. The purposes of this study are 1) to know the size of the income of the bocation fertilizer business and 2) to knowing the relative profits of the bokashi fertilizer business. The method used in this study is a case study method. Data analysis was carried out using the R/C ratio analysis to assess relative profits and BEP analysis to determine the break-even point. The results showed that the production capacity of bokashi fertilizer each year from 2016-2018 was 5,000 kg in 5 production times per year. The total production costs used in 2016 were Rp. 4,173,083, the total revenue was Rp. 6,500,000 and the income earned was Rp. 2,326,917. In 2017, the total cost used is Rp.4,535,583, the total revenue is Rp.7,500,000 and the total income earned is Rp 2,964,417, and in 2018 the total costs used were Rp. 4,735,583, the total revenue was Rp 7,500,000 and the total income earned was Rp 2,764,417. Analysis of the relative profit R / C ratio in 2016 is equal to 1, 55, in 2017 which is equal to 1.65 and in 2018 which is equal to 1, 58, while the BEP analysis in 2016 was obtained by BEP production of 3,210 kg and BEP at a price of Rp 834.61, in 2017 BEP production was obtained at 3,023 kg and BEP for prices of Rp 870, 71, and in 2018 BEP was produced amounting to 3,157 and BEP prices of Rp 947.11, So the Mitra Organik bokashi fertilizer business is worth developing. Pupuk organik merupakan pupuk yang terbuat dari bahan-bahan organik yang dapat memperbaiki sifat fisik tanah dan sifat kimia tanah yaitu dengan membantu proses pelapukan bahan mineral serta menjaga kesuburan tanah dan mengembalikan pada kondisi semula. Penelitiana ini dilakukan di kelompok usaha Mitra Organik di Desa Baumata Timur, Kecamatan Taebenu, Kabupaten Kupang pada bulan April 2019. Tujuan penelitian ini yaitu 1) mengetahui besarnya pendapatan usaha pupuk bokasi dan 2) mengetahui keuntungan relatif usaha pupuk bokashi. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode studi kasus. Analisis data yang dilakukan menggunakan analisis R/C ratio untuk menilai keuntungan relatif dan analisis BEP untuk mengetahui titik impas. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa kapasitas produksi pupuk bokashi masing-masing tahun dari tahun 2016-2018 adalah 5.000 kg dalam 5 kali produksi pertahun. Total biaya produksi yang digunakan pada tahun 2016 yaitu Rp 4.173.083, total penerimaan sebesar Rp 6.500.000 dan pendapatan yang di peroleh sebesar Rp 2.326.917. Pada tahun 2017, total biaya yang digunakan yaitu sebesar Rp 4.535.583, total penerimaan sebesar Rp 7.500.000 dan total pendapatan yang di peroleh sebesar Rp 2.964.417, dan pada tahun 2018 total biaya yang digunakan yaitu sebesar Rp 4.735.583, total penerimaan sebesar Rp 7.500.000 dan total pendapatan yang di peroleh yaitu sebesar Rp 2.764.417. Analisis keuntungan relatif R/C ratio pada tahun 2016 yaitu sebesar 1, 55, pada tahun 2017 yaitu sebesar 1,65 dan pada tahun 2018 yaitu sebesar 1, 58, sedangkan analisis BEP pada tahun 2016 yaitu di peroleh BEP produksi sebesar 3.210 kg dan BEP harga sebesar Rp 834,61, pada tahun 2017 di peroleh BEP produksi sebesar 3.023 kg dan BEP harga sebesar Rp 870,71, dan pada tahun 2018 di peroleh BEP produksi sebesar 3.157 dan BEP harga sebesar Rp 947,11, Maka usaha pupuk bokashi Mitra Organik layak di kembangkan.
Analisis Potensi Penerimaan Retribusi Parkir di Kota Kupang Frits O Fanggidae; Charles Kapioru
Jurnal Inovasi Kebijakan Vol 1 No 1 (2016): Jurnal Inovasi Kebijakan
Publisher : Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Daerah Kota Kupang

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The total parking capacity of dynamic and static two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels at all points on-street parking and off-street parking in the city of Kupang is still very large. With the two-wheeler parking tariff is Rp . 2000 and a four-wheel Rp . 3000 , every year, the potential parking fees reached Rp . 7.603.200.000.- Given the number of vehicles continues to increase, it is necessary to implement appropriate control strategies for managing parking on-street and off-street, especially on collector roads, creating traffic regularity. In addition, the mechanisms and procedures for the collection of parking charges need improvement. Governments need to work with a person or board who has been licensed parking management through a tender system, with the results pattern of distribution following: 35% of parking management, parking attendants 25 % and government 40 %.