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PARTISIPASI MASYARAKAT DALAM PROSES PEMBANGUNAN DI KECAMATAN KEMILING Indrajat, Himawan; Budihardjo, Budihadjo; Hadi, Ismono; Budiono, Pitojo
Prosiding Penelitian FISIP Unia 2012
Publisher : Universitas Lampung

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The research  is motivated how to see how much the role of the community  in the planning process  that starts  from the  village  level  to the district level  and then continues  to discuss the needs of what is needed by the people  in the village, and is discussed as well as the realized level cities / counties, because the needs of the community  known only  itself.  Deliberative  planning  is essentially  planning mechanism  that is bottom-up. With this mechanism  is expected any involvement or  participation  early in  the development process.  The function  is a  container musrenbang  relationship between  communities,  and between communities  and government. Musrenbang  implementation  is a process of  empowering people to be independent and be able to voice their needs starting from the proposed level rt then to musrenbang  filed in district level  for  selected proposals  that need to be realized  at  a  later musrenbang district level   is set  in  the musrenbang RKPD  city level . The results of research on public participation in the development process in the district  kemiling  less  people  and  the  government  plays  a  bigger role,  the village which  should facilitate  Musrenbang  driving  motors  are  Urban  and Community Empowerment Institute for Urban LPMK menginvetarisir community needs but does not work as expected, namely  LPMK become  effective  advisory bodies merely genuine consultation.Key Words: Society Participation, Society Empowerement, Development, Development Planning Process