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Jurnal Tekno Global Vol 5, No 1

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Strategic Area Heritage Fort Malborough merupak one area that became a tourist destination which is very important in the city of Bengkulu. Within this area consists of several areas, namely Region Thomas Parr, New Market Region Koto, Region Chinatown, Fort Malborough Region and Region Tapak Padri. As the unity of a strategic area in the context of tourism and have relevance of the historical development of the city of Bengkulu, should the region - the region can provide mutual support to each other. But the current conditions, the only area of Fort Malborough and Region Tapak Padri is well developed, while the area - other areas showed the opposite. Therefore it is necessary to think of ways to Strategic Region Heritage Fort Malborough can be integrated with each other so as to provide alternative travel options and positive impact on the progress of development of the city.In this study, using a mixture of deductive deductive qualitative and quantitative. The process of the study discusses the characteristics to determine the basic character formed in the region by using methods other research deductive qualitative and discuss the quantity of integration contained in Strategic Area Heritage Fort Malborough research method deductive quantitative results of the characteristics and quantity of such integration is then processed to get a conclusion the research is a concept - a concept that is suitable to be applied to integrate Strategic Area Heritage Fort Malborough. The results of this research is a concept - a concept that can be applied in order to integrate the region - an area within the strategic areas of cultural heritage fort malborough.Keywords : Characteristics, Integration Region
Identifikasi Elemen Fisik Ruang Publik yang Berpengaruh Terhadap Pembentukan Visual Kawasan Kota Tua Jakarta Dedi Hantono; Abdul Hamid Hakim
EMARA: Indonesian Journal of Architecture Vol. 5 No. 2 (2019): December 2019 ~ February 2020
Publisher : Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya

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The facade has become a major element in the formation of visual characters in an Old Jakarta area. But to improve the visual quality of the historic area, which is full of conserved buildings, changing the facade is one thing that is not permitted. Public space is the main alternative in improving the visual quality of the Jakarta Old Town area. This study aims to identify the physical elements that have an influence on the visual formation of the Jakarta Old Town area. Data were collected using a questionnaire for 10 respondents. By using a regression test, the relationship between variables was tested to investigate the effect between variables, and analyzed with a post positivistic approach. The results show that public space that affects the visual quality of Jakarta's Old City are four elements with linear formation; including roads, streams and pedestrian paths; and one square element (shared space)