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M. Yunus
Jurusan Peternakan, Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Syiah Kuala

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Some Ensiling Density On Fermentation Quality Of Nafiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach) Silage M. Yunus; Mawardi Mohd. Ali
Jurnal Agripet Vol 2, No 2 (2001): Volume 2, No. 2, Oktober 2001
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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Kajian Potensi Produksi Hijauan Pakan pada Lahan Eksisting dan Potensial untuk Meningkatkan Populasi Ternak Ruminansia di Kabupaten Aceh Besar Mira Delima; Abubakar Karim; M. Yunus
Jurnal Agripet Vol 15, No 1 (2015): Volume 15, N0. 1, April 2015
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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(The study of prospective forage production on existing and potential land use to support increasing livestock population in Aceh Besar) ABSTRACT. The purpose of this research was to find out the width and scattered location of existing land use which its land capability class suitable for pastures; forage production prospective, and land carrying capacity. The combination of survey and evaluation method was used in this study. The primary data were obtained by field observation and compiling documents, while the secondary data were obtained from various sources, including Bappeda Aceh, and Dinas Peternakan Aceh Besar. Land capability classification was defined based on a modified USDA method and land capability class mapping was prepared based on overlay method by geoprocessing of Geographic Information Systems. The attributes delineating land capability classification included slope, erosion potential and soil depth. Spatial and attributes data were processed using ArcGIS 9.3. Interpretation of land use map derived from satellite imagery analysis results. Brachiaria humidicola green production (tons/year) was determined by assumption-based on obtaining data from various sources. Present livestock population and increasing of population target up to 2017 were obtained from Dinas Peternakan Aceh Besar. The results showed that the existing land use area was 28,632.23 ha (59.03 %), whereas the potential land use area was 19,875.73 ha (40.97%). Land use area for pastures in the district of Aceh Besar, both existing and potential, were sufficient to support the achievement of livestock population increasing program.
Pengaruh Pemberian Daun Lamtoro (Leucaena leocephala) terhadap Kualitas Silase Rumput Gajah (Pennisetum purpereum) yang Diberi Molasses M. Yunus
Jurnal Agripet Vol 9, No 1 (2009): Volume 9, No. 1, April 2009
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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The effect of gift lamtoro leaf (Leucaena leocephala) to quality of silage of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpereum) that adding molassesABSTRACT. Research about the effect of gift of lamtoro leaf and molasses to quality of elephant grass silage (Pennisetum purpereum) have been executed at Lamsiot village Indrapuri sub district Aceh besar. Analysis content of nutrient in Food Livestock laboratory Agriculture Faculty of Syiah Kuala University. This research aim to see how influence of gift lamtoro leaf and elephant grass silage that adding molasses. This research the complete random device consisted o with 5 kinds of treatment and 3 restarting. This is R1 silage control without treatment and lamtoro leaf 0 5. R2 silage without lamtoro leaf (0%) and molasses 5%, R3 silage with the addition of lamtoro leaf 10%, R4 20%, R5 30%, adding molasses each 5%. The parameter of this study is acidity (pH) degree (pH), dry matter, crude protein, and crude fiber. to know the treatment influence used data Analysis and continued with the Duncan Test. The result of this research indicated that gift of lamtoro leaf give the real influence at pH and influence with is not real at dry substance, while at crude protein and crude fiber give the very real influence. Best silage there are at silage with 30% of lamtoro leaf. 
Pengaruh Tanaman Stylosanthes Guyanensis Terhadap Produksi Beberapa Jenis Rumput Pada Sistem Penanaman Bercampur M. Yunus
Jurnal Agripet Vol 7, No 1 (2007): Volume 7, No. 1, April 2007
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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ABSTRACT. A research on the effect of Stylosanthes guyanesis on production of Pannicum maximum, Staria splendid, Brachiaria decumbens, and Cynodon Plectostachyus have been conducted at UPTD (Unit Pelaksana Tugas Dinas) Saree, Aceh Besar. The grasses were planted mixed with stylosanthes guyanesis. The method used was completely randomized design (CRD) with factorial pattern of 4 x 4 with 4 replications. The first factor consist of 4 different kind of grasses e.g Pannicum maximum (R1) Staria splendid (R2), Brachiaria decumbens (R3) and Cynodon Plectostachyus (R4). The second factor was mixed palnting with stylosanthes guyanesis. Parameters studied were number of tiller, height of grass, and herbage yield. Data were analyzed by analyzed of variance and continued by least significant different test (LSD) (Steel and Torrie, 1983). The result showed that mixed cultivation of grass with leguminose (Stylosnthes guyanesis) was better on number tiller, height of grass, and herbage yield compared to unmixed planting grasses.
Pengaruh Penambahan Molases Terhadap Komposisi Kimia Silase Beberapa Jenis Rumput Yang Ditanam Bercampur Dengan Stylos M. Yunus
Jurnal Agripet Vol 7, No 2 (2007): Volume 7, No. 2, Oktober 2007
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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ABSTRACT. This study was conducted in UPTD (Unit Pelaksana Tugas Dinas) Saree Aceh Besar about 4 weeks. The matter of this study are 4 kinds of grass there are rumput benggala (panicum maximum) rumput BD (Brachiaria decumbent). The grass that use in this study ditanam mixe with stylosanthes guyanesis legume, while the additive in silage is molasses. The study was designed into Completely Randomized Design (CDR) Factorial 4x3. There were 3 replications. First factor was R1 (Rumput Benggala + Stylosanthes guyanesis), R2 (Rumput lampung+Stylosanthes guyanesis), R3 (Rumput BD + Stylosanthes guyanesis), R4 (Rumput Star grass + Stylosanthes guyanesis) and the second factor were 3 level there were M1 (0%0,M2(3%) dan M3 (5%). Invetigated variabes included pH, Dry matter, crude protein, crude fiber, ash and water containet..The data were analyzed by an analysis of variance and as a significant effect was detected, the analysis was contained by Uji Beda Nyata Terkecil (BNT), Steel and Torrie (1991). The result of this study showed that the different of several grass have hight significantly (P,0.010 of dry matter, crude protein, ash and water containing but have no significantly on pH and crude fiber silage. The diferent among molasses have significantly on pH, crude protein and crude fiber silage. From BNT test showed that molasses increased dry matter and crude protein of silage compared to no molasses added. However, th used of molasses decreased crude fiber and water contain compared to no molasses added. The quality of silage found at level of 5.5% molasses especially on star grass (R4M3). The study concluded that using different level molasses es on several grass producted better silage than without molasses.