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Transformation of Women Politicians in Parliament Evi Muafiah
AL-TAHRIR Vol 19, No 2 (2019): Women transformation in Islamic Societies
Publisher : IAIN Ponorogo

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Abstract: Women’s representation in politics in Indonesia has been secured despite inequal percentage compared to the men. For instance, the results of the 2019 legislative elections for women only accounted for 20.5% or 118 seats of the 560 existing seats. On the other hand, it seems that the performance of women in parliament is also questionable. Thus, this research was conducted to find out and understand how was the performance of women politicians, their contribution to women empowerment and the obstacles they faced. This descriptive-explorative qualitative research was conducted in Ponorogo as a district in the former Residency of Madiun which always gets the highest number of women politicians in each elections until 2019. The research subjects were selected using purposive sampling toward women legislature members of DPRD Ponorogo. Meanwhile, the data was obtained through interviews, observation, and documentation. Furthermore, for the data analysis the author employed Harvard gender analysis and used data triangulation as one of the data verification techniques. The results of this study concluded that the performance of women legislative members was less satisfactory. This can be seen from 3 aspects; responsiveness, accountability and effectiveness. In addition, some obstacles they faced are (a) the strong patriarchal culture in the legislative environment, (b) weak coordination among women legislative members, (c) patterns of relationships that are built on a transactional basis, and (d) politically charged programs.
Realitas Segregasi Gender di Pesantren Evi Muafiah
Proceedings of Annual Conference for Muslim Scholars No Series 2 (2018): AnCoMS 2018: Book Series 2
Publisher : Koordinatorat Perguruan Tinggi Keagamaan Islam Swasta Wilayah IV Surabaya

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This research is motivated by a segregate learning model between men and women known as Single Sex Education (SSE). This model is regarded as one of the causes of lasting gender inequality, especially in pesantren. This research reveals; (1) the application of SSE, (2) the underlying reason and (3) its implications for the achievement of female students in pesantren in Ponorogo. This gender perspective qualitative research is the main data source is the words and actions of kiai, nyai, teachers and students selected by purposive sampling and snowballing. Data obtained through observation techniques, interviews, FGD and documentation are then analyzed by SSE theory. The result showed that (1) SSE is applied to the physical environment and student’s activities. In detail the segregation took place at a formal educational institution; MA, MTs and MD, organizational structure of foundations, boarding lodging, classroom learning, extra activities, and facilities. (2) The gender segregation is based on several reasons; religious, pragmatic, emergency, emancipatory and cultural. (3) It has positive implications for the existence of female students, because it has successfully increased the potential of female students from the academic, creative and independent aspects.
PALASTREN Jurnal Studi Gender Vol 12, No 1 (2019): PALASTREN
Publisher : STAIN Kudus

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Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui pola pengasuhan yang terjadi di lembaga Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui pola pengasuhan yang terjadi di lembaga PAUD maupun dalam lingkungan keluarga serta hubungannya terhadap pemilihan permainan dan aktivitas keagamaan AUD. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah mixed methods dengan desain concurrent embedded. Penelitian dilaksanakan di eks-karesidenan Madiun dengan pemilihan sampel melalui purposive sampling pada data yang diperoleh menggunakan metode kualitatif dan random sampling pada data kuantitatif. Data tersebut dikumpulkan menggunakan angket, observasi, dan wawancara yang kemudian dianalisis berdasarkan karakteristiknya melalui deskriptif kualitatif dan statistik inferensial. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan Pertama masyarakat telah responsif gender pada pengasuhan AUD dan cenderung bebas pada aspek stereotipe, subordinasi, dan marginalisasi, Kedua, pemahaman responsif gender dalam pemilihan pemainan yang dimiliki guru lebih baik daripada orang tua/pengasuh, sedangkan pemilihan aktivitas keagamaan tidak ada perbedaan, dan Ketiga adanya hubungan signifikan antara pola asuh dalam lingkungan keluarga dan lembaga PAUD terhadap pemilihan permainan, namun berbeda pada pemilihan aktivitas keagamaannya dimana hubungan signifikan hanya pada lingkungan keluarga.Kata Kunci: Pengasuhan Anak, Berperspektif Gender, Pemilihan Permainan, Aktivitas Keagamaan