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Laju Pertumbuhan Belut Sawah (Monopterus albus Zuiew) dengan Pemberian Berbagai Pakan Tulusya Fujiani; Efrizal Efrizal; Resti Rahayu
Jurnal Biologi Universitas Andalas Vol 4, No 1 (2015)
Publisher : Universitas Andalas

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This experiment aimed to determine growth rate of farm swamp eel under various food supply. The experiment used Completely Random Design (CRD) with four treatments and three replications. The treatments were various food supply i.e: earthworms, snails, floating pellets and sinking pellets. The results showed that various foods gave significant difference on the growth rate of the eel in term of absolute weight, daily growth, food conversionand food efficiency. There were nosignificant difference on absolute length and survival rate of the eel. The highest value of the absolute weight and daily growth during 60 days feeding was found at feeding earthworm. The highest value of food efficiency and food conversion was found at feeding sinking pellets. Keyword: swamp eel, physiology, growth, food.
Alteration of Ecdysteroid Titre by Thyroxine and Juvenile Hormone Analogue (Methoprene) in Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) Intan Ahmad; Resti Rahayu; Agus D. Permana; Sita Astari
Biota : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu-Ilmu Hayati Vol 12, No 2 (2007): June 2007
Publisher : Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta

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Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui pengaruh hormon tiroksin dan analog hormon juvenil (metopren) terhadap pola titer hormon ekdisteroid hemolimf selama instar lima Bombyx mori. Instar dua B. mori diberi pakan daun murbei yang telah diberi tiroksin dengan konsentrasi 1500 ppm. Larva kemudian dibiarkan ganti kulit sampai instar tiga dan empat tanpa perlakuan. Tujuh puluh dua jam setelah ganti kulit pada instar lima, larva disuntik sebanyak 10 μl metopren dengan konsentrasi 15 atau 25 ppm. Titer ekdisteroid hemolimf dideteksi dengan Kromatografi Cair Kinerja Tinggi. Hasil yang diperoleh menunjukkan bahwa perlakuan dengan tiroksin ataupun kombinasi tiroksin-metopren menyebabkan terjadinya perubahan pola titer ekdisteroid dibandingkan dengan kontrol. Ekdisteroid terdeteksi dua hari lebih awal pada perlakuan tiroksin dan titer ekdisteroid pada puncak tertinggi lebih tinggi jika dibandingkan dengan kontrol. Kombinasi tiroksin-metopren tampaknya menyebabkan penekanan terhadap titer ekdisteroid. Hal ini terlihat dengan terjadinya penurunan titer ekdisteroid segera setelah penyuntikan dengan metopren sebelum mencapai titer puncak tertinggi.
Jurnal Hilirisasi IPTEKS Vol 4 No 4 (2021)
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Andalas

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This activity is motivated by concern for the facts of climate change occurring globally and regionally. In response to this, the Indonesian government has also taken a number of concrete steps in all aspects of climate change adaptation and mitigation, both at the local, regional, and national levels. One national program that directly touches local communities is the climate village program known as "PROKLIM." The city of Bukittinggi has responded actively to this national program and has received national awards for the achievements of its activities in two community groups. The purpose of community service activities in the Climate Village Program is to increase the group's capacity in processing household organic waste through the application of Maggot cultivation from black soldier fly (BSF). The main methods of implementing the activities are training, providing assistance and companiment the target group. The activity results showed that the target group had the knowledge and skills to cultivate BSF and produce larvae/maggots. The target group had been able to produce fish/livestock feed from the larvae and developed plans to use the business results for the commercial market. One thing that becomes the next challenge is how to build continuity of feed availability for the maggot caterpillars, especially from household organic food leftovers in the group members' environment. In conclusion, the application of organic waste processing technology with maggot caterpillar cultivation is very potential to overcome the problem of waste in their neighborhood so that it can then be applied more widely in the city of Bukittinggi, to be able to overcome the problem of urban organic waste.
Faktor Determinan yang Mempengaruhi terjadinya Postpartum Blues pada Ibu Nifas Nila Marwiyah; Deni Suwardiman; Hanna Kurnia Mutia; Nida Ayu Alkarimah; Resti Rahayu; Nuraeni Nuraeni; Ita Uzzakiyyah
Faletehan Health Journal Vol 9 No 01 (2022): Faletehan Health Journal, Maret 2022
Publisher : Universitas Faletehan

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Postpartum blues is a temporarily depression period which may happen during the first few days of puerperium. The condition, if not resolved, may cause mothers depression and disturb the growth and development of the newborns. This study aimed to identify the dominant factor affecting postpartum blues incidents in puerperium mothers. This study used correlational method with cross-sectional approach. The samples were 68 respondents who were selected by consecutive sampling technique. Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EDPS) was utilized to determine the postpartum incidents, Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) to measure social supports, and Breaf COPE scale to measure coping. The data was analyzed by using multiple regression. The results showed that the mean of postpartum blues was 8.09 (SD 4.78). The related factors are age, income, delivery type, delivery preparedness, and social support. Age had the strongest correlation and significantly contribute to postpartum blues incidents (Beta 0.347, p<0.01). The efforts of increasing postpartum blues early detection, health education, and social support for mothers with postpartum blues were required.
Pelatihan Budidaya Maggot Black Soldier Fly sebagai Pakan Alternatif dalam Upaya Pengolahan Sampah Organik Rumah Tangga Resti Rahayu; Eli Ratni; Henny Herwina; Robby Jannatan; Virtuous Setyaka; Wellyalina Wellyalina
Jurnal Pengabdian Warta Andalas Vol 28 No 2 (2021): Published in June 2021
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas Andalas

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The city of Padang produces approximately 600 tons of waste daily, which includes the categories of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. However, the percentage of waste that can be recycled is only about 17% and the rest must be heaped into end landfill every day. The category of recycled waste is counted as much as 65% is organic waste that is made into compost and 35% is both plastic and paper waste that is processed into other products. Maggot, which is the larva of the Black Soldier Fly, is an organic matter-decomposing agent that has better decomposition capabilities than other organisms. Maggot has biomass with high protein and fat content. Maggot farming is the most appropriate effort needed by the community today, because in addition to processing daily organic waste, it will also produce feed for livestock such as chicken, duck, fish, and bird. The farming process only requires simple technology and low cost, but is able to reduce the earth's waste load. The Andalas University community service team provided training on maggot farming to process organic waste from community households. The training was carried out using the Hybrid method, which is a combination of offline and online techniques with the same goal. The activity began with counseling on theoretical explanations, followed by both the farming practices and further program assisting. It hopes that the activity will be improved by other trainings such as Maggot’s processing into more valuable products, so that it can be packaged in such a way as to be marketed to the target purchasers.
Pelatihan Tentang Kandang Maggot yang Terintegrasi dengan Kandang Unggas ke Peternak Unggas di Kota Padang Resti Rahayu; Robby Jannatan
Jurnal Pengabdian Warta Andalas Vol 28 No 4 (2021): Published in December 2021
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas Andalas

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The maggot of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is an alternative protein substitute in poultry feed. Growing maggot is an easy activity and valuable in the bioconversion of household organic waste. Maggot farming cages can be integrated with poultry cages. The integrated cages between maggots and poultry will save space and operational costs. Therefore, the workshop about integrated cage between maggot and poultry was urgently needed for poultry farmers in Padang, West Sumatra. The workshop delivered theory and direct practice of making integrated cages with community partners. The activity was held from October to November 2021 for poultry farmers in Koto Panjang Limau Manis village, Pauh District, Padang. Integrated cages are a solution for poultry farmers interested in maggot cultivation as an alternative feed for their poultry. Partners need support from universities in transferring science and technology because the integration cage is the first time implemented in Kota Padang. In addition, government support is also needed in regulating waste sorting and processing so that the community's organic waste can be converted to valuable products using maggot.
Status Kerentanan Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) pada Tahun 2006-2007 terhadap Malation di Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Palembang dan Palu Intan Ahmad; Sita Astari; Resti Rahayu; Nova Hariani
Majalah Ilmiah Biologi BIOSFERA: A Scientific Journal Vol 26, No 2 (2009)
Publisher : Fakultas Biologi | Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

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Pelatihan Pengolahan Sampah Organik berbasis Maggot Lalat Tentara Hitam (Hermetia illucens) kepada Masyarakat di Kawasan Wisata Bukit Nobita, Kota Padang Robby Jannatan; Resti Rahayu; Rilwan Efendi; Awalludin Awalludin; Haniyatul Huda
Warta Pengabdian Andalas Vol 30 No 1 (2023): Published in March 2023
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas Andalas

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The Bukit Nobita Tourism Area is being developed by Kelurahan Kampung Jua Nan XX, Kota Padang, in collaboration with FMIPA UNAND, one of which is the Department of Biology. Nowadays, a waste management program is being designed. This program is similar to the existing Bank Sampah mission in Bukit Nobita, but Bank Sampah only manages inorganic waste, leaving organic waste problems unresolved. As a result, the team from the Department of Biology of FMIPA UNAND proposed processing organic waste with black soldier fly maggots (Hermetia illucens). The cultivation training of maggots was carried out in this program in collaboration with Pokdarwis, the PKK group, and MBKM students. The activity occurred at the Kantor Lurah Kampung Jua Nan XX and the Minagot Sumbar Maggot BSF Research and Cultivation House, Kota Padang. The program was held from November to December 2022. The cultivation of Black Soldier Fly maggots by the community in the Bukit Nobita tourism area is expected to convert organic waste into organic fertilizers, the maggots can be processed into animal and fish feed, and it can also become an educational attraction that provides an exciting experience for visitors to the Bukit Nobita Tourism Area.