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Jurnal Cakrawala Pendidikan Vol 40, No 1 (2021): Cakrawala Pendidikan (February 2021)
Publisher : LPMPP Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Multimodal literacy instruction is such a new shift of the literacy in which the construction of knowledge is led to be more socially and contextually bounded. Due to the urgency that teachers have to own multimodal competencies, this study aimed to investigate EFL teachers’ competence in interpreting visual-verbal relations to teach multimodal texts. To collect the data, an online test through the Google form platform was distributed. As many as 43 responses were collected from junior and senior high school teachers in one of the cities in Indonesia. A semi-structured interview was also conducted with six purposive participants. The data in this research were then analysed based on Royce’s criteria of image-text relation. The analysis found that the teachers only partially possessed multimodal competencies. It means that that they had used images to help them teach the texts but had insufficient knowledge on how to utilize the images as meaning-making sources. Then, based on the finding, it is suggested that the teachers should improve their competences in interpreting multimodal meanings in texts, so images are used not only for making learning materials interesting but also for making more meanings from the texts.   
Pendekatan Berbasis Genre pada Guru Sekolah Dasar di Desa Jahiang, Kecamatan Salawu, Tasikmalaya Yustika Nur Fajriah; Lucky Rahayu Nurjamin; Rajji Koswara Adiredja
Jurnal Pekemas Vol 2 No 1 (2019): Jurnal Pekemas Tahun 2019
Publisher : Lembaga Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut

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Departing from a case that Elementary school teachers in Jahiang village still have difficulties in supporting the government’s literacy program, GLS (Gerakan Literasi Sekolah), this study is addressed to develop those teachers’ skills in teaching texts through a workshop, focusing on the socialization of Genre-Based Approach implementation in Elementary school level. Specifically, this workshop was followed by twenty elementary schools from four schools and guided by three trainers. The method used in this workshop is lecturing, combined with small and whole class discussion, as well as a demonstration. As the conclusion, this workshop could help the teachers in designing some activities in teaching texts under Genre-Based Approach framework.
Pemanfaatan Teknologi Pengajaran Bahasa Inggris di Era Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru Anne Ratna Suminar; Yustika Nur Fajriah; Lucky Rahayu Nurjamin; Eva Devi Sofyawati
Jurnal Abdimas Prakasa Dakara Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Teknologi Pendukung Kinerja dan Peningkatan Keterampilan Masyarakat
Publisher : LPPM STKIP Kusuma Negara

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Kegiatan pengabdian ini bertujuan untuk memberikan sosialisasi kepada para guru bahasa inggris terkait pemanfaatan teknologi dalam pengajaran bahasa Inggris di era adaptasi kebiasaan baru (AKB). Hal ini dirasa penting untuk dilakukan mengingat masih banyaknya guru, khususnya guru bahasa Inggris, yang mengalami kesulitan dalam memilih, menggunakan, serta memanfaatkan jenis teknologi pengajaran yang dirasa efektif dalam pengajaran. Untuk itu, metode yang digunakan sebagai berikut. Pertama, metode ceramah dari pemateri berkenaan dengan jenis-jenis pemanfaatan teknologi yang dapat dilakukan dalam pengajaran bahasa Inggris. Kedua, tanya jawab yang dilakukan dengan para peserta workshop. Ketiga, simulasi yang dilakukan oleh para pemateri terkait langkah praktis dalam menggunakan berbagai platform/aplikasi pengajaran. Keempat, pretes dan postes kepada peserta terkait keterpahaman mereka akan teknologi pengajaran bahasa Inggris berbasis online. Hasil kegiatan ini menunjukkan bahwa terdapat peningkatan pemahaman para guru bahasa Inggris terkait pemanfaatan teknologi ajar. Hal ini terlihat dari hasil postes yang menunjukkan bahwa para guru menjadi lebih memahami secara teoritis dan praktis terkait berbagai platform pengajaran yang dapat dimanfaatkan secara efektif dan efisien untuk pengajaran bahasa Inggris.
Edulingua: Jurnal Linguistiks Terapan dan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris Vol 8, No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Universitas Islam Nahdlatul Ulama Jepara

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Online learning is a choice to use in this current pedagogy. The most prominent power in online learning is the wide room for teachers to develop students engagement during the learning process. This study aims to figure out how students are engaged in online learning, to describe and examine in depth how they are engaging themselves in the online learning. This study employs a case study. The data were obtained from a collection of students chat and discussion in SNS. The data were obtained by observation, questionnaires and interviews. Observation data and questionnaires were analyzed by using Dixsons (2010, 2015) students engagement theory, which incorporates six engagement behaviors. As the analysis procedure, students chats and interview were analyzed inductively (Cresswell, 2012). The result shown that most of students were engaged in the online learning through the SNS application. Specifically, the engagement shown by the students to this simple application indicates that the impact of online learning on the students engagement is not determined by whether the platform used is high- or low.
The Challenges Encountered by EFL Teachers in Developing Students’ 4c Skills in 21st-Century Education Yustika Nur Fajriah; Siti Nur Azizah Septiyanti
JEPAL (Journal of English Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics) Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021)
Publisher : Ma'soem University

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This research aims to investigate the challenges faced by EFL teachers in developing students’ 4C skills (Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration) in 21st-century education., followed by four English teachers in different Junior High schools in Garut (two public schools and two private schools). To fulfill this objective, a qualitative case study design with a semi-structured interview as the research instruments were employed. The result revealed that both EFL teachers of public and private schools in junior high school had similar problems in developing students' 4C skills in 21-st century education. Those challenges include the difficulties in understanding certain effective methods of learning that support the development of 4C skills, the obstacles in designing a lesson plan for 4C skills, the insufficiency of facilities and infrastructure, and the challenges in developing students’ confidence and activeness.
JEPAL (Journal of English Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics) Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): July 2022
Publisher : Ma'soem University

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This study aims to investigate how YouTube videos developed students’ speaking on analytical exposition in EFL classroom. To achieve this aim, a qualitative case study design was conducted in this research. The participants involved in this research were six students of class XI in a senior high school in West Java, Indonesia. The data were obtained from observations and document analysis. The data were analysed regarding two categorizations; (a) students’ general aspect of speaking and (b) the improvement of students’ speaking in analytical exposition. The results of this investigation showed that the teacher’s intensive guidance to students during their speaking classroom using YouTube media could contribute to gaining students’ better attainment in terms of general aspects of speaking and the genre move. This could eventually lead to a suggestion that to achieve the meaningful instruction, teachers have to intensively do controlling students’ learning activities during the use of any platforms of teaching.
JEPAL (Journal of English Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics) Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): July 2022
Publisher : Ma'soem University

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Zoom Cloud Meeting is one software that can be used in online learning. Nevertheless, it is assumed that some obstacles were found while teaching online using this tool.  Departing from that point, this present study is an endeavour to investigate the lecturers' challenges in teaching EFL online using Zoom Cloud Meeting. A qualitative approach was used through a semi-structured interview. Three university lecturers were selected as the participants. The findings revealed that there were five challenges in teaching EFL online using Zoom Cloud Meeting. The first challenge was the lack of students' participation which made lecturers have to be more creative in teaching and make students happy to participate more. The second challenge was different students' characters, conditions, and readiness, The third challenge was lack of internet connection and lack of time. The last challenge was different uptake and understanding of students in receiving feedback. It can be concluded that it is necessary for lecturers to either follow some trainings regarding online teaching practice or getting involved in teachers’ discussion forum or organization to do sharing and finding more effective ways in teaching in the context of online teaching mode.
Building Awareness of English Teachers in Malangbong District to Produce Evidence of Independent Teaching Anne Ratna Suminar; Yustika Nur Fajriah; Amir Hamzah; Dede Mizar
Indonesian Journal of Community Empowerment (IJCE) Vol 2 No 03 (2021): Indonesian Journal of Community Empowerment (August)
Publisher : Fakultas Kewirausahaan Universitas Garut

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Abstract To develop professionalism, teachers should have the awareness to create teaching works both in the form of research-based articles and teaching materials. From that point, this community service is intended to build awareness of English teachers in Malangbong District, Garut Regency in producing evidence of work in Merdeka Mengajar according to the Merdeka curriculum which is currently being echoed by the government, especially formulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. This community service activity was attended by as many as seven English teacher participants in Malangbong District. The method used was in the form of lecture, discussion, and training provided in the form of workshops. This activity resulted in the findings that the workshop participants admitted that they had no work in teaching so far. The questionnaire data also showed that after completing the workshop the participants felt that the Merdeka curriculum appeared more flexible and gave teachers the freedom to work on making teaching materials. After attending the workshop, the participants were aware of applying what they believed was in accordance with the Merdeka curriculum and to create teaching works, as has been illustrated and practiced during the workshop session. Participants also felt that this workshop was educational and fun. Abstrak Untuk meningkatkan profesionalisme, guru hendaknya memiliki kesadaran untuk menghasilkan karya baik dalam bentuk tulisan penelitian maupun bahan ajar. Berangkat dari poin tersebut, pengabdian kepada masyarakat ini ditujukan untuk membangun kesadaran guru bahasa Inggris di Kecamatan Malangbong Kabupaten Garut dalam menghasilkan bukti karya Merdeka Mengajar sesuai kurikulum Merdeka yang saat ini tengah digaungkan oleh pemerintah khususnya dikembangkan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi (Kemendikbudristek). Kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat ini diikuti oleh sebanyak tujuh peserta guru bahasa Inggris yang ada di Kecamatan Malangbong. Metode yang digunakan adalah berupa ceramah, diskusi dan pelatihan yang diberikan dalam bentuk workshop. Kegiatan ini menghasilkan temuan bahwa para peserta workshop mengakui tidak memiliki karya dalam pengajaran selama ini. Data angket juga menunjukkan bahwa setelah selesai mengikuti workshop para peserta merasa bahwa kurikulum Merdeka terasa lebih fleksibel dan memberikan kebebasan kepada guru untuk berkarya membuat materi ajar. Setelah mengikuti workshop peserta sadar untuk menerapkan apa yang diyakini sesuai dengan kurikulum Merdeka dan menghasilkan karya sebagaimana diilustrasikan dan diperagakan saat pelatihan. Peserta juga merasa kegiatan workshop ini bersifat mengedukasi dan menyenangkan.