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Pengaruh Perbedaan Jenis Umpan Terhadap Hasil Tangkapan Bubu Dasar di Sungai Kampar Kiri di Desa Rantau Baru Kabupaten Pelalawan Provinsi Riau Pandu Permana; Bustari Bustari; Nofrizal Nofrizal
Ilmu Perairan (Aquatic Science) Vol 10, No 1 (2022): Maret 2022
Publisher : Universitas Riau

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Sejak zaman dahulu keberadaan Sungai Kampar memberikan manfaat ekonomi bagi masyarakat termasuk dalam usaha penangkapan ikan. Salah satu alat tangkap perikanan yang digunakan oleh nelayan Indonesia adalah bubu. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh perbedaan jenis umpan terhadap hasil tangkapan bubu dasar di perairan sungai Kampar Kiri, Kecamatan Pangkalan Kerinci, Kabupaten Pelalawan Provinsi Riau. Adapun umpan yang digunakan berupa dua umpan nabati dan tanpa umpan. Perbandingan hasil tangkap dilakukan pada umpan ampas kelapa serta umpan sawit dan tanpa umpan. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode eksperimen berupa rancangan acak lengkap (RAL) dengan tingkat kesalahan sebesar 5% dengan f tabel 5,14. Analisis uji f (Anova) menunjukkan tidak terdapat perbedaan hasil tangkap yang signifikan Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa umpan sawit menunjukkan hasil tangkap paling banyak sebesar 1670 g.
Jurnal Ilmu Lingkungan Vol 7, No 1 (2013): Jurnal Ilmu Lingkungan
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Riau

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Pulp and paper industry is one of industry that is relatively much generate solid waste, oneof is the solid waste from the Waste Water Treatment Plant with activated sludge systems,known as biosludge. Biosludge output from the secondary clarifier portion is returned to theprimary clarifier and partly in landfills. Present day this untapped biosludge waste properly,potentially causing pollution as they contain chemicals and hazardous, cause odor and landhoarding unproductive. Present day pulp and paper industries generate solid waste(biosludge) among 3-4 % of the production capacity. In this research has been done the testof Toxcicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). Method TCLP analysis performed isa method of Glass JAR USEPA SW-846 Method 1311. TCLP analysis results for each ofthese metals concentrations in unit mg per liter samples are: arsenic (0.004), barium(0.122), boron (2.66), cadmium (0.011), chromium (0.003), copper (0.025), copper (0.051),mercury (0.0003), selenium (<0.001), silver (<0.001), zinc (0.084). TCLP concentrationswere below the TCLP standards contained in Regulation No. 18 and 85/1999. According tothe delisting hierarchy non hazardous and toxic waste by regulation number 85/1999, wastebiosludge pulp and paper categorized as non hazardous and toxic waste. Althoughcategorized as non hazardous and toxic waste, destruction of the future scenario will come tobe a concern. Given the heavy metals in the environment are not easily degraded and eventends to accumulate in the food chain through biomagnification. It can be harmful to humanhealth, the survival of other creatures and can cause damage to the ecosystem. 
Feasibility study quality drinking water refillable in sub districts Tampan Pekanbaru City Afni Meldawati; Nofrizal Nofrizal; Viktor Amrifo
Jurnal Ilmu Lingkungan Vol 11, No 1 (2017): Jurnal Ilmu Lingkungan
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Riau

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Water is one of the most important components in human life. Water used by Refill drinking water depots mostly comes from groundwater, contaminated ground water will result in refill drinking water depots water quality not being eligible. The large demand of people in Kecamatan Tampan using refill drinking water has caused the proliferation of Refill drinking water depots located in sub district Tampan Pekanbaru city. This research was conducted of December 2016 - February 2017. The research was conducted in December 2016 - February 2017, the materials used were raw water (ground water) and drinking water refill the production of Drinking Water Refill Depot. Tools namely 12 sterile bottles and stationery, and sheet checklist. The research method used is survey method, population of 160 Depot of Drinking Water Refill, total sample 114 Depot of Drinking Water Refill. Result of research indicate that sanitation hygiene condition is 60,5% not fulfill requirement, material feasibility 58,8% not fulfill requirement and quality of refill drinking water come from ground water as much 56,1% not fulfill requirement. There is a relationship between hygiene sanitation refill drinking water depots with the quality of drinking water refill originated from groundwater in the work area sub district Tampan Pekanbaru city with p value = 0,026. There is a relationship between the feasibility of raw materials of drinking water refill from ground water with refill drinking water quality comes from ground water in the work area sub district Tampan Pekanbaru with p value = 0.008. The most influential variable on the quality of drinking water refill in sub district Tampan is hygiene refill drinking water depots hygiene with p value 0,01 and a 96% chance of refill drinking quality not eligible. As a conclusion the quality of drinking water refill in Kecamatan Tampan Pekanbaru City influenced by sanitation hygiene.
Jurnal Ilmu Lingkungan Vol 9, No 1 (2015): Jurnal Ilmu Lingkungan
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Riau

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Urban agricultural expanding on empty farm near in settlement and society activityplace which utilized to fulfill the urban society food. Usage of chicken dirt manure,chemical manure, pesticide must be doing to have a high vegetables production so thatadvantage was reached. Usage an abundant of manure and pesticide can contaminatethe environment. The experimental has done to analyzed management of urbanagricultural environment, and impact of urban agricultural on environmental biofisic.Management of urban agricultural environmet was doing by farmers got by asking withquesioner in random sampling, analyzed water and soil to find biofisic aspect with apurposive sampling on three point of water sample and two point of soil sample. Thequality of water sample compared to Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 82 Tahun 2001,while two point of soil sample was comparing. The result of this study shown that: thefarmer never use an urban biomass, manure composit and vegetation pesticide; usageof chemical manure and pesticide increasing nitrat (NO3) contains on agricultural landwater haved passed away the boundary sill and a very low of pH value.
Sungai sebagai sumber kehidupan: pencemaran tehadap ancaman keberlangsungan hidup masyarakat Nofrizal Nofrizal; Thamrin Thamrin; Zulfan Sa’am; Tengku Said Raza’i; Ramses Ramses
CANANG: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 1, No 1 (2021)

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A series of counseling and discussion activities with the community in Kampung Baru Sentajo, Sentajo Raya District, Kuantan Singingi Regency were carried out with the purpose to increase knowledge, understanding of environmental sustainability and community empowerment towards efforts to prevent river pollution by community activities themselves. This counseling activity was attended by 30 participants with occupational backgrounds such as teachers, civil servants, farmers, journalists, housewives, and fishermen. Meanwhile, their education level starts from elementary school level to bachelor degree. Analysis of measuring activity achievement used descriptive analysis and descriptive statistical calculations. The descriptive statistical calculation uses the ratio of participants to items taken with the total extension participants who attend as a community in Kampung Baru Sentajo, Kuantan Singingi Regency. The analysis results are presented in the form of a pie graph. The results of the evaluation of the activities showed that 89.9% of the people represented by the counseling participants who attended stated that the existence of rivers is very important for life. Meanwhile, another 11.1%, the existence of the river is important for themselves and for the livelihood of many people. As many as 66.7% of them realized that the river in their environment had changed greatly and 33.3% the condition of the river had changed. As much as 55.6% of all participants who attended this counseling activity, the material presented were useful. While 38.9% is very useful. The interesting thing was that there were 5.6% who stated that extension activities were useless. Even though there were 5.6% of participants who took part in the counseling activities provided were useless, all participants of the event had interesting (50%) and very interesting (50%) content. The hope of the participants is that this counseling can be carried out in every village in Kuantan Singingi Regency, especially in villages that are central to unlicensed gold mining (PETI) by involving all village officials. In addition, the participants also expect to get material on practical ways to reduce pollution by liquid waste.
Pengurangan Hasil Tangkapan Pada Alat Tangkap Togok dengan Menggunakan BRD (Bycatch Reduction Device) Tipe Rope BRD di Kuala Tungkal, Provinsi Jambi Muhamad Mauliddin; Romie Jhonnerie; Nofrizal Nofrizal
Dinamika Lingkungan Indonesia Vol 9, No 2 (2022)
Publisher : Universitas Riau

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Togok is a fishing gear in the form of a conical net body whose arms are on two poles and the success of catching it relies on currents, togok fishing gear is used to catch Rebon shrimp (Acetes japonicas) but in its operation, many catches are found bycatch. The high bycatch will have an impact on capture sustainable fisheries, one of the efforts to reduce bycatch is by using BRD (Bycatch Reduction Devices), the use of BRD has been widely carried out on trawl fishing gear but on togok fishing gear, it has never been done. This study aimed for knowing the reduction in catches of main catch, bycatch, and discard the togok fishing gear that has been installed with rope BRD and knows the reduction in catches of shrimp and fish species. This study uses experimental fishing, namely by carrying out direct fishing operations with local fishermen for 20 days of catch. The reduction of togok catch using BRD type rope BRD in the main catch is 8.4%, in bycatch is 11.8% and discard is 17, 1% and the reduction in catch of shrimp species ranged from 8,4% - 13,5% and reduction in catch of fish species ranged from 10,9% - 22,6%.
Partisipasi Masyarakat Dalam Pengembangan Ekowisata Memancing di Desa Rantau Baru, Kecamatan Pangkalan Kerinci, Kabupaten Pelalawan, Provinsi Riau Nofrizal Nofrizal; Rommie Jhonnerie; Alit Hindri Yani; Bustari Bustari; Riska Fatmawati; Ramses Ramses; Imam Arifandy; Rahmadi Rahmadi
CANANG: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 2, No 2 (2022)

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Community service activities regarding community participation in the development of fishing ecotourism involve Rantau Baru Village officials, traditional leaders and stakeholders, fishing communities, traders in Rantau Baru Village, Tourism Office, Fisheries Service of Pangkalan Kerinci Regency, Pelalawan Regency. The number of participants who were involved in this activity is 23 people. Fishermen in Rantau Baru Village were selected by 5 people per hamlet. While the traders who will be involved are 10 people consisting of day traders and fish collectors who always do business in Rantau Baru Village. A location survey was conducted to determine the number of people who work as traditional fishermen and businessmen (traders) in Rantau Baru Village. At the same time to record fishermen who are already involved and who have not been involved in fishing tourism activities. Furthermore, the survey was conducted to coordinate with the tourism and fisheries services in Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. This counseling is addressed to a number of stakeholders that have been determined. Selection of stakeholders based on direct involvement with fishing tourism activities and also those who have the potential to develop and invest in the provision of facilities and infrastructure to support fishing tourism activities. The implementation of the activity will be carried out at the Rantau Baru Village Office, Pangkalan Kerinci District, Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. Furthermore, this activity will also involve tourists who always visit Rantau Baru Village to get opinions regarding their needs and convenience while carrying out fishing tourism activities. The results of the activity showed that the community service activities went well which was attended by 23 participants who work as fishermen and staff of the Fisheries and Maritime Service, Pelalawan Regency. The success of this service activity is indicated by the results of the post test and the responses of the participants. Most of the participants were very enthusiastic and interested in being involved in this fishing ecotourism activity. Some of the participants who owned pompong boats, robin boats and rowing boats also wished to become tourist guides for fishing tourism activities. The participation and enthusiasm of the participants was very good for this activity. This is indicated by the perception, response and evaluation of this activity by using a preliminary test and a posttest. Most of the participants felt interested in presenting material about community participation in the development of fishing ecotourism. The participants' understanding of the material was also very good, this indicated that most of the participants really understood and understood the strategies for developing fishing ecotourism. Apart from that, there was a lot of input in the form of the hopes of all parties, such as the local government, related agencies, regional heads, investors and the university to be involved in the development of fishing tourism in Rantau Baru Village. Improving the facilities and infrastructure to support fishing tourism is also a demand in the future to be able to implement fishing ecotourism activities in Rantau Baru Village. Fishing ecotourism activities are supported by facilities and infrastructures, therefore it is necessary to provide lodging, communication (Telkomsel tower) restaurants, shops selling fishing tackle and bait, information facilities, security and health facilities. In addition, in implementing the development of fishing ecotourism, it is necessary to carry out promotion, community participation and support from all parties.
Karakteristik Dimensi Utama Kapal Gillnet (Static Gear) Pada Penangkapan Udang Mantis (Harpiosquilla Raphidea) Di Kampung Nelayan, Jambi Farhan Ramdhani; Septy Heltria; Rizky Janatul Magwa; Fauzan Ramadan; Nofrizal Nofrizal; Romie Jhonnerie
Akuatika Indonesia Vol 7, No 2 (2022): Jurnal Akuatika Indonesia (JAkI)
Publisher : Direktorat Sumber Daya Akademik dan Perpustakaan Universitas Padjadjaran, Grha. Kandaga (P

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Kapal gillnet termasuk kedalam kategori kapal static gear yang dalam pengoperasiannya lebih mementingkan stabilitas yang baik dan area kerja yang luas daripada kecepatan kapalnya. Rasio dimensi utama dapat menggambarkan karakteristik suatu kapal. Karakteristik tersebut mencakup performance aspek penting diantaranya: stabilitas, olah gerak kapal, tahanan, kemampuan muat dan aspek teknis lainnya yang tergambar dalam nilai rasio dimensi utama. Informasi mengenai karakteristik kapal penangkap ikan perlu diidentifikasi sebab kapal menjadi salah satu faktor penentu keberhasilan nelayan dalam mendapatkan hasil tangkapan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi karakteristik dimensi utama kapal gillnet udang mantis di Kampung Nelayan, Jambi. Pengumpulan data dilakukan bulan November sampai Desember 2018. Metode yang digunakan adalah survey dengan melakukan pengukuran L, B, dan D secara langsung di lapangan dan melakukan wawancara terhadap nelayan gillnet udang mantis. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa kapal gillnet udang mantis di lokasi penelitian memiliki dimensi utama hampir sama atau tidak jauh beda. Nilai dimensi utama menunjukkan, L/B berkisar 4,32-6,07, L/D berkisar 5,59-8,70, dan B/D berkisar 1,15-1,55. Nilai-nilai perbandingan tersebut masih berada dalam rentang nilai rasio dimensi utama kapal static gear di Indonesia. Pada nilai B/D perlu mendapat perhatian karena memiliki nilai perbandingan yang kecil yang berpengaruh pada stabilitas kapal menjadi kurang baik. Meski demikian, sejauh ini kapal yang digunakan mampu menunjang pelaksanaan aktivitas penangkapan udang mantis di lokasi penelitian.