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Jurnal Presipitasi : Media Komunikasi dan Pengembangan Teknik Lingkungan Vol 9, No 1 (2012): Vol 9, No 1 (2012)
Publisher : Universitas Diponegoro

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Vitrification is considered  as the most appropriate technology for HLW treatment.  However, it has constraints, those are processability, economic, and durability. The purposes of  this study are to examine the composition of materials using bottom ash  as an alternative glassfrits for vitrification, to assess waste glass durability of selected glassfrits and analyze the economic advantage of bottom ash utilization as glassfrits. This research was conducted with simulated High Level Waste. Glass–waste was melted at its melting point. Glasses  used in the study were borosilicate glass, bottom ash glass, and bottom ash glass added  B2O3.  Parameters  used  for  selected  glassfrits  are  melting  temperature,  leaching  ratecompressive strength and cost analysis. Selected glassfrits was analyzed using XRD and performed tests to determine the effect of pH on leaching rate. The results indicated that the addition of B2O3 in glass bottom ash reduced the melting temperature. This glass has a density of 2.78 g/cm3 , leaching rate of 6.99 x 10-7. Utilization of  bottom ash as a glassfrits can save 75, 34% of cost. The results of XRD analysis explained that the devitrification formed  a crystalline of Ca-Fe-Al-S-Si-O, Fe+2Fe2 O4+3, Ca-Mg-Fe-Ti-AlSiO. the influence of pH on the leaching rate showed that the highest leaching rate was at acidic condition Keywords: vitrification, chemical durability, mechanical durability, bottom ash
RENCANA BISNIS PENGEMBANGAN USAHA APLIKASI “O-BRIDGE” APLIKASI PENYEDIA VENDOR JASA Egadhana, Ezra; Ferry, Nopgriyana; Budiarti, Ratna; Rohmah, Siti; Leny, Novia Sulistyo; Magdalen, Martha
Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Industry (JEMI) Vol 2, No 2 (2019): April - Juni 2019
Publisher : Program Studi Manajemen

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The topic in the writing of this article is the business plan of an application-based business called O-Bridge that functions as a liaison between service provider vendors and also people who need to use services. This application was created with the mission of facilitating economic activities related to services. This article serves to identify, analyze and also plan business along with predictions of O-Bridge's financial viability. This method of analyzing business uses a SWOT analysis, Business Model Canvas and also a market mix or marketing mix.
Gender Assessment in Urban Transportation Case Study: Semarang City, Indonesia Ratna Budiarti; Moh. Nurhadi
The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development Vol 2, No 1 (2017): February 2017
Publisher : Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Universitas Diponegoro

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What and why transportation, climate change, and gender are connected?  What is the implication of transportation policy, program and plan (PPP) to gender equality and vice versa? This article aimed to construct it in the context of urban transportation in Semarang City where transportation contributes more than 50% of GHG emissions. This research investigated the relation of transportation, climate change, and gender by interviewing and exploring transportation users through a multistage random sampling. The respondents are divided into urban zones namely inner, suburb, and outskirt with a balanced number of men and women respondents in order to give equal information. The results showed three interesting findings. First, women and men have different travel patterns. Women’s preference for travelling implies more efficient energy consumption. Second, women have a higher dependency on public transport than men due to their limited transportation access (ownership and use). At the household level, men have a dominant role in determining transportation mode, type, and ownership of private vehicles. It influences the choice of transportation mode and the way women ride vehicle. Third, the differences of travel pattern and transportation between men and women implied to GHG emissions contribution. Participation of women in the design of transportation policy, program, and the plan will give a better impact on the transportation system and climate change as well as for women access to transportation. 
Jorpres (Jurnal Olahraga Prestasi) Vol 11, No 1 (2015): Januari
Publisher : Departement of Sports Coaching, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Senam, Aerobik senam adalah nomor olahraga yang perlu bersosialisasi, terutama untuk kelompok usia, jenis dimana latihan sangat kompleks dan belum banyak diminati. Dalam tulisan ini juga menyebutkan komponen fisik yang terlibat dalam latihan ini. Diharapkan bahwa profil membuat link ini akan dapat membantu dalam sosialisasi yang akan lebih dikembangkan, terutama pada anak-anak. Kata kunci: senam, senam aerobik, komponen fisik
Identifikasi bakat wushu di Yogyakarta Ratna Budiarti; Endang Rini Sukamti; Sb Pranatahadi; Wisnu Nugroho
Jorpres (Jurnal Olahraga Prestasi) Vol 17, No 1 (2021)
Publisher : Departement of Sports Coaching, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Identifikasi bakat merupakan komponen penting dalam pencapaian prestasi atlet. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui calon bibit atlet  berbakat  cabang olahraga wushu pada anak usia 7-14 tahun melalui tes identifikasi bakat cabang olahraga wushu. Sampel penelitian ini adalah anak putra dan putri usia 7-14 tahun yang berada di wilayah Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta sebanyak  54 anak. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian survei. Desain penelitian yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah deskriptif kuantitatif. Data tes bakat diperoleh dari 7 item tes yang terdiri dari tes antropometri meliputi: tinggi badan dan berat badan dan tes fisik meliputi: kelentukan, kekuatan, kelincahan, kecepatan, dan power sehingga satuan skor yang diperoleh bermacam-macam, untuk mengatasi hal tersebut, data kemudian dirubah dalam bentuk t-skor sehingga diperoleh data dengan satuan   yang   sama.   Data   t   skor   lalu   diambil   rerata   kemudian   data dikategorikan menjadi 5 kategori sesuai dengan rumus norma aturan yang berlaku. Teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah tes dan pengukuran, meliputi: tes antropometri dan tes biomotor. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah persentase. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah mayoritas subjek penelitian cukup berbakat pada cabang olahraga wushu dengan prosentase sebasar 64,81%. Talent identification of wushu in Yogyakarta AbstractTalent identification is an important component in achieving athlete achievement. This study aims to determine potential wushu athletes in children aged 7-14 years through a wushu sports talent identification test. The sample of this study were 54 boys and girls aged 7-14 years in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. This research is a survey research. The research design used in this research is descriptive quantitative. The aptitude test data was obtained from 7 test items consisting of anthropometric tests including: height and weight and physical tests including: flexibility, strength, agility, speed, and power so that the unit scores obtained were various, to overcome this, data then changed in the form of t-score so that the data obtained with the same unit. The t score data is then taken for the average, then the data is categorized into 5 categories according to the formula for the prevailing rules and regulations. The data collection techniques used were tests and measurements, including: anthropometric tests and biomotor tests. The data analysis technique used is the percentage. The result of this research is that the majority of the research subjects are quite talented in wushu with a percentage of 64.81%.
Jurnal Cakrawala Pendidikan Vol 39, No 1 (2020): CAKRAWALA PENDIDIKAN, VOL. 39, NO. 1, FEBRUARY 2020
Publisher : LPMPP Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Physical conditioning was considered as a strong foundation for developing techniques from different fields. The aims of this study was to determine the impact of physical conditioning in parenting students or athletes gymnastic basic skills. The study was a surveyed research. The study sampling was 82 students aged between 18-19 years from Sport sciences, exactly coaching sciences. Data collection methods used checks and measurements of bio motor and gymnastic fundamental skills. Data analysis using correlation and linear regression to predict the future competence. The results showed that: there was significant correlation between the physical conditioning items and gymnastics basics skills, but there is also strong significant linear regression (p: .032.05)  from physical conditioning with basic skill of Gymnastics. The standing balance (r = .728) and broad jump (r = .751) were found more influenced for gymnastic basic skills. There was a great significant different between the pre-test and posttest gymnastic basic skills means with p value .001. The high standard deviation between the items showed the different adaptation of the subjects according to the physical conditioning. In conclusion physical conditioning was found as parenting for developing the gymnastic basic skills.
A study of physical fitness characteristics of junior wushu players depend on sex difference Endang Rini Sukamti; Ratna Budiarti; Wisnu Nugroho; Yulvia Miftachurochmah; Kaukab Azeem
Jurnal Keolahragaan Vol 10, No 1: April 2022
Publisher : Program Studi Ilmu Keolahragaan Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Physical fitness was an activity or exercise that can accelerate regeneration when performing several exercises or training. This study aimed to examine the physical fitness characteristics of male and female junior wushu players, followed by determining physical performance differences between both groups. The analytical observational study method was implemented to conduct this study using a cross-sectional approach Fifty junior wushu players (male: n= 25, height= 147.78 ± 12.96 cm; female: n= 25, height= 147.78 ± 12.60 cm) participated in this study by conducting some physical fitness tests. The results showed significant differences in the indicators of 20-meters running with a P-value of 0.049, backbend with a P-value of 0.000, and vertical jump P-value of 0.021. Meanwhile, there was no significant difference between male and female wushu players in the T-test, push up, sit up, dan sit reach (P0,05). From the results, it can be said that male players have higher scores in terms of weight, height, speed, and power, while female players have higher scores in terms of flexibility. This study concluded that it can be taken into consideration to optimize training and testing procedures for junior wushu players.
PENGARUH PENAMBAHAN EKSTRAK DAUN KELOR (Moringa Oleifera L.) TERHADAP KUALITAS YOGHURT Agung Diantoro; Muzaki Rohman; Ratna Budiarti; Hapsari Titi Palupi

Publisher : Program Studi Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan, Universitas Yudharta, Pasuruan

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Kelor adalah tanaman yang tumbuh subur di Indonesia dengan berbagai manfaat yang terkandung di dalamnya diantaranya tinggi protein, ß-karotein, vitamin C, mineral terutama zat besi dan kalsium. Pembuatan yoghurt melibatkan bakteri L.bulgaricus, S. thermophillus. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui pengaruh penambahan ekstrak daun kelor dan lama fermentasi terhadap kualitas yoghurt, serta kombinasi terbaik fermentasi dan penambahan ekstrak daun kelor. penelitian ini menggunakan metode rancangan acak kelompok (RAK) dengan 2 faktor dan 3 perlakuan. Penambahan ekstrak daun kelor 3%, 5% dan 7% lama fermentasi menggunakan 24 dan 48 jam. Hasil pengamatan dianalisis menggunakan analisis varian. Apabila terjadi interaksi antara kedua faktor maka dilakukan uji lanjut menggunakan uji DMRT. Pemilihan terbaik dengan metode De Garmo. Perlakuan terbaik terdapat pada perlakuan L2P2 (lama fermentasi 48 jam dan penambahan ekstrak daun kelor 5%) dengan ketentuan fisiko kimia kadar protein 6,01%, kadar kalsium 141,44%, pH 4,49 dan viskositas 35,40 serta nilai organoleptik dengan ketentuan rasa 3,60 (suka), warna 3,75 (suka), aroma 3,15 (netral) dan tekstur 3,70 (suka). 
Upaya Meningkatkan Hasil Penyusunan Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran Melalui Bimbingan Kepala Sekolah Di SMAN 70 Ratna Budiarti
Ulumuddin : Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Keislaman Vol 13 No 1 (2023): Ulumuddin: Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Keislaman (In Progress)
Publisher : Universitas Cokroaminoto Yogyakarta

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This research examines the importance of coaching to make a breakthrough by providing guidance on an ongoing basis to teachers at SMA Negeri 70 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, with the hope that later it will produce (output) teachers who are able to master how to prepare lesson plans properly and correctly. The results of the study show that continuous guidance can increase teacher motivation in compiling a complete lesson plan. The teacher shows seriousness in understanding and compiling lesson plans, especially after receiving guidance on the development/composition of lesson plans from researchers. This information the researchers obtained from the results of observations when conducting interviews and guidance on the development / preparation of lesson plans for teachers. Next is to show that continuous guidance can improve teacher competence in preparing lesson plans. This can be proven from the results of observations which show that there is an increase in teacher competence in preparing lesson plans from cycle to cycle. In the first cycle, the average value of lesson plan components was 69% and in the second cycle, 83%. So, there was an increase of 14% from cycle I.