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Jurnal Pembangunan dan Pemerataan Vol 3, No 2 (2014): Jurnal Mahasiswa Ilmu Ekonomi
Publisher : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnin Universitas Tanjungpura

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This tesearch gets title “The Influence of Third Party Fund Realization (Lents Fund Society) to Credit Channelizing ofSanggau's BranchIndonesian People Bank (BRI),” by Vidya Sutra Lesmaya, are one case study research on PT BRI Sanggau West Kalimantan's Regency Branch. To the effect research is know and analizingof  influence of lents fund society  to working capital credit realization, investment credit realization, and consumptive credit realization that channelled by PT. BRI Sanggau's Branch,observational period 2008 to 2012. This research by descriptive observational and  quantitative analizing, The  analisis's tool that utilized with simple regression. Observational’s variable is  realization lents of fund society  (third party fund) as free variable (independent variabel), and there are three variabel (dependent variabel) of this research,  they arerealizations of working capitals credit, investment credit, and consumptive credit realization. The data utilized by stem of BRI'S Bank reporting of Sanggau Branc bases quartal (4monthly) reporting of year 2008 until 2012. It’s result observationaling to point out that DPK'S relationship with a realization of Working Capital Credit, Investment credit and also Consumptive Credit is positive, different correlation coefficient point each other. The correlation coefficient among DPK on credit Working Capital very poor (0,149), its mean if DPK high, therefore working capital credit will also increase as big as 0,149 times. While enough Investment Credit correlation coefficient strong as big as 0,619, its mean if DPK'S amount increases one time, therefore investment credit increases as big as 0,619 times. Meanwhile correlation coefficient among DPK on credit Consumption also frail (0,355), its mean if DPK increases one time, therefore consumes credit realization will increase as big as 0,355 times. DPK's zoom lents fund society not so far-reaching to increase of credit realization, it because of that main more credit realization regarded by BRI'S bank and a home office policy, also sides bank just get profit's orientation and security judgment/credit return fluency it, without paying atention of origin lents fund that will be realization.   Key word:     Working capital credit, investment credit, consumptive credit, lents fund society,third party fund.