Ahmad Eko Kurniawan
Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Journal : IJoICT (International Journal on Information and Communication Technology)

Performance Comparison of Several Range-based Techniques for Indoor Localization Based on RSSI Dwi Joko Suroso; Farid Yuli Martin Adiyatma; Ahmad Eko Kurniawan; Panarat Cherntanomwong
International Journal on Information and Communication Technology (IJoICT) Vol. 7 No. 1 (2021): June 2021
Publisher : School of Computing, Telkom University

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The classical rang-based technique for position estimation is still reliably used for indoor localization. Trilateration and multilateration, which include three or more references to locate the indoor object, are two common examples. These techniques use at least three intersection-locations of the references' distance and conclude that the intersection is the object's position. However, some challenges have appeared when using a simple power-to-distance parameter, i.e., received signal strength indicator (RSSI). RSSI is known for its fluctuated values when used as the localization parameter. The improvement of classical range-based has been proposed, namely min-max and iRingLA algorithms. These algorithms or methods use the approximation in a bounding-box and rings for min-max and iRingLA, respectively. This paper discusses the comparison performance of min-max and iRingLA with multilateration as the classical method. We found that min-max gives the best performance, and in some positions, iRingLA gives the best accuracy error. Hence, the approximation method can be promising for indoor localization, especially when using a simple and straightforward RSSI parameter.