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Journal : IZUMI

Analisis Deskriptif Penggunaan 「 ~タばかり」、「~タところ」、「~タとたん」 yang Menyatakan Beberapa Saat Waktu yang Sudah Berlalu Setelah Suatu Aktivitas Terjadi Asep Achmad Muhlisian
IZUMI Vol 1, No 1 (2013)
Publisher : Universitas Diponegoro

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ABSTRACT This study aimstoseeany difference in meaning, functionanduse ina sentenceforthe wordorsentencepatternsof thepast tense verb~tacontainingthe sameorsynonymousterms, namely: 「~ タばかり」, 「~ タところ」, and「~ タとたん」stating a few momentsof timethat haselapsedaftertheactivityoccurred. Descriptivemethodsusedtocollect datausing thesevenpieces of datasourceJapanesedictionary. The results showedthattheunderstandingthoughlooks similar, butthere are also differences. Asa function of time, the result, theparticlesfollowandfeel ofthesentence, thethirdpatternhasa prettycleardistinction. (Key Words). Past verb (doushi) , Synonym, Bakari, Tokoro, Totan.
Dominasi Kuasa Wacana Terhadap Eksistensi Crossplayer di Ruang Privat-Publik Dunia Maya Asep Achmad Muhlisian; Dian Rizky Azhari
IZUMI Vol 11, No 2 (2022)
Publisher : Universitas Diponegoro

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This study discusses the dominance of the power on the existence of crossplayer in the private-public space of cyberspace. The subjects of this study were four respondents consisting of 2 female to male (F2M) crossplayers and 2 male to female (M2F) crossplayers. This study uses a critical discourse analysis approach to reveal cultural phenomena using Sartre's concept of Being and Foucault's concept of the power of discourse. The results of this study indicate that crossplay in Indonesia is not an easy thing to do. The rejection from the community is quite large because of the negative stigma for cross-dressed people. Crossplay actors have to disguise their identities on social media and operate clandestinely, as a form of their negotiation against the power of the majority discourse who rejects their existence. They also form a community so that they still have a place to actualize their hobby. The creation of a community is also a protective area for various crossplay activities from the power of the majority discourse. Their activities on social media are still carried out in these conditioned public spaces, because the followers are people who like Japanese culture who support crossplay discourse.