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Proceedings of KNASTIK 2009
Publisher : Duta Wacana Christian University

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Sistem Informasi pada saat ini adalah suatu kebutuhan wajib bagi tiap institusi, karena hal inilah sebuah SistemInformasi harus dirancang dengan baik agar informasi yang masuk dan keluar bisa dikelola dengan baik dan efektif. Salahsatu upaya untuk membuat informasi yang dikelola bisa efektif adalah dengan melakukan integrasi sistem yang ada. ProgramTeknik Informatika Universitas Ciputra saat ini memiliki 3 aplikasi untuk Sistem Informasi yaitu WikiIFT sebagai saranapenampung aspirasi dari dosen dan mahasiswa, PortalIFT sebagai website Program Studi dan E-Learning sebagai saranabelajar mengajar secara onlineKetiga aplikasi tersebut menggunakan teknologi opensource dan masih berdiri secara sendiri-sendiri, dengansemakin bertambahnya waktu dan semakin banyaknya informasi yang beredar saat ini, dirasa perlu adanya integrasi ketigateknologi tersebut agar tidak terjadi adanya duplikasi informasi yang ada pada ketiga sistem tersebut, salah satu bagian yangdimungkinkan untuk diintegrasikan adalah username dan password untuk tiap user pada aplikasi-aplikasi tersebut, integrasiyang dimungkinkan adalah dengan meracang sistem single sign on dalam integrasi ketiga aplikasi tersebut
Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Business Intelligence Berbasiskan Arsitektur Aplikasi Akuntansi Accurate Setiawan, Philbert Lukito; Paramita, Adi Suryaputra
Jurnal Informatika dan Sistem Informasi Vol 1 No 2 (2015): Jurnal Informatika dan Sistem Informasi
Publisher : Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

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Technological developments had an impact on all aspects including in business. There is a problem when technology can’t be regulated properly cause a negative impact, this called big data. The solution for this problem is business intelligence which providing additional value in the data. When BI implemented, businesses can perform an analysis of the business and can be used as a strategy formulation. On the other hand, the development of technology in the business world also began in Indonesia. One of the applications most used by user is accurate. Due to the target market of accurate application of general market, accurate doesn’t have some special features that are required by the company. The purpose of this research is expecte to create busineess accurate intelligence on an architecture that can provide additional value for the company. This research focuses on the design and manufacture of business intelligence applications query the data that converts data from the database accurate data is ready to be analyzed. Making an application using Visual Basic programming language and database firebird. The process of needs analysis was conducted by interview, application studies, comparative studies and database studies. Based on the analysis, accurate database is mapped into four major subjects, namely sales, purchase, inventory and the person who becomes the source of the data from business intelligence made. For the test, the research uses a database of real companies that have used accurate application. From the test results, can disumpulkan that the application has successfully made the analysis based on source data that has been created.
Property Rental Price Prediction Using the Extreme Gradient Boosting Algorithm Kokasih, Marco Febriadi; Paramita, Adi Suryaputra
International Journal of Informatics and Information Systems Vol 3, No 2: September 2020
Publisher : Bright Publisher

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Online marketplace in the field of property renting like Airbnb is growing. Many property owners have begun renting out their properties to fulfil this demand. Determining a fair price for both property owners and tourists is a challenge. Therefore, this study aims to create a software that can create a prediction model for property rent price. Variable that will be used for this study is listing feature, neighbourhood, review, date and host information. Prediction model is created based on the dataset given by the user and processed with Extreme Gradient Boosting algorithm which then will be stored in the system. The result of this study is expected to create prediction models for property rent price for property owners and tourists consideration when considering to rent a property. In conclusion, Extreme Gradient Boosting algorithm is able to create property rental price prediction with the average of RMSE of 10.86 or 13.30%.
JATISI (Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi) Vol 9 No 1 (2022): JATISI (Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi)
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat (LPPM) STMIK Global Informatika MDP

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The development of technology presents challenges for non-profit organizations such as churches. Indirectly churches are required to be more organized and present accurate data and carry out an in-depth analysis of the condition of the church congregation. Church X has 40 local churches in regional areas spread across several East Java and Bali cities such as Surabaya, Malang, Kediri, Tuluagung, Sidoarjo, and Denpasar. In providing effective services to the local congregation, Church X needs to create an integrated information system for congregational data management and the information system used to see the current condition of the congregation in all local churches so that effective and targeted services can be carried out. In this study, an administrative information system model for integrated congregational data management in Church X will be designed, an information system designed to be web-based. It is easy to implement and does not require investment in expensive information and communication technology equipment. The integrated information system model will be built using microservices. Through this model, an Information System model will be obtained that can assist the process of collecting data on congregations in the regional church X while maintaining data privacy for each local church.
Implementing Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Student Performance in an E-Learning Environment Paramita, Adi Suryaputra; Tjahjono, Laura Mahendratta
International Journal of Informatics and Information Systems Vol 4, No 2: September 2021
Publisher : Bright Publisher

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The pandemic of COVID-19 has altered the way people learn. Learning has moved from offline to online throughout this pandemic. Predicting student performance based on relevant data has opened up a new field for educational institutions to improve teaching and learning processes, as well as course curriculum adjustments. Machine learning technology can assist universities in forecasting student performance so that necessary changes in lecture delivery and curriculum can be made. The performance of the pupils was predicted using machine learning techniques in this research. Open University (OU) educational data is examined. Demographic, engagement, and performance metrics are used. The results of the experiment. The k-NN strategy outperformed all other algorithms on the OU dataset in some circumstances, but the ANN approach outperformed them all in others.
Otomatisasi Proses Online Stock Opname pada Aplikasi Inventaris Barang untuk Multi Lokasi Pergudangan Laura Mahendratta Tjahjono; Adi Suryaputra Paramita
Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi Vol. 7 No. 2 (2021): JuTISI
Publisher : Maranatha University Press

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The process of stock opname of goods in a business is something that must be done regularly to control the business assets. The stock opname process generally requires a lot of money and time, especially in businesses that have many branch locations. During the implementation of stock opname, sales transactions are usually stopped so that the stock does not change. As a result, the longer the time for this process is required, the greater the loss. In addition, extra costs are also incurred when the implementing manager is sent to each branch location where the stock opname will be carried out. Due to the high costs and losses incurred, this stock opname is usually only done a few times a year. On the other hand, the low frequency of stock opname has an impact on increasing business losses due to loss of assets that cannot be detected early. This study aims to increase the effectiveness of the stock opname process to minimize losses that occur during the stocktaking process or losses due to delays in handling the loss of goods assets. The results of this study indicate that the new system design allows the stock opname process to be carried out remotely without the presence of a manager and without stopping sales transactions, so as to reduce operational costs. The frequency of stock opname can also be carried out more frequently so that if there is a loss of assets, it can be immediately identified and action is taken to avoid high business losses. The result of software testing using the Blackbox Testing method shows that the application can run well and the result of User Acceptance Testing shows the acceptance of respondents at 87%, which means that respondents accept the solutions offered well.
Workshop Pengenalan Sistem Informasi dan Implementasi SOP Pada Siswa-Siswi SMA Rajawali Makassar Tileng, Kartika Gianina; Paramita, Adi Suryaputra; Tanamal, Rinabi; Soekamto, Yosua Setyawan
Abdiformatika: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Informatika Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): Mei 2021 - Abdiformatika: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Informatika
Publisher : Indonesian Scientific Journal

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Pelatihan workshop yang dilakukan oleh Program Studi Sistem Informasi, Fakultas Teknologi Informasi, Universitas Ciputra bertujuan untuk memperluas wawasan para siswa-siswa yang bersekolah di SMA Katolik Rajawali Makassar dalam hal pengetahuan akan pengantar dalam dunia Sistem Informasi yang semakin gencar digunakan pada era sekarang ini. SMA Katolik Rajawali Makassar dipilih berdasarkan hasil penawaran dari SMA tersebut dan koordinasi dari tim Universitas Ciputra dan guru yang ada disana. Koordinasi dilakukan melalui WhatsApp messenger maupun menelpon langsung. Hal dilakukan karena pelatihan ini dilakukan online pada masa pandemic Covid-19. Pelatihan ini diperuntukkan untuk pada siswa-siswi SMA Katolik Rajawali Makassar. Melalui kegiatan ini, para murid mendapatkan pemaparan mengenai software, hardware, brainware, serta coaching dalam pembuatan “Standard Operating Procedure” dari dosen Universitas Ciputra dibantu dengan asisten dosen yaitu mahasiswa-mahasiswa jurusan Sistem Informasi di Universitas Ciputra. Setelah mengikuti kegiatan ini, diharapkan para siswa telah dibekali dengan pengetahuan dasar Sistem Informasi dan bisa membuat SOP untuk menetapkan sebuah standar dalam suatu proses bisnis atau kegiatan.