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Membangkitkan UMKM Kerupuk Singkong Desa Tonggorisa Di Masa Pendemi Covid19 Melalui Sosialisasi Digital Marketing Dan Inovasi Produk Untuk Meningkatkan Pendapatan Muhamad Rimawan
Society : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 1, No 3 (2022): Mei
Publisher : Edumedia Solution

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Various problems related to the decline in the MSME economy during the current COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on MSME actors. One of the MSMEs affected by the pandemic is an SME that makes cassava crackers in Tonggorisa Village, Palibelo District, Bima Regency, which has experienced a decline in income. Dozens of people get income from producing these crackers. To stabilize sales and people's income, we help by providing socialization and training involving Digital Marketing and product innovation. In the first stage, we disseminated the importance of doing business during the Covid-19 pandemic, aimed at the impacted community MSMEs must continue to run and be stable as before the pandemic. In the second stage, we introduce digital marketing to the public so that it can be used as a medium to market crackers to a wider market. It is hoped that with this socialization, the community can transform to digital business to get more income potential. In the last stage, we explain the importance of product innovation. We explain the importance of product innovation so that there is product diversification that can attract consumer interest so that they can survive in the midst of competition in the digital business. It is hoped that with this socialization, cassava crackers SMEs can increase their income and survive in the midst of a pandemic.
Pengelolaan Jagung Menjadi Susu Bubuk Jagung Agar Meningkatkan Nilai Jual Jagung Pada Desa Bolo Kecamatan Madapangga Kabupaten Bima Muhamad Rimawan; Ismunandar Ismunandar; Aliah Pratiwi; Intisariharyanti Intisariharyanti; Ita Iftitah; Alwi Alwi
Society : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 2, No 1 (2023): Januari
Publisher : Edumedia Solution

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Sweet Corn Milk is milk produced by processing sweet corn where because the sugar content of it has been used in it then the use of sugar will certainly be much less even if the bias is not used at all. Sweet Corn Milk is very beneficial for our metabolism for both children and adults and seniors. Compared to ordinary milk the content of vitamins and minerals is also not much different and has also had its own color of corn used which is a bit yellowish so it gives rise to an appetite to drink it. Corn milk is obtained by grinding corn seeds that have been boiled in water. The mill results are filtered to obtain filtrate which is then pasteurized and flavored to enhance the taste. The content of carbohydrate extracts in corn milk is influenced by corn varieties, the amount of water added, the length of time and storage conditions, the smoothness of the mill, and the heat treatment. The advantages of corn milk compared to cow's milk or soybeans are the raw materials are easy to come by at a not very high price. Corn does not contain lactate intolerance (which makes milk smell fishy). Corn milk contains more fiber, suitable for those who diet. Some corn benefits our health. A Rich Source of Caloric, Prevention of Bowel Cancer and Hemorrhoids, A Vitamin-Rich Source, Contains The Necessary Minerals, Antioxidant Properties of Corn, Protects the Heart, Prevents Anemia, Lowers Bad Cholesterol, Protection against Diabetes and Hypertension. If we process with a little food processing technique into corn milk then it will be worth more with different appearances and flavors that can be customized to the taste of consumers. So it is expected that with this activity mothers and people who participate in the activity can obtain knowledge and information on how to make corn milk. Corn milk can be consumed alone or sold to supplement the family’s income.