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Nurul P Palupi
Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Mulawarman

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STUDI PERFORMA AKAR JAGUNG (Zea mays L.) PADA APLIKASI PUPUK ORGANIK DAN ANORGANIK Kurniadinata Kurniadinata; Rusdiansyah Rusdiansyah; Nurul P Palupi
Agropet Vol 14, No 2 (2017): Jurnal Ilmiah AgroPet
Publisher : Universitas Sintuwu Maroso

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High adaptability causes maize to be cultivated in different geographical conditions. The physical properties of the soil have an effect on the growth of maize, including the growth and distribution of plant roots. Organik and inorganik applications will affect the growth and development of root maize crops. This study aims to: (1) Identify the effect of application of organik fertilizer (bokashi chicken manure) and inorganik (NPK compound fertilizer) to root growth and development; (2) Developing Rekomedasi root performance optimization technology to improve nutrient uptake and translocation to fruit tissue. The experiment was conducted using non factorial Randomized Block Design (RAK) with 3 replications, the treatment of fertilizer application (P) consisting of 6 levels: c0 = control (without fertilizer); c1 = 100% bokashi Application; c2 = 100% NPK Fertilizer Application; c3 = Bokasi Application 50% + NPK 50%; c4 = Bocation Application 75% + NPK 25%; and c5 = Application Bocation 25% + NPK 75%. The results showed that: (1) the application of 75% and inorganik (25%) organik fertilizer (NPK) increased the total root length, root diameter and root depth respectively 57.4 cm, 58.3 cm and 20.1 cm (2) To increase the growth and development of maize roots the application of combinations of organik and inorganik fertilizers can be given.Keywords: root aeration, root, rhizosphere, fertilizer, maize